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  1. Lauren

    Speaking of chocolate hazelnut spreads, I devoured half a container of dark chocolate peanut butter today. It has a pretty respectable ingredient list, too:

    Not quite the range of your beloved-but-now-defunct P.B. Loco, but it was very good!

    And I am trying to introduce my brother to various foods, expand his diet consisting of eggs and steak. We ate a meal containing hazelnuts. His only comment? “This tastes like Nutella.” He only knows hazelnuts from Nutella! There is much to be done.

  2. whisperinggums

    Ronaldo has a point – that’s rather lovely. But, really, nothing quite beats Il Duomo in my mind either when we are talking Firenze. It’s magnifico!

  3. Johanna

    wow I didn’t realise there were hazelnut chocolate spreads even better than nutella – I feel so remiss in not researching this more

    and I agree that architecture is all important when it comes to dinner – though I could cope with seeing the palazza on my way to work each day

  4. Agnes

    I love Nutella so if I ever tried Crema Novi, I think it would Blow. My. Mind.

    And no, I can’t believe you didn’t buy the cannabis chocolate. You obviously weren’t thinking of your dear readers. Hmpt!

  5. Simply Life

    Wow, glad you’re still living your trip and going through pictures!

  6. croquecamille

    I like the idea that the actual Gates of Paradise are somewhere in Italy. 😉

  7. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    haha you’re hard woman (breaking up over architecture :P). I want to know where can I get this Crema Novi? It sounds positively delightful!

  8. Kath Lockett

    I want ALL of the chocolates and spreads you photographed. Oh and the wedgie cake too!

  9. BitterSweet

    Oh my, luxury Nutella spreads, that are maybe even vegan?! Be still my heart!

  10. Hannah

    Lauren: I’m slightly amused that you posted that link to me, when you’ve told me previously that it was my professed love for eating entire jars of PB&Co that led you to try it in the first place 😀 More crazily, though, I too just finished a/my only jar of Dark Chocolate Dreams the other night. Nothin’ better than with a spoon! (I think we should give your brother some quinoa and tempeh next. Blow his mind.)

    Whisperinggums: Would you really have wanted a son-in-law who fashioned himself a hat out of coke cans?

    Johanna: The Palazzo definitely isn’t shabby, I’ll grant you that! And you aren’t really remiss – we can’t get much beyond Nutella here in Aus!

    Agnes: I know. I’m a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad person.

    Simply Life: Me too!

    Camille: Trust you! I actually reworded that to be more specific (“the doors called the Gates to Paradise” yadda yadda), then I decided that I quite liked how it read as if Italy has the Gates to Paradise, so I changed it back. 😀

    Lorraine: I don’t know if we can get in here in Australia! And really, I’d have enough heartache before I got to Italy – Ronaldo never stood a chance!

    Kath: Wedgie cake is the best cake, in my humble opinion. 😛

    BitterSweet: Sadly, I discovered after eating it that it has skimmed milk powder in it 🙁 Surely some of the fancy ones would be vegan, though!

  11. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    I love that you’re still doing travel posts! Stretch ’em out as long as you can!

    I happen to agree that the town hall is cooler than the Basilica, and so had I been in your shoes I might’ve found myself wined and dined by a smooth-talking Italian man. Hey, there are worse things.

    Oh, yes. Nutella…YES.

    Cannabis chocolate? Ew, I’d pass too. Besides, Amsterdam would be the REAL place to get that, right?

  12. Hannah

    Amber: I’ve got a couple still to go, but soon I’m going to have to start exploring Canberra with “new” eyes, I think! Somehow, I don’t think Ronaldo would’ve been your type, but stranger things have happened 😀
    I have to say, I was in Amsterdam for two nights and I didn’t once get offered pot. I did see it at the markets, though, so that’s something…

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