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  1. L-Izzle

    oh yummmmm. major, major yum.

    i would like to spread that raw mixture on toast.

    i was also once told to up my salt intake, as my blood pressure was veeeeeeery low (mostly because of running crazy distances/being stupidly fit), and i would be hit with the woozies/dizzies/brain-fuzzies every time i stood up/sat down/moved my head/breathed. hahaha man, i bet my doctor wishes he’d never told me that, because i took it and RAAAAAAN with it. What? You don’t put soy sauce on your bacon? Huh? It’s not normal to spread vegemite on olives? Regular people don’t usually add extra stock and sea salt to their 2-minute-noodles? That’s crazy-talk!

    Okay, I’m not *quite* that bad, but I have well and truly embraced the salt lifestyle (I never used to add salt to ANYTHING..except maybe eggs). It’s funny, though.. I think the saltiest foods i eat are also the sweetest. I’m always having peanut butter, honey and sea salt sandwiches. Or sprinkling sea salt on nutella/maple syrup/jam/whatever.. I tend to add more salt to supposedly “sweet” foods than I do to the “savoury” ones.

    Moral of the story: adding salt to your diet doesn’t have to involve cutting back on sweet stuff!!!

    Now send me some of those cookies so I can sprinkle them with sea salt, wrap them in bacon, and deep fry them in maple syrup 😀

  2. whisperinggums

    Now, would they work with gluten free flour I wonder?

  3. Fiona


  4. Johanna

    looks delicious and what a beautiful plate – are you a fan of salted caramel – that would be a good way to satisfy a sweet tooth and get your salt 🙂

  5. Simply Life

    wow those cookies look amazing!

  6. Chelsey

    Oh these look delicious!!! I would never judge you on your cinnamon brown sugar peanut butter oatmeal – that sounds so good!

    I am usually very cold too (extremeties are blue sometimes!!) and have very low blood pressure, but my doctor thinks it’s just because I run so much. Maybe I should make it an excuse to eat more salt? 🙂

  7. croquecamille

    Oh, goody! Another use for egg whites! (I’ve been on an ice-cream-making tear, and that generally leaves lots of lonely egg whites.) I also fully approve of substituting hazelnuts for almonds, in pretty much any circumstance.

  8. Sook

    Oh wow, those cookies look fabulous! The texture looks perfect, too.

  9. Hannah

    L-Izzle: I’d really like you to explain how to deep fry something *in* maple syrup… wouldn’t that be more of a dredging? (Hey, you’re the one who went on about how you won’t stand for improper use of the English language! ;)) The doctor could’ve just told you to eat a bowl of cornflakes each day – that stuff is crazy high in salt!

    Whisperinggums: Absolutely they would! It’s such a small amount of flour and a lot of amaretti recipes don’t use flour at all. If I’d been making these at your place, I would’ve used gluten-free flour from the beginning.

    Fiona: My thoughts exactly.

    Johanna: Salted caramel is one of the yummiest sweet things out there – although I have to admit I’m actually a little bit bored with the combination these days. I’m ready for there to be a new dessert-trend in the world! 😀

    Simply Life: Thanks!

    Chelsey: Thank you! And it sounds like you don’t need an *excuse* to increase your salt – it sounds like you *need* to for your health!! I get blue fingers and feet too – but, of course, I definitely don’t run long distances! Because of my toe I’ve done nothing but amble slowly for the past year 😛

    Camille: The Camille tick of approval? Who could ask for anything more! Teehee, I’m the opposite – I usually end up with lots of leftover yolks from making meringue-based desserts.

    Sook: Thank you!

  10. Baking Serendipity

    Oh my, I love a great new cookie recipe. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Hannah

    Baking Serendipity: These are definitely worth trying! So easy and, I think, divine! (I’ve eaten three quarters of the batch in two days. Whoops.)

  12. Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

    Ooh…these sound really good. And a nice way to use up those egg whites that end up lurking round the place…

    All the best with your increased salt intake 🙂

  13. Hannah

    Thanks Laura! I’m taking it as an excuse to eat lots of blue cheese 🙂

  14. Agnes

    Perhaps you just need to start sprinkling sea salt on all the chocolate you eat. Isn’t that the hip new thing? Surely that will be more than enough for your necessary salt intake. 😉

  15. Hannah

    Agnes: That’s definitely an option 😀 The only problem is I’ve eaten *so* many salt-flecked chocolates in the past year that I’m kinda bored with the combination! But maybe fish sauce chocolate? (Ew.)

  16. Lauren

    Sounds like POTS to me — that’s what my doctor called it when I was diagnosed. I was on salt pills and some medications that teach blood vessels to constrict.

    Also, those cookies look scrumptious! To satisfy your salty needs, you could next bake my beloved Teaism Salty Oat Cookies:

  17. Hannah

    Lauren: Oooh, those cookies do sound good! My doctor has always said that my issue is Raynaud’s… if only I’d got this message of yours before going to the surgery this morning, I could have asked her! Ah well, I’ll see what happens with the medication for the next little while. Are you still on those pills?

  18. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    These look simple and delightful. I’m amazed you have a hard time raising your salt intake – I find it impossible to LOWER mine! I <3 salt 😀

  19. Hannah

    Amber: I have to say, after finishing a 400g bag of roasted salted nuts in three days, the unsalted kind now taste a bit boring! I can see how one gets into this salt thing 😀

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