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  1. L-izzle

    Oh this sounds fabulous.. flavour wise, texturally, everything. I loved the vosges curry/coconut bar….i thought it was an incredibly harmonious flavour combination. Delightful 🙂

  2. Lauren

    Mmm! Sounds scrumptious. Last time I spotted Theo bars at Wegman’s, I considered buying the Fig Fennel & Almond, but it was a craving that called for a tried-and-true favorite. I will be more adventurous next time.

    Oh, and website! My latest job interview (which I did get, btw!) really emphasized web publishing, Photoshop, video editing, etc. So be assured, you are accumulating some crazy marketable skills right now!

  3. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Oh my, this does sound spooky but kind of good in a way too. Like the kind of thing you may reject at first but then come back and want to try later!

  4. theresa

    I wish there were exciting chocolate combinations available around here. The most adventurous we get is Lindt chilli + chocolate, and that has milk in it 🙁 I’ll have to continue living vicariously through your chocolate reviews!

  5. Agnes

    Does this mean I should start putting chocolate in my curries? It could be the latest food craze!

  6. Sarah - For the Love of Food

    I can’t decide if I really like the idea of this or I really don’t – I’d definitely have to try it if given the chance though. I love your writing Hannah!

  7. Simply Life

    I was able to try Theo’s chocolates last year but never tried this flavor!

  8. Sadako

    Yum! Making me SO hungry.

  9. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    I do love the packaging! I personally think the hot curry flavor sounds fantastic with the coconut and chocolate, but I am a curryhead, after all.

  10. croquecamille

    I wasn’t crazy about this one, to be honest. I find cumin and chocolate combine to make this weird, minty, mouthwash-y flavor, not unlike Jack Daniels and Coke. Have you ever tried Valrhona’s Xocopili spiced chocolate balls (tee hee)? They’re terrible!

    I do remember doing that as a child (Mom, Mom, Mo-om, MOM!) but like you, can’t remember the tactic behind it.

  11. thehungryscholar

    I like design to much…but anyway that packaging is very fun!

  12. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    oooh as I was reading this post my first thought was – “where can I buy this”!! But then I saw your comment that it is not available in Australia 🙁 I wonder if I could make a homemade version???

  13. Hannah

    L-Izzle: I actually like this Theo version more than the Vosges – it’s a bit more in-your-face, which I like!

    Lauren: You didn’t tell me you’d started a blog, you sneaky thing you! I love that Theo Fig, Fennel and Almon – I believe I blogged it ages back, in December I think. And hmmm, marketable skills… I’d like to think so, but in actual fact I understand nothing about html…

    Lorraine: I definitely went back for more! 😀

    Theresa: I know, what’s with Lindt and their butter oil?! Dark chocolate doesn’t need stupid butter oil. Harrumph.

    Agnes: Well, the Mexicans do it with mole! Hmm, I might actually have a go at that once I’ve built up my pantry a little more…

    Sarah: Thank you so much! 😀 It’s definitely one to try – and probably try again, too. If at first you don’t succeed… 🙂

    Simply Life: Let me guess – you got them for free? 😀

    Sadako: Well, you’d best so get some chocolate then, right? 🙂

    Amber: Curryhead… sounds like the toned-down version of Beavis’ best friend. Of course, you’re far more classy than that! 😀

    Camille: After my initial impression, I didn’t get much cumin, so maybe that’s why I quite liked it. But I’ve definitely given it to people to try who’ve done little more than pull a face at me 😛 And I haven’t tried the Valrhona balls – I’m a lady! Gosh, Camille!

    TheHungryScholar: I think Theo’s designs are adorable – definitely helps entice me into a purchase!

    Lisa: I’ve been wondering that too! Cookies or muffins, maybe? Let me know if you give it a go!

  14. Vaala ◪

    Ooo, I would buy it just for the cool art on the packaging (despite being allergic to milk…you could have the chocolate and I’ll pin the paper to my wall!).

  15. Hannah

    Vaala: Technically, I’m not meant to have milk either… but sometimes a chocolate blogger’s gotta do what a chocolate blogger’s gotta do! 😀

  16. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Oh, I’m much classier, yes, absolutely. That’s why I write posts about milking nuts and such. Pure class, I am! 😛

  17. Kath Lockett

    Hmmmm….. this is the first time I’ve read this blog when I’ve been feeling crook, so the curry combination isn’t helping my flip-flopping stomach today.

    …..perhaps reading about food when I’m sick isn’t the wisest move!

  18. Hannah

    Amber: I think your level of class is just about perfect 😀

    Kath: I would definitely say that this chocolate would *not* be one to try on a sensitive tum! Probably just some nice, simple, sweet milk chocolate would be best 😉

  19. Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

    I am ‘that’ Laura and I’m so late to the party reading this!

    That wrapping is swoonfully good. You had me at fenugreek and tumeric (I’m recently on a huge tumeric kick) and along with the coconut, this sounds actually heavenly. Well done, madam – I’m convinced and then some!

  20. Johanna

    sounds too hot for me but so interesting – and love that wrapper – you really do find the most amazing chocolates

  21. Hannah

    Laura: Fashionably late, though 😉 Hurrah for the power of words [about fenugreek and turmeric]! Hmm, what should I try to convince you of next? Moving to Australia, I think.

  22. Hannah

    Johanna: It’s definitely not shy in flavour, and equally is definitely interesting! Thank heavens I still have plenty of chocolates in my stash. I don’t know what I’ll do when I run out! Probably sell a kidney so I can do a mail-order or something… 😀

  23. Fiona

    Wow, that does sound good!

  24. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Did you ever also intersperse the “mum!”s with her first name, to see if that worked?

    Why can’t we get this chocolate in Australia? And we call ourselves a first world country 🙁

  25. Hannah

    Conor: *gasp* No! I was never THAT brave! Did you? And I know, it’s devastating. Somewhere along the line someone must have decreed Aussies to be second class chocolate citizens. I object!

  26. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    I only ever pulled that trick when calling out for her in the supermarket to no avail. It always felt weird though.

  27. Kausambi

    Looks interesting, sounds interesting… Being from India, ‘spices’ and ‘heat’ don’t freak me out, but then u never know.. i shd give it a try sometime…

    – Kausambi (

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