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  1. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    LOL Could you please sneak a mobile phone pic of him? I’m picturing a dirty, stained singlet i.e. he London hotel owner from National Lampoon’s European Vacation 😛

  2. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    LOL Could you please sneak a mobile phone pic of him? I’m picturing a dirty, stained singlet i.e. he London hotel owner from National Lampoon’s European Vacation 😛

  3. Fiona

    I have mini plates like that! From Turkey!

  4. Simply Life

    oh what a delicious and elegant meal!

  5. chelsey

    ugggh! i hate when things like that happen. we had the water turned off one night when i was in college – of course a night we were having aparty. some doofus went downstairs and turned the water main off and we had to call maintenance at 2 am. perfect.

  6. croquecamille

    I used to eat uncooked spaghetti noodles, too! And I am also enamored with whole wheat pasta! It’s like we’re twins!

  7. thehungryscholar

    Ugh. Annoying, right?

    That pasta looks good. Next time make it for two, though…and invite me over.

  8. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    Argh – how freakin’ annoying indeed 🙁 At least that pasts looks delish!!!

  9. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Ooh, tamari! THAT’s how to make mushrooms appeal to me! You’ve done it! 😀 Really though, good call on that combo, it sounds great.

  10. Hannah

    Lorraine: Haha! I guess I could try, but I’d really rather avoid all contact with him…

    Fiona: Turkey-plate-owners unite!

    Simply Life: Thank you!

    Chelsey: It’s always the doofuses, isn’t it? 😀 How awful that it happened during a party for you!

    Camille: From now on, that’s what we are in my mind. Nothing else makes sense 🙂 But can we be awesome twins, i.e. *not* the Wakefield sister kind?

    TheHungryScholar: You are always, always, always welcome at my place. Please come. NOW.

    Lisa: It was simultaneously hilarious and “I-want-to-scream”! But yes, the pasta was a balm 🙂

    Amber: Aw, thank you! I was almost embarrassed to post it, because it’s such a simple recipe. But if it sounds good to you, it was worth it 🙂

  11. L-Izzle

    Hannah, Mr StinkyNeverWashes is not a nice nickname for me 🙁

    Also, I thoroughly enjoy wholemeal pasta too. Actually, I thoroughly enjoy all pasta. But sometimes I just really crave wholemeal. I’m also a big fan of soyaroni. Because it tastes slightly like soy sauce. ahahaha
    I think it all dates back to once upon a time when I was a health food freak (oh how times have changed…).. I just got so used to wholemeal that for a long time, anything else just tasted “wrong”.

    But as I said, i definitely don’t discriminate, these days :p

  12. theresa

    How annoying. Going without water for most of a day, when it’s not expected at all, would definitely suck. But, I guess, good for water conservation, you eco-warrior 😉

    I am loving the look of that pasta.

    (ps – going to another small town to explore op shops tomorrow. If I knew your size or anything about your taste in clothes, I would find you something!)

  13. whisperinggums

    That sounds great Hannah … I’ll try to remember to try this with gluten free pasta. Also, the rice looks very pretty on the plate.

  14. croquecamille

    Considering neither of us has blond hair, blue-green eyes, or a Fiat Spyder, I don’t think that will be a problem. 🙂

  15. Hannah

    L-Izzle: You still are a health food freak. It’s just you’re also a non-health freak. Kinda like me 🙂 P.S. What is this soyaroni you speak of? Where might I find it?

    Theresa: Yep, that’s how I should have spun it. Not “our water got cut off”, but “we decided to not use any water and save the planet”. 😛 And this is probably too late, but I’m average height, small, and I trust your judgment 😉

    Whisperinggums: I’d give it a go with the quinoa pasta we found a while ago – that one was very good and non-mushy for a gluten-free pasta!

    Camille: *sigh of relief* (Or a whiny boyfriend named Todd.) 😀

  16. L-Izzle
    scroll riiiiiiiiiiight to the bottom!!

  17. L-Izzle

    oh and it’s in all supermarkets.. you definitely would’ve seen it before. i’m an absolute nut for it…it’s more like crackaroni 😀

  18. Agnes

    Ooooh a letter to Smurf Kitchen! That’s almost like a letter to Dear Diary!

    “Dear Diary:

    Today I wrote a letter to Smurf Kitchen because it didn’t warn me about the lack of water until I tried to shower/flush/drink/wash. Mean Smurf Kitchen.

    Love Hannah”

    (And I must tell you that I initially typed Smurk Kitchen….. Smurk Kitchen could be a keeper!)

  19. Hannah

    L-Izzle: I’ve absolutely never seen that, but the pasta aisle is probably the one place in the supermarket I haven’t spent hours poring over. Y’know, mum’s allergies and all. I now must find it.

    Agnes: “Dear Diary: You’d be surprised how many people have typed Smurk Kitchen in responses without noticing the mistake. Icouldn’t understand it, until I did it myself. I think it’s because Smurf Kitchen wants to be abbreviated to SmuK, which we all learnt is the Danish word for beautiful.
    Love, Hannah.
    P.S. My BFF just sent me an email, and I’m excited to read it.”

  20. Johanna

    oh dear this post worries me as we have water works (and a long long hose the length of the street snaking along our footpath right now – Our water could go off any time

    this pasta reminds me that I haven’t been eating enough mushrooms lately – this looks an excellent way to eat more

  21. Louise

    I just adore that Istanbul plate. I take it you bought it in Istanbul? There’s not some Australian company called Istanbul where I can buy fabulous plates?

  22. Hannah

    Johanna: I’m sure you’ll be fine! Unless, of course, the hose is manned by a doofus. 😛

    Louise: Yes and no – it’s from Istanbul, but it was a gift from a friend of mine. I didn’t make it to Istanbul in my travels! I recommend you befriend a PhD student likely to go on conference-related travelling, as I did!

  23. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    This is miracle pasta. Psychic miracle pasta. It could foresee the impending water crisis! If only it could sort out Mr StinkyPants. Could you maybe develop powers like Matilda and scare him from his apartment? Surely energised by your magic pasta this is possible?

  24. Hannah

    Conor: Magic mushrooms, then? Maybe that’s what I got up to in chem lab… And eep, how bizarre, I was thinking about Matilda the other night for the first time in years! I was watching Masterchef and George eating the singapore crab dish, and I thought he looked just like the kid who has to eat the entire chocolate cake for the Trunchbull…

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