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  1. Agnes

    I think you need to do more travel. Starting with a trip to Melbourne. (See what I did there?!?)

    1. Hannah

      You’re like a magician with your tricksy words of wonderment! What’s this in my hand? A ticket to Melbourne? (I wish. But soon, I promise!)

  2. Johanna GGG

    maybe it is a good thing your tastes aren’t for such expensive chocolate – but I do wonder if having tasted it in the end of your travels if you would want it again just to bring that moment sharply to mind! (and I am sure that parmesan note would help transport you back to italy)

    1. Hannah

      Unfortunately there are a lot of expensive chocolates that I *do* love! 😛 Askinosie, for example, which in Australia costs $20 for 85g… But yes, I would definitely like more Chuao just for the Italy memories 🙂

  3. jess

    Reading this blog I think you might be one of those “super” tasters!!

    1. Hannah

      Gosh, what a compliment! Thank you 😀

  4. Simply Life

    oooh another fun one to try!

    1. Hannah

      That’s what I’m here for 😉

  5. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Here’s what just happened:
    I came downstairs from my morning shower and sat at the computer.
    I clicked to your new post and began reading.
    I came to your comment about trying to will a new message to appear in your Gmail.
    I thought “Oh, I do wonder if she’s going to write me back from last week?”
    NO MORE THAN 30 seconds later, what happens?
    Your email arrives in my inbox. That is scary-awesome.

    I completely understand taking awhile to write back! I can be terrible about that myself, especially on Facebook. Real email, at least, is easier for me because I can access it at work (“can,” not “am allowed to,” shh), so as soon as time allows it I will be replying, even if it takes ME a few days, for which I, in turn, apologize [in advance]. But know that your email made me smile big big big time. :]

    And now, I probably ought to go get dressed! 😛

    Oh yes and P.S.—I LURV the pic where you bit off the chocolate, yum.

    1. Hannah

      Aw! That was an awesome story! Hurrah for our psychic synchronicity! (Now if only I could get that to work on the other person I was hoping for an email from… ah well, I’ll now put my mental powers to work on you and look forward to your email, whenever it comes :D)

      Also, I’m super relieved that my email made you smile, because after I clicked ‘send’ I started worrying that it was super self-involved 😛 Teehee, I’m also glad you liked that photo – I didn’t know if it would seem icky to people!

  6. Louise

    I had this chocolate in a desert at Quay last year. It was nice, great even, but not life changing. I’ve of course not had it on its own, and would love to- after that Vestri pistachio one.

    1. Hannah

      You know how I tend to feel about chocolate desserts 😉 (unless they come from Ble Sucre!) Heavens, Louise, you really do have to fly to Florence for that Vestri, otherwise it’s going to taunt you all your life!

  7. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    This is a slippery chocolate. I say this because your brain didn’t want to think/write about it, and also because as soon as I saw the name I started singing “Dr Zaius Dr Zaius” in my head and promptly went off on my own weird tangent.

    Dr Zaius Dr Zaius oh Dr Zaius

    1. Hannah

      Troy: Can I play the piano any more?
      Dr Zaius: Of course you can!
      Troy: Well I couldn’t before.

      Dr Zaius Dr Zauis! Ohhhhh Dr Zaius!

  8. Lauren

    I’m simply glad this isn’t one of the chocolates sitting upstairs in my dark, cool Hannah drawer. (Which, actually, sounds a little creepy.) I also ran upstairs to check whether the wrappers advertise fruitiness, ha! I think we’re safe … Either way, if it’s good it’s good, or if it’s bad it’ll make for a more interesting review. Win-win!

    I have been in your place many times, and I join you in willing the email into existence! But remember, there are so many people (like Lincoln) who simply lack an email-returning gene. Like me, too, actually …

    1. Hannah

      *laughs* Creepy but hilarious and awesome! Gosh, I’m so excited about your super generosity 🙂 Thank you for the joint-willingness, but I think I have to let the hope go. Although Lincoln, for example, tends to disappear from the email world for months and then suddenly show up with a bang, so maybe…

  9. Lauren

    So what I mean is, don’t panic (and bring a towel).

  10. Vaala ◪

    Oh I so understand (about running away from writing the post). I have been doing that with some of my sports posts on my other blog ’cause, well, sometimes I just don’t want to remember! And I’m supposed to be editing this bi-annual cousin magazine thing and I’m definitely running away from that but I make myself feel better by opening up the files every now and then!

    1. Hannah

      Yep, running away and procrastination seem to be different words for the same thing! I’ve been doing that with some uni-related work, and I’ve now realised that by putting it off I’ve got myself in a very bad position because now I’ll have to fit it in at the same time that I’m marking 95 essays in two weeks. EEK. I fear for this blog… So good luck to you on the editing!

  11. Anna Johnston

    That seemingly innocent bar of chocolate sure seems to have a lot going on there 🙂

    1. Hannah

      I don’t know whether you’d call about $15 for 50g innocent… !!!

  12. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    Did you say parmesan? I am intrigued!!!

    1. Hannah

      I did. But really, it was such a fleeting image in my mind, and probably just the kind of thing that happens when you’ve become hyper-sensitive to chocolate after eating bucketloads for weeks on end… 😛

  13. thehungryscholar

    I like use of “undercurrent.” You have a good vocabulary.

    1. Hannah

      😀 Thank you! Guess that’s what being a devoted reader and an English major (until deciding to switch to Sociology at the last possible minute) does to a girl!

  14. Kath Lockett

    The photos make it look good though – super melty and fine textured…..

    1. Hannah

      Oh, the texture was brilliant. One of the crispest snaps I”ve encountered and very fine and smooth. They definitely know how to conch and temper, those Amadeians!

  15. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    That’s why we read and adore you. BECAUSE you keep it real! 😀

    1. Hannah

      AWWW. That comment was just like a hug 🙂

  16. croquecamille

    I wouldn’t say Chuao was my favorite chocolate ever – I lean towards the earthy/smoky/caramelly end of the spectrum, too – but it was certainly the most unusual. And I always like novelty. Totally commiserate on the putting off posting about things! You wouldn’t believe how many restaurant photos I have that I’ve never used for one reason or another.

    1. Hannah

      Shall we sit together at the smoky end of the spectrum and pull faces at the fancypants red-fruit spectrum people? I don’t know exactly who they are, but I bet they have pursed mouths and botoxed foreheads and are generally stinky.

      Actually, I have you (and Louise) to thank for my finally getting off my metaphorical bottom and posting this, because you both displayed keen interest when I put up a teaser photo of it! 😀

  17. Amedei Chuao

    […] The Food Buster – Wayfaring Chocolate – Social tagging: 70% > Chuao > criollo > dark chocolate > […]

  18. Lowe

    Very entertaining and great pictures! You do pick up on many flavors. I don’t like Red Fruit/Wine in chocolate either, so can I sit with you and make faces too?

    However, Amedei Chuao is my all time favorite of the >510 chocolate bars that I’ve reviewed. Here are my notes on the taste:
    “Sublime! Complex and multifaceted with 3 or 4 movements. Sweet and Roast. The initial subtle brown sugar/ molasses fades to roast. Middle- a few tangy notes, like mild citrus. Notes of figs, molasses, caramel, and mild nuts.
    2009- Although still my favorite, this bar doesn’t seem to have the same intensity or as wide a range of flavor.
    (From Amedei- fully matured redcurrant and cherry, expanding in all directions. It evolves into a flavour of fresh fruits and closes with a sensation of honey and preserves.)
    (from others- almonds, blackstrap molasses, blueberries, cashew, cherries, coffee, olives, plum, prunes, red fruits, raspberry, spicy raisins)”

    But I only have an average palette at best. I’m certainly no super taster.