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  1. L-Izzle

    I want this in my life and in my mouth. Beautiful.

  2. Simply Life

    That texture looks perfect!

  3. Agnes

    Dear Diary.

    Today I ate awesome chocolate. Some things are sucky, but mostly life is good. And Be Fri is still damn awesome, I still want to be like her when I grow up, even if she doesn’t send me chocolate. Tomorrow I start bonsai’ing a pistachio tree – how fun!

    Love Hannah.

  4. Johanna

    sounds beautiful – why don’t they have this in the supermarket where I can find it easily? beggars belief!

    as for your perfect world surely you wouldn’t need to get paid to blog because there would be no such thing as filthy lucre!!!

  5. thehungryscholar

    Yum, you make chocolate sound heavenly. I may have some chocolate later. Wish it was that bar!

    I’m mailing your chocolate today!!!!

  6. croquecamille

    Not that Guanaja isn’t delicious, but don’t you think nibs improve pretty much everything? Now, for some reason, I am trying to devise an eggplant dish with cocoa nibs. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  7. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    Oh this sounds wonderful!
    And I had to laugh when you said “I’d have a pet pug that didn’t shed”…I have two cats and I am constantly thinking the same thing!!!

  8. The Sugar Junkie

    ohh I must say, your blog is a little bit like torture! I LOVE chocolate… but I have a dairy allergy so I cant eat it! That chocolate looks so delicious 🙂

  9. Lauren

    Time to catch up!

    1. I am silly and always go for the chocolate with pop rocks, pistachios, whole pieces of bread, bacon, etc, and overlook chocolate like this. Similarly, my beer must have raspberries or orange rind out the wazoo. But invariably, the too-complicated stuff disappoints. Next chocolate run, I will try Valrhona!

    2. I <3 Sichuan eggplant. I also like it in many Mediterranean dishes. But I have had one too many soggy, oily, nastily bread crumbed eggplants in sub-par Italian joints.

    3. Your bed's headboard is great!

  10. Hannah

    L-Izzle: We really need to start up a chocolate (and condiment, for your sake) import business.

    Simply Life: Hmm, must say it’s more the taste than the texture I like! 😀

    Agnes: Dear Diary, last night my Be Fri made me smile and feel better about the world. She is pretty cool. Pistachio bonsai searching has been postponed – doctor visit took precedence, but I’ma keepin’ my eyes open anyway.

    Johanna: I know! It’s such a hard life, not having this easily accessible! And you make a good point about filthy lucre… I could travel so much more if money didn’t exist.

    The Hungry Scholar: I hope you did, or that you do after your dentis appointment. I posted your chocolate yesterday too! Win on both sides! 😀

    Camille: Exactly. I probably should have emphasised how delicious the smoky crunchy deeply rich nibs were here. And you know what? I can see eggplant and nibs working. It’ll be like…. the pastry-chef-potentially-vegan-version of a Mexican mole.

    Lisa: Teehee! I honestly don’t know if I could cope – we’ve always had non-shedding dogs in my family because of my mum’s allergies. I wonder what a poodle-pug corss would look like..?

    The Sugar Junkie: It needn’t be torture! This chocolate, and most of the dark chocolates on this blog, are dairy free – good dark chocolate should ALWAYS be dairy free, which is why Cadbury/Nestle/Hershey’s are so lame. Just look for the chocolates here that have the vegan tag 🙂 No one should be bereft of chocolate!

    Lauren: As you know, I’m all for the crazy chocolates too, but I must say my true love to wonderfully complex and (often quite bitter) dark chocolate. If by “bread” you’re referring to the Theo one… I’ve got that in my stash 🙂 And thank you for the bed compliment. I HATE THE BLOODY THING. (Not really. But kind of.)

  11. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    I’d love a little puggy too! They have such cute dispositions and I love their squashed faces. Are you allergic to them? I am really allergic to them so in my perfect world they wouldn’t cause any allergies. Oh and they wouldn’t chew my shoes-they’re important too 😉

  12. Baking Serendipity

    I love finding so much chocolate here! 🙂 Funfetti cake, to answer the question you posed on my blog, is basically cake with sprinkles. You add the sprinkles into the batter before baking it to give it a rainbow studded look. It doesn’t taste much different, but looks festive and fun!

  13. theresa

    Toast! I would love a toast-flavoured chocolate. A cinnamon-toast flavoured choclate would be especially awesome.

    For a few months Andy was srsly into bonsai, to the extent that we borrowed books about it from the library, and I remember seeing tiny pomegranate bonsai. Thus, I see no reason why pistachio wouldn’t work (though it may take some genetic engineering to have fresh new nuts on it every day of the year…)

  14. Hannah

    Lorraine: I’m not sure if I’m allergic or not – my mum is so I’ve never spent much time around shedding dogs. Mostly I just hate the messiness of shed fur! 😀

    Baking Serendipity: Well, you learn something new everyday, don’t you? I still can’t help giggling that someone actually made a special name for that, though… 🙂

    Theresa: Did you see the Chocomize chocolate awhile back, which was dark chocolate with cinnamon toast cereal on it? I think that’s a close as I’ll be getting for awhile, but a melted-sugary-cinnamony-toast-flavoured chocolate would be divine… Um, are you offering to get started on the genetic engineering? Kthanxbai! 😉

  15. Kath Lockett

    First I read the gelati one (above this post) and now this one and I have NEITHER option available to me!


  16. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Your talent for making chocolate sound mouthwatering is simply stupendous. 😀

  17. Hannah

    Kath: I’m sorry! If it helps, it hurts me too because I can’t get them anymore either!

    Amber: Aw, thank you! Surpassed only by my talent for eating it? 😀

  18. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    OK. I’ve packed our bags and enough food to keep us going until we find a kitchen (you like eggplant, right?). If we leave now we should reach your perfect world in time for supper. We can have as much calorie free food as we like and then get into our (respective) unlonely beds that someone else assembled for us and sleep in for as long as we need, somehow without wasting any of the perfect day ahead of us. Plan?

  19. Hannah

    Conor: Aww. AWW. Thank you. Can this not be our plan but our way of life? Because if you say yes I’ll meet you kerbside, in fifteen minutes, with my jar of cookie dough peanut butter which will magically have transformed into having the nutritional value of aspargus once we arrive at The Perfect World (TPW). I particularly like the idea of the unlonely beds.