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  1. Fiona

    How awesome are those plates? 🙂

    Your grandma sounds awesome, too! 🙂 I would have been disappointed by the caramel slice 🙁

    1. Hannah

      Is it wrong that I want to wear the souffle plate as a hat? 😉 I’m just glad I have memories of better caramel slices…

  2. L-Izzle

    I have a feeling – a very strong, very persuasive feeling – that I would like Grandma Sydney very much 🙂

    As we’ve discussed, I’m severely lacking in grandparents, so if you ever find yourself really busy with PhD stuff or something, and need someone to “cover you” for your granddaughterly duties, I’d be more than happy to step in for a couple of games of Scrabble and a round or two of muesli 😀

    1. L-Izzle

      Alternative (but just as good) Plan: if YOU are having trouble fulfilling your email-friend obligations to me, just get Grandma Sydney to step in! She sounds like somebody I’d enjoy corresponding with while I should be doing something useful with my time (ie. earning my salary, justifying my employment, not wasting tax payers’ money, etc…)

      1. Hannah

        While I’d like to think of myself as a generous person, I’m afraid I might have to hoard my grandparents selfishly. Part of me thinks I should share their wondrousness, but the other part wants to keep all their scrabble, muesli, and hugs to myself 😉

        However, you still owe me a bookstore date!

  3. Baking Serendipity

    Your grandma sounds awesome! I love her dictionary editing job…but that’s the English nerd in me 🙂

    1. Hannah

      She really is. And English nerds represent! We make the world a better place 😉

  4. Louise

    Great post yet again. And such wonderful reminiscences of your grandparents. Your family has the best family lunches it seems. I would have been totally there with you for the goats cheese and pumpkin dish- two of my very favourite things together- oh yes indeedy. I want it now actually. Good thing I decided to make pumpkin soup this week otherwise I might go totally crazy.

    1. Hannah

      Oooh, did you go out and buy goat’s cheese to stir into the pumpkin soup? You’ve reminded me that I have eggplant soup and a tomato soup in my freezer… I feel they need some blue cheese action 😉

      1. Louise

        Sadly goats cheese wouldn’t go in this particular pumpkin soup- I’m making one of my favourites which is a Carribean Pumpkin Soup with coconut milk. It is a magnificent soup, so I’m not actually too sad (but I do want some goats cheese now….). It will turn up on the soup blog at some stage.

  5. jess

    that looks soo worth the drive

    1. Hannah

      It was! And the drive was really nice too – I’d forgotten how pretty Australia’s trees are 🙂

  6. Lauren

    I hope to be that kind of 81 year-old. I can’t recall if you met my grandmother, but she is the billboard for Alzheimer’s. (Please, don’t ever mention The Koreans in her presence.) This is why I’m so vigilant with my fish oil!

    “Fewer than” and “less than” … that is a favorite of mine. I wrote/edited for my college newspaper, and sat next to the copy editors.

    (And I wrote that as “favourite,” before correcting. Yikes!)

    1. Hannah

      Why did you correct it?? Don’t you realise you would have got at LEAST a hundred points towards life from me for spelling like an Australian? 😀 No, I didn’t meet your grandma… I’m guessing you don’t go out with her for bibimpap and kimchi? 😉

  7. Kath Lockett

    What a beautiful story, Hannah, all told via your meals – Jill Dupleix did that in SMH recently (but it was ten foods to explain moments in her life). Your version is lovely!

    1. Hannah

      I didn’t think of this as an answer to Jill Dupleix’s biography piece, so that’s a real compliment! Thanks Kath 🙂

      1. Louise

        I must have missed this, what with the recent European travels and all. I’ve long been a Jill fan, and so I’ll try googling it. I actually made one of Jill’s recipes last night from this weeks Good Living- the lamb, red wine and anchovy stew. It was delicious, and so easy, especially if you accidentally leave out a step….

  8. croquecamille

    That souffle plate is incredibly fabulous. And it must be wonderful to be so close to your grandmother. Here’s to many more birthday celebrations together!

    p.s. On an unrelated note, I saw a blue Fiat Spyder convertible for sale on my street just this morning. For some reason, I thought of you immediately.

    1. Hannah

      Yes, many many more! Neverending birthday lunches! 😀 I just had to google fiat spyder, as the only spiders I know are a) scary and eight-legged, or b) delicious and made with ice cream and fizzy drink. I’m honoured that you thought of me, but have no idea why? 😛

      1. croquecamille

        Wakefield twins.

  9. Simply Life

    oh that tuna looks great!

    1. Hannah

      It was fabulous!

  10. theresa

    Aw, happy birthday to Grandma Sydney! Our grandparents on both sides were always just Grandma and Grandpa. But Andy has Narooma Grandma and Bega Grandma. I love calling them that.

    1. Hannah

      I’ve always felt a little bit sorry for people who simply have a “nan” or a “grandpop” 😉 (Not really. I just made that up.) Maybe it’s an Australian thing?

      And most importantly, is Andy’s second grandma made of cheese? Because that would be AWESOME.

      1. theresa

        Ah no, sadly, both grandmas are only made of … people-making ingredients. Carbon, hydrogen, that sort of thing I think.

        Though she did used to have a dairy farm, while her husband was alive. In Bega, so I reckon their cows’ milk went into some of Australia’s cheese.

  11. Johanna GGG

    just shows you can’t taste with your eyes – I would have turned my nose up at the souffle (the easy option for vegetarians at too many restaurants) and gone straight for the choc caramel slice.

    your grandmother sounds wonderful and fearsome – and it is good to have the fearsome ones on your side

    1. Hannah

      I like knowing she’ll always be on my side 🙂 Though I don’t know if anyone would ever think “fearsome” when they meet her… “lovely” is the more appropriate term, I think!

  12. hungryandfrozen

    Your Grandma Sydney sounds really cool (yay for awesome grandparents!) I love that you guys gave your grandparents such full-on nicknames.

    That plate really is fabulous! Want!

    1. Hannah

      I’m tempted to call the restaurant and ask where they get their crockery… but then again, I’m sure I won’t be able to afford even one plate. Sigh!

  13. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Your Grandma sounds super lovely and I wish her a very happy birthday 🙂

    Stepping swiftly away from lovely things, I have to comment on the Barramundi Meuniere. I think it looks quite uh, rude.

    1. Hannah

      I do hope she reads this post and sees how many well wishes she’s received!

      I also hope she subconsciously stops herself from reading your second part, though. Particularly as I have to agree. 😉

  14. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I already love the sound of your grandmother. I mean editor of a dictionary, muesli maker and holder of girl’s day outs. What’s not to love?

    1. Hannah

      😀 Exactly! The only thing not to love is that she hasn’t cloned herself so that all of you get to have a grandma like her.

  15. penny aka jeroxie

    What a lovely story and birthday for your grandma Sydney. And how sweet of your dad 🙂

    1. Hannah

      It was very generous of him 🙂 I’m tempted to try making pistachio toffee myself now!

  16. gmasydney

    Oh Hannah, you have given me the warm fuzzies. Now I don’t have to wait until I die to hear nice things about me!
    I think you are the awesome one – and your posts are just wonderful – I love reading them (except the chocolate ones as you know!)
    (PS One day you will find out that grandchildren are God’s second gift to parents.)

    1. Hannah

      Just as well, because I’ve decided you’re going to live forever 🙂 Clearly we both need to stick around so that Grandpa has someone to beat at crib!

      By the way, you did mention that you got sucked into reading a chocolate review one time, and it wasn’t as boring as you’d expected 😉

  17. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Wow, she edited dictionaries?! ::adds to list of dream jobs::

    So sweet that you and your grandma are that close. I love my grandma (who is called Nanny, never “grandma”) too, and credit her for being the first cooking maven in my life. :]

    1. Hannah

      Isn’t it awesome? One of those necessary jobs that we never think about… imagine how badly-influential a typo in a dictionary could be! And grandparents are the bestest 🙂

  18. Anna Johnston

    Aaawwhhh, such a nice experience and family outing filled with warm fuzzies; I think we’re all now firmly in love with Grandma Sydney. Interesting ice cream Mocha they’ve got going on there!

    1. Hannah

      😀 Seeing as you’re Canberran, it might be easier to share GS with you than the others here who are envious of my having such an amazing grandma 😉

  19. Agnes

    That plate is kkkrazy! I bet they don’t fit in a dishwasher though. I pity the fools who have to wash those plates!

    Your grandma sounds amazing – you have a great family. 🙂

    1. Hannah

      I tremendously do 🙂

      ANd maybe the dishwasher fools get endless supplies of pistachio toffee? That would make it bearable, surely…

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