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  1. Anna Johnston

    Man, I do hope the German appreciated the timetable 🙂 The ‘wine’ breaks are obviously a must!

    1. Hannah

      Hmm, Germans are supposed to like efficiency, aren’t they? 😀

  2. Fiona

    🙂 Germans love strawberries, so all is well

    1. Hannah

      You know what? He actually was rather excited by the strawberries.

  3. hungryandfrozen

    Phwoar! What a day! That jar of Peanut Butter looks like something out of the Simpsons to me, like, laughably not-real, but then I’ve never been to America. Am a little sad that there’s no more of it out there in the world.

    Oven be damned, the meringues look fantastic.

    1. Hannah

      Thank you! I’m coming around to their aesthetics now myself 🙂 I know what you mean about the peanut butter, but hot DAMN is it good…

  4. L-izzle

    Daaaamn. You opened the secret stash…and SHARED. YOU SHARED THE COOKIE DOUGH PEANUT BUTTER?!! That’s committment. That’s – dare i say it? – love…?!

    1. Hannah

      My love for YOU inclines me to want to save some for you, but I have a strong sense that the upcoming weeks of marking are going to see me hoard this peanut butter to my chest, gollum-style (Oh, yeah, we watched some LOTR that night, too).

      1. L-Izzle

        I don’t know WHAT’S wrong with me, but I completely misread that as something along the lined of “smearing peanut butter on my chest, Gollum-style”… and I was kinda like… wow… you DID have a fun night! :p

        And yeah, after hearing of the horror of the essays you’re marking, I recommend keeping it all to yourself… your need is clearly much greater than mine at the moment!!

  5. theresa

    Well that sounds like an interesting day… I wonder who this German is, and if, perhaps, I will hear more about the German soon?

    1. Hannah

      I’d be inclined to think that our mock-meat date next week will include many opportunities for chatting about all kinds of matters 🙂

  6. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    LOL a literal step by step by step! And the phrase “naked muffin eating”….now that deserves a post in itself! 😛

    1. Hannah

      I can’t help thinking that a post of that nature might need to be labelled “private” 😛 (Or “privates”? 😀 :D)

  7. Agnes

    HMPT. Just keeping me hanging, are you? Might have to degrade you to BF soon. :p

    1. Hannah

      Oh noes, don’t do that! I promise I’ll write soon – I’m almost done with this lot of essays, now I just have to do the readings for my ANU tutorial prep! I’ll write I’ll write! 🙂

  8. whisperinggums

    Those pavlovas look perfectly fine — and what’s wrong with the sliced fruit — oh, and I thought the picture (in your room) was an apple not a peach. Clearly I looked at it too quickly.

    1. Hannah

      That’s probably because I told you it was an apple, but El informed me that it’s a peach. She oughta know, seeing as she found it for me! 🙂 Thanks for the pavolva appreciation… maybe I shouldn’t have teased him about the fruit…

  9. Johanna GGG

    Can you come over and tidy my house in 20 minutes? Please? And then I will share with you my brilliant idea of filling the meringues with your peanut butter – not that cream and fruit aren’t great but oh so healthy! Sounds like a lovely evening!

    1. Hannah

      Would it surprise you to know that peanut butter might have had an encounter with a leftover meringue? 😀 And just to be clear… 40 minutes! And our place is really tiny… still, I’d be happy to reenact Mary Poppins at your place if one of your delicious soups was simmering away for me in the meantime 😉

  10. gmasydney

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating so never apologise for what you think is a failure until you have eaten.

    1. Hannah

      Wise words from one of the wisest women I know 🙂

  11. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Discovering mutual peanut butter love sounds dreamy. Or a euphemism. Or both.

    1. Hannah

      I think you’re right – why does those two things need to be mutually exclusive? But in my opinion, peanut butter love beats out most other things.

  12. jess

    Your life is a party, I wish my day looked so exciting!

    1. Hannah

      Oh heavens, the past few days certainly haven’t been! It’s been nothing but marking, so much so that I had to decline an invitation to go out at 10pm last night. Boo!

  13. Simply Life

    yum! a muffin and pb sound so good right now!

    1. Hannah

      When doesn’t that sound good? 😀

  14. Vaala ◪


    1. Hannah

      I decline to understand your meaning.

      1. Vaala ◪

        I haven’t had nearly enough sleep so I don’t think anything I am saying right now is making any sense to anyone (you should see the chat conversation I had today with, umm, someone…it was a mash of randomly placed words and quite off the planet)!

        If I re read my comment (which is taxing my brain believe it or not) I suspect that I was quite excited…and it sounded better in my head than trying to type it!

        Oh dear…at least there are only 2 1/2 more hours of work to go today because let’s face it, I want to go home!

  15. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    PB LOCO?!?!? OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

    Also, you would have a French chocolate poster 🙂 I just might too!!! <3 haha

    And I haaaate the feeling of not having glasses. I forget mine sometimes, because my vision isn't so terrible I'll notice I don't have corrective lenses without them, but it's bad enough where I can't drive or see TVs from afar. I want lasik.

    1. Hannah

      That’s exactly what happens to me! I can see close-up perfectly, so if I’m jsut in my house I can easily walk out without my contacts or glasses, then suddenly there’s this whole big blurry world… I’ve been considering lasik, but it scares me too…

      P.S. We should post photos of our posters and see if they’re similar!

      1. Monique@She's Going The Distance

        Yes!!! hahaha mine’s postcard size. It’s in a box somewhere 🙂

        Also, I’m super jealous at how often you’ve been having macarons!! I’ve tried to make them but often fail.

  16. Jess

    I’ve had a German sitting next to me every day for the past 18 months and I had never figured out how to make a pavlova for her. CAN’T TALK NOW SHE’S LOOKING AT ME.

    1. Hannah

      You absolutely just made me laugh out loud – thank heavens my officemate hasn’t moved in yet! I’m so glad I’ve been able to give you the deets on how to make her pavlova. You have to let me know how following this schedule EXACTLY goes.

      (P.S. Still laughing.)

  17. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Ooh, I think you may have answered one of my email questions herein :-O And he likes peanut butter! There’s one test he passes, then :]
    And oh.mygod. You opened the PB Loco?! This boy must be made of gold. Or chocolate. Oh, now I MUST know more!
    PS—Your timeline ends conspicuously at the innocent hour of 10pm, I notice… ;]

    1. Hannah

      I think it was more that, by that point, I was made of wine, so my decision-making was less rational. He was appropriately gratified when I suddenly did open it, though, after talking about how I wouldn’t. (Heavens, that sounds like a euphemism too, doesn’t it? I don’t mean it!) Also, it expires on October 29, so it had to happen sometime. 🙂 (Again. NOT a euphemism.)

      1. Lauren

        Hahaha at euphemism.

  18. Hannah

    L-Izzle: What was that, a bonus scene in the LOTR extended edition DVDS? 😛

    1. L-Izzle

      You’re the one who brought up naked muffin-eating!!

      1. Hannah

        Yeah, but I didn’t talk about pressing muffins to my nakedness. Okay, this is going WAY too far…. 😛

  19. Lauren

    How did I miss this entry?! I’m usually so on top of things. Well, I’ve been internet MIA lately — you know, rescuing stray animals 😉 — so that’s my excuse. And the German, eh? 😉 :* :O I will have to finally check my Facebook messages for clues …

    1. Hannah

      It’s only been up a day or so, so I forgive you for concerning yourself more with adorable animals than my exploits 😉 Though, really, I don’t know why you didn’t just keep the kitten. What’s the difference between five and six pets, really?

  20. Hannah

    Vaala: Oops! That was a joke, of course I knew what you meant! I didn’t mean to make you think you weren’t making sense 😉 I was just avoiding the topic 😛

    1. Vaala ◪

      Ah, doing a me! (I had worked that out but I am still not making sense to myself)

  21. croquecamille

    I always think meringues taste better when they’re a bit brown – more caramelly goodness is never a bad thing in my book. (And where is this book, anyway?)

    1. Hannah

      I agree completely – caramelly goodness wins out over straight sweetness anytime. (If you find the book, can I borrow it? I reckon the mysteries of life could be found therein.)

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