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  1. Vaala ◪

    Apricot and rosemary…your description makes it sounds worth trying. Do you know if you can get her chocolate over here (I dealt it)? Perhaps we should do a chocolate trade. I’ll go suss out some good Schoc flavours and you suss out some good Curious Chocolatier ones…

    (Oh man, SeaChange…you’re making me all swoony for Diver Dan yet again)

  2. L-Izzle

    How i love it when you review a chocolate i’m familiar with/have eaten! i agree totally with everything you’ve said. Really great stuff.

    Have you tried her coffee & fennel one?? that’s probably my favourite of the ‘standard’ range, and i can really imagine you liking it a lot 🙂

    oh, and I loved the finding-rosemary-bits moments too..did i tell you about my favourite of the Artisan du Chocolat products i tried?? a rosemary marzipan.. oh my. incredible, for all the reasons you described above (plus a couple of extra ones).

  3. Simply Life

    Oh I do love that packaging – makes you think you’re eating something extra fun!

  4. croquecamille

    That packaging is great! And I love the flavor combination, too. Any chance you were planning on enlightening us not in the Cool Australians Club as to what that sentence (# 4)means? If not, I shall pretend it is something very dirty. 😉

  5. thehungryscholar

    I love apricot. Yum. I have a habit of nibbling on chocolate after reading your blog!

  6. Lauren

    Okay, I have nothing to do today, and this was my thought process this morning — jog? Too hot. Hot pot? Too expensive and hot. What is there to be done [sans metro] in this wretched town?!

    But now, I realize — of course! Chocolate excursion.

    That bar just sounds so so good. Satisfies my need for having lots of *stuff* in my bars, without satisfying stuff for quality. But … American. Alas.

  7. Lauren

    * SACRIFICING stuff. My bad.

  8. Lauren

    (Please excuse me as I monopolize your comments …)

    Update: Just bought Theo’s Coconut and Curry to share with my mom. It is So. So. SO. Good. I’m a fan of milk chocolate, and this is the best I’ve had in a long time. You were 100% correct.

    Tonight, we’ll be trying the Bread and Chocolate.

  9. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hehe don’t forget “The Castle”! 😉 Every time I see a sponge cake or a rissole I start chuckling.

    Love the sound of this chocolate and the packaging is so chic! 😀

  10. Kath Lockett

    Excuse me while I pop on over to her site and place an order. These sound too divine to stay just in Canberra!

  11. Hannah

    Vaala: I firmly believe we should all have regular Diver Dan swooning moments in our lives, and so I’ll do my utmost to reference the show periodically 😀 The Curious Chocolatier does have an online shop but I believe it’s only for within Australia. I am absolutely in for an interesting chocolate-swap! (Just did one with a friend in the US :P) Perhaps we should wait and see what you think of the other flavours I review in coming weeks?

    L-Izzle: Well ex-cuh-use me, but I’d cottoned on to TCC and tried all the flavours long before you had (at least, the ones that were available before I went overseas)! 😛 So just be patient and wait 😉 (P.S. That marzipan sounds amazing. Do you know of any good marzipan here in Aus?)

    Simply Life: It is gorgeous!

    Camille: (First, I’m guessing you mean #3?) I’m so tempted not to translate and instead ask what your dirty interpretation is 😀 But I’m a Good Person, so: he “was calling my sheila [woman], who isn’t a bogan [your equivalent would probably be redneck, though there are differences, of course], and if you don’t understand that, you’re a drongo [idiot]”. See? Clear as day 🙂

    TheHungryScholar: All part of my plan for making the world a better place, one reader at a time 😀

    Lauren: Monopolize away! I love it. Particularly when you tell everyone that I’m 100% right. DARN TOOTIN’. 😀 I miss your Wegmans. Lots. And I’ll be doing that Theo soon… but I’ve had to slow down on the eating because I’m so behind on the reviewing again. 😀

    Lorraine: Who could ever forget The Castle? “Tell ‘im he’s dreamin’! … How’s the serenity?” 😀

    Kath: Do it! Apparently her sea salt truffles are her best seller 😉

  12. L-Izzle

    Well sorr-owr-reeee, smartass :p haha i just figured if you were trying this for the first time then maybe you hadn’t had the coffee/fennel one, and could DEFINITELY see it being up your alley 😀

    [sort of related – my parents just came home from cowra, where they went to Neila for dinner for their anniversary and stayed overnight… mum brought me back their spiced pickled fennel! so excited! i’m gonna make some kind of weird coleslaw with it i think! 😀 ]

    also, let me know what you think of soyaroni, if you end up buying some!

    AND i’m going on a hunt in delis for european chocolate spreads. i know there’s obviously a much more limited range here (i’ve seen your pictures :P), but if you know of any that are available here and you’d recommend, let me know!!

    ps. sorry to hijack your blog’s comments hahaha. i’ll shush now 🙂

  13. Hannah

    L-Izzle: DEFINITELY not the first time trying these TCC chocolates! In fact, this was the very first one I ever tried, maybe two years ago? Or 18 months? Whenever they’d just come out 🙂 Still, I’m taking new tasting notes as I retry them all, with my more, erm, “practiced” tastebuds.

    Also: I love pickles like it’s no one’s business. Mmm.

  14. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    I don’t ever feel super American either. Maybe that’s because I lived in Europe so many times….???

    It’s weird, every Independence Day, I also do something Frenched out to the max haha. I even celebrated Bastille Day this year 🙂

  15. Johanna

    Nothing wrong with being proud of Australia – if we keep it in perspective – or if the chocolate has an elegant lady on the packaging and delicious apricot flavour – I love the tangy chewy dried apricots but am curious about this freeze dried apricot taste

  16. penny aka jeroxie

    Where can I find this in Melbourne? What a unique blend!

  17. Vaala ◪

    Ooo yes, chocolate swap…I like surprises best!

  18. Hannah

    Monique: I think cosmopolitanism is the way to go, personally 😉

    Johanna: Exactly! Pride with perspective – that’s the way 🙂 It’s a really fantastic chocolate – the apricots are still tangy, but more in a fresh-way than the strong, acidic, dried fruit-way (and don’t get me wrong, I like the dried kind too! But it could be a bit overpowering in chocolate).

    Penny: I believe what you need to do is place an order online, through the link above 🙂 I don’t think she’s got retail stores outside of Canberra yet. It’s definitely worth the splurge 🙂

    Vaala: We’ll have to reconvene planning this soon!

  19. Louise

    Ah, evil temptress- you’re at it again. I bought some of these bars in Canberra last time. I love the packaging too. My favourite was the caramel milk chocolate with pecan, ooh like a turtle. I read your review. Thought, hmmm, I didn’t really like the freeze dried strawberries in the strawberry and pepper bar, lets have a look at the website anyway. Ok so she’s got a new line- Love Bar- Transport yourself to Paris. It’s got the Eiffel Tower on the wrapper and everything. You know I HAVE to have one. I order it (and maybe a couple of others) only to find that they ship to within 50 km of metropolitan areas. Chocolate lovers of the country denied. Arrrrrgh. Have emailed them, beggging. Evil Temptress.

  20. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    ADORABLE packaging for sure!

  21. Hannah

    Louise: That’s a shame! I hope you get a positive email back! Otherwise we could always try to work out a scheme 🙂 Never you fear, I’ve tried every single flavour (bar the orange, which I simply can’t), in the past, and fully intend to cover as much as I can on this blog. But as you might recall, I still have the Amadei from Italy and a billion others to write up first!

    Amber: Isn’t it just? 🙂

  22. Louise

    YES. I did get a prompt and very positive reply. They’re able to send it here because it’s winter and freezing both in Canberra and here. Actually must do the order tonight.

  23. Hannah

    Louise: Knowing that your tastes tend towards the sweeter and the less crazy, I would definitely recommend you pick up the Love bar, and probably the caramel pecan, even though I’ve only had samples of those two. (Get all the others, as well :P, but those two are nice and sweet without you needing to “adjust” to them!)

  24. Chanel

    I NEED to get me a bar of this ASAP – google to the rescue!

  25. Hannah

    Chanel: Do you live in Australia? If so, you should be able to order them via her website, linked above 🙂 Good luck!

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