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  1. Fiona

    That Thomas is great!

  2. L-Izzle

    1. Aww, housemately love! If I had a housemate, I’m sure I’d love them too. I think. I hope.
    2. I wish my name was Chutney.
    3. I want peanut butter chips.
    4. I want peanut butter.
    5. But not if it’s going to result in me being impaled-on-a-spoon-while-stuck-in-a-jumper.
    6. I would also like a Thomas cake.
    7. Preferably combining all of the above… a peanut butter chip & peanut butter Thomas cake. Which I would eat while wearing a nametag that said “HELLO MY NAME IS CHUTNEY”.
    8. Okay, so almost all of the above… I don’t want a housemate in the cake. Unless I really DIDN’T love them, in which case it might be a handy way to dispose of them…
    9. Golly… your gruesome last entry is obviously rubbing off on me!!

    1. Hannah

      1. If you move out with who you were thinking of moving out with, you already do! 😛
      2. I shall call you Chutney from here on out.
      3 and 4. I bought on-sale unsalted Coles peanut butter last week, and it’s taken me almost the entire jar to adjust to the natural flavour of it. Where did my salt and sugar and palm oils go?!
      The rest: EXACTLY.

  3. Lauren

    Ugh, I am SO jealous. I’ve had roommates, but I’ve never had a roommate and a kitchen and a television at the same time. (We did share a bathroom with six other girls, which lead to many a passive aggressive note.) So I’ve never had a REAL roommate, and I really want one! I would wrangle her into all kinds of cute hi-jinks, whether she wanted to or not!

    Everyone I know and respects lists “Freaks and Geeks” as one of their favorite shows. I’ve watched it twice, and I *want* to like it, but I don’t! Will it grow on me over time? I simply have plebeian tastes, I’m afraid. I do fondly recall crying during that scene in “Cruel Intentions,” though. 15 year old Lauren loved her some Ryan Philippe — and was horrified to see Buffy Summers in such a role.

    1. Hannah

      Teehee, my suitemates experience at UVA didn’t involve passive aggressive notes, but by the end there was complete ignoring. With two of the girls, even if we were in the bathroom at the same time, there wasn’t even acknowledgement. But they were AWFUL PEOPLE. I think F&G is something you have to stick with a little bit – which episodes have you seen? I’m amused that you were horrified by SMG in that role – I remember simply thinking that I liked her brunette 😛

      1. Lauren

        The first and second! And the other day I saw the one where they get fake IDs, which was cute. I will give it time. Shows need to grow on you.

  4. Anna Johnston

    Its when your peeps ‘get you’ right down to your really nerdy self you know it was definatly meant to be, obviously good comes to good 🙂

    1. Hannah

      Luckily, I’ve got quite a few friends who tolerate me in all my various serious/studying/loonytunes/klutzy/chocolate-lovin’/singing of musicals glory 😀

  5. theresa

    Your house sounds magical. Not only a smurf kitchen, but a wonderful housemate (who is a sociologist)? Magical!

    Keep meaning to email you but have just gotten myself involved with another subject this semester — teaching into 4 subjects is a little time consuming, so apologies for ignoring you!!

    1. Hannah

      I am pretty lucky. Life feels better right now than it has in a really long time, actually. Might change once crazy marking/writing your lecture/trying to keep head afloat starts next week though!

      So I completely understand your not writing back quite yet – it’s super okay, I know you’re busy being Amazing Academic Lady!

  6. Agnes

    Another sign we are meant to be BFFs! I LOVE FREAKS AND GEEKS. I still can’t believe it was cancelled so soon – it was brilliant!

    I haven’t even read your post yet, I just had to tell you that first. BRB!

    1. Agnes

      Oh wait. You don’t eat bacon? Maybe it’s not meant to be after all. Sad face. ;p

      1. Hannah

        “I used to have a friend who cut class. You know what happened to him? He died!”

        We ARE meant to be. Particularly as I’m going to take a deep breath and say that I don’t not eat bacon (heck, I bought and ate Vosges’ bacon-in-chocolate bar three separate times while living in the US), I just can’t stand the smell of it cooking. I worked in a cafe making bacon and egg breakfasts for about a year, and I got so repulsed by how my skin/clothes/hair would all reek of bacon at the end of a shift…

  7. cleaneatingchelsey

    hahahah I totally read through the spoon/jumper/glasses scenario about 4 times so I could get the image ingrained into my head. Perfect.

    1. Hannah

      *laughs* I kinda love that your (potential) first image of me is as Super Klutz. Brilliant! 😀

  8. Johanna GGG

    um I have never heard of freaks and geeks but love the name! the peanut butter chips look like something I could grow to love but that cake is love at first sight!

    1. Hannah

      It was made about 10 years ago, and got cancelled despite having a huge underground fan base. But as you say – cake and peanut butter chips are far more easy to fall in love with at first sight 😀

  9. whisperinggums

    Sounds like your housemate is nearly as much fun as the ones preceding her! They – or one of them anyhow – loved Freaks and Geeks too.

    1. Hannah

      I’ve never really thought of my family as housemates before – I like it! Those is this “one” you or the brother??

      1. whisperinggums

        Moi, since the brother hasn’t been there for awhile! (More than housemates of course!)

  10. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hehe now you were definitely meant to be! That’s such a great movie. My favourite is the ending with The Verve’s Bittesweet Symphony! 😀

    1. Hannah

      Teehee, when we started watching it I mentioned to my housemate how it had Bittersweet Symphony in the soundtrack – I love that song too! In fact, I own the cd soundtrack myself (ah, the pre-iPod days…)

  11. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    I love roommate bonding 🙂 and PB chips?!??!?!?! YUM!

    1. Hannah

      It’s the greatest. Though we’re talking apartment-mate, not room-mate. Even in college dorms in Australia, you *never* have to share a room!

  12. jess

    There is nothing worse than a crappy room mate, especially when they enjoy hour long showers!

    Sound’s like a fun house

    1. Hannah

      It’s the funnest (to use a word that doesn’t exist). When I went on exchange to the US a few years ago, two of my suitemates would each take two hour-long showers everyday. I wanted to hit them with textbooks while yelling “DROUGHT! DROUGHT!” 😛

  13. Vaala ◪

    I have done the spoon move too…it’s a good one (and I do it with just my glasses too…when I wear them which is not very often at all but today I couldn’t be bothered with contacts as it’s a lazy non-training day so it’s a glasses day and that was a very long-winded piece of writing)!

    One of my flatmates and I sit in the living area after dinner cutting up, sugaring and eating grapefruit together which has our other flatmates in hysterics…they say we look like two old ladies. Good flatmates make the world a better place (having had some of the worst flatmates ever I feel I have permission to make such a statement).

    1. Hannah

      *laughs* I do it with just the glasses too. I have contacts but I’m not yet in the whizz-bang-wear-them-every-day stage… Oh, I love that image of you and your flatmate! ANd I need to try sugaring grapefruit… maybe that way, I’ll actually enjoy them?

      1. Vaala ◪

        Dark brown sugar…my flatmate uses epic amounts and she’s so cute in her preparation of the grapefruit whereas I go for the squirt in the eye approach.

        Oh and I realised I forgot to comment on the photo of the peanut butter chips despite the fact that I drifted off into a beautiful fantasy world every time I scrolled past another picture of them but I’ve been thinking about them all day!

  14. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    hahaha that PB spoon + jumper changing effort sounds completely like something that I would do!!
    And ps – WHERE did you get those pB chips from???

    1. Hannah

      Partners in klutziness? 😛 Sadly, I got those at Whole Foods at the US 🙁 Stupid Australia and its lack of peanut butter love!

  15. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Aww! It’s like a modern, much-funnier-than-Grimms fairy tale 😀

    1. Hannah

      What a compliment! 😀

  16. Kath Lockett

    I can NOT believe that you voluntarily watched ‘Legally Blonde’……

    1. Hannah

      What will you say when you learn I’m the one who owns it? 😀 Or when you hear that we once, in the same night, watched The Departed and then Charlie’s Angels? I don’t believe in high/low culture divides 😛

  17. Hannah

    Lauren: It took a while for my housemate to warm to it, so it is possible to be won over 🙂 I’d recommend watching it in order, though 🙂

  18. Indonesia Blogger

    Hiii …. glad to see your blog, I am a blogger Indonesia. Welcome stranger!

  19. Sarah (GF vegan)

    This post made me laugh! And those peanut butter chips look so good.

    I have to say, that the lack of chocolate in my latest blog post is MOST unusual. Seriously unusual 🙂 Probs because I ate a stupid amount of those vegan jelly sweets i was sent. And the spiralizer- had to order it online but I love it so much. The best £25 I’ve spent in a while. x

    1. Hannah

      🙂 I love when I can put my ridiculousness to entertaining-others use! And I’m mightily relieved that your lack of chocolate was the exception rather than the rule, though I must admit those vegan jellies looked very tasty…

  20. hungryandfrozen

    1: Peanut butter chips! What even? Why is everything so much cooler overseas!!
    2: I LOVE a good housemate. Yay for you that you’ve nabbed one, especially one with whom triangular pointing formations are able to occur.
    3: Freaks and Geeks! <3

    1. Hannah

      1. I know, right? Somehow peanut butter chips don’t strike me as something we could easily make at home…
      2. My housemate and I are very geometrically suited.
      3. <3 indeed! Have you ever watched Bones? Sam's in it, and he looks exactly the same, just grown up 😛

  21. Agnes

    Phew! I’m so relieved! We ARE meant to be. How could I have doubted you??

    1. Hannah

      I’ll let the doubting slide this time. Just don’t ever let it happen again 😉

  22. Simply Life

    ha, glad you live together so well!

    And yes, I would recommend the honey almond butter although a lot of my readers have recommended the maple ab, which i have yet to try!

    1. Hannah

      It’s pretty great! Oh no, now I’m back to square one… which one do I want to try?!

  23. ellie


    1. Hannah

      😀 😀

  24. Angela (the diet book junkie)

    i haven’t seen Cruel Intentions in YEARS. Ryan Phillipe was hot and all, but that was the stupedist ending in cinema history 😛

    1. Hannah

      You and my housemate would get along well 😀

  25. Maria@TheGourmetChallenge

    lol!!! Seriously the best read of the whole day!! I cant stop laughing at you and your housemates antics!! You should seriously watch the usual suspects with her, see if she gets the twist in that!

    1. Hannah

      You absolutely just made my night with your comment 🙂 Thank you! I actually haven’t seen that movie myself, and yet I know the twist because my brother spoiled it for me. BOO.

  26. croquecamille

    Peanut butter chips are totally one of my guilty pleasures. So is Legally Blonde.

    1. Hannah

      Let’s be honest… you totally practise the Bend and Snap at home, don’t you?