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  1. thehungryscholar

    I have never had kale. What does it taste like?

  2. Tes

    Wow it looks so yummy and healthy! I will have to try this combo. Thanks for sharing.

  3. croquecamille

    It was a recipe very similar to this one that introduced me to kale and subsequently made me adore the stuff a few years ago (I honestly don’t think I ever tried it before I was about 25, because I assumed it was Healthy and Yucky). We lost the recipe somewhere along the way, so thanks for putting this up! Now, if only I could find some kale in this gastronomic wasteland I call home…

  4. Chef Dennis

    hmmmm…the kale I could do, I have never seen seaweed like that, now I am intrigued!!
    thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    I’ve never had kale either… looks interesting!

  6. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    oooh congrats on finding Kale! Did you find it at the Epic market or another one? I would love to give it a try…

  7. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I have to admit that I did think that you had somehow discovered or created a kale and seaweed chocolate! 😛

  8. theresa

    I love seaweed so much, I am going to try this with different greens (because kale is almost never for sale in Townsville). How do you reckon it will go with silverbeet?

    Also, how is that dancing woman so skinny? She’s blurry, but I can clearly see that her waist is not much bigger around than her arms. Yeesh.

  9. Lauren

    Haha, when I saw “kale” in the title, I immediately thought, “I’ve been meaning to make the kale chips I saw on Smitten Kitchen!” And, you are correct, a zillion other blogs.

    This looks like a good dish to add to my repertoire, but I got a finger-shaking from the doctor today, so I’ll have to cut out the chili. Everything good involves chili! Argh.

    By the way — literally one hour ago, I made flourless peanut butter cookies. But since my doctor says no Tabasco, I settled for the boring-but-good sprinkle of instant espresso powder and cinnamon.

  10. Kath Lockett

    I’m with thehungryscholar – what *does* kale taste like?

  11. Hannah

    TheHungryScholar: I actually found it quite sweet and mild for a dense green – I’d been led to believe that it’s quite strong and needs to be cooked for a long time, but even when it was raw I thought it was yummy!

    Tes: It’s definitely worth trying! And thank you for visiting 🙂

    Camille: Honestly, I don’t know how you survive in that destitute city of yours. I mean, come on, you don’t even have access to vegemite and Velveeta… P.S. Glad to be of service 🙂

    Chef Dennis: Oooh, I’m an inspiration? 😀 I hope you like the combination, if you try it!

    Monique: Interesting and yummy, I hope 😀

    Lisa: The EPIC markets! Are there other markets here that you go to? I know there’s a Sunday one in the Woden area, but I’ve never been…

    Lorraine: BEST. IDEA. EVER. Dear lord, I need to find me a chocolate school and reinvent my life…

    Theresa: Maybe she eats nothing but kale? I think this would absolutely work with silverbeet! I’d actually thought of silverbeet myself as a substitute. Kale is a bit too expensive, and hard to find, to be a regular purchase for me!

    Lauren: Espresso and cinnamon would be *divine*. But so sad about the chilli! Is this a permanent thing, or just something to cut down on until things get better, symptom-wise? P.S. Are you okay? *hugs*

    Kath: I don’t really know how to describe it, but I didn’t find it assertive/bitter/strong at all – it was just a tasty, pleasant green to me. I think sweeter than spinach and silverbeet? Eep, my vegie-reviewing skills are lacking!

  12. Agnes

    And were you tempted to top the salad with a big spoon of peanut butter? Go on – tell us the truth!

  13. Simply Life

    wow, that looks so healthy!

  14. Hannah

    Agnes: Would you think less of me if I told you that, this morning, I woke up and even the thought of peanut butter made me queasy? I believe it had to do with my having eaten 2/3rds of a jar of cinnamon raisin peanut butter in under two days. (Don’t worry, the ill-will had passed by tonight.)

    Simply Life: No healthier than the other foods on my blog. *Ahem*.

  15. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Wait wait, lemme get this straight—you’re saying there’s more to a healthy diet than cacao butter and PB [and hummus]? My world just came to a grinding, screeching halt! :]

    Kale and seaweed, so healthy! And yet…greens, leaves…so anathema to me :/ Ah well, I can still love the idea!

  16. BitterSweet

    I just love seaweed, and kale, for that matter! This salad has my name written all over it- Literally! 😉

  17. Hannah

    Amber: Nope, all is well – I was lying. When I said words to that effect, my nose grew about four inches. So you and me, girl, we (and our arteries) are safe. 😀

    BitterSweet: Teehee! There must be some sort of universal decree stating all Hannahs must love seaweed and kale. 😛

  18. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Yay! Kale! I would have leapt with kale glee with you 😀

    Fabulous recipe, methinks I shall have to save this one away..

  19. Hannah

    Conor: Next time, I’ll call out to my housemate “I found kale! I found kale! My blog friends understand me!” 😀

  20. Johanna

    yes more kale in Australia is something that is desperately needed – could that be an election promise for Julie??? Your salad looks delicious – I would try it but often I shy away from such green salads and then later wish I hadn’t, esp when I see other enjoying them so much

  21. Hannah

    Johanna: I think this tastes far enough away from a typical green salad as to be worthy of a Johanna taste-test! 😛

  22. Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

    That dressing sounds so perfect, drink-able even. I have got hold of kale occasionally but the stuff I’ve had has been so tough and chewy and inhospitably covered in grit and dirt that I’ve kinda gone off it.

    I like photos with stuff in the background! That jug looks awesome.

  23. Hannah

    Laura: I’m pretty sure most of my photos are going to have stuff in the background… I definitely don’t have a photography studio around here 😛 Oooh, I can see the dressing being drinkable too. But then again, I used to sip on straight vinegar…