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  1. thehungryscholar

    I may have already said this but I LOVE that you focus on chocolate in your blog. My boyfriend and I always looking for the next best dark chocolate bar, so I’m glad to receive your helpful expertise!

  2. croquecamille

    You have just inspired me to bust into the chocolate stash, where I found a somehow-as-yet-unopened bar of Abinao. Yay!

  3. Kath Lockett

    I am mightily impressed with your descriptions of an 85% bar that makes me want to find it – and I usually find them hard work…

    ….and I’m equally impressed by your inclusion of the Cookie Monster in the same review!

  4. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    That’s a very impressive ethical claim I must say! and a chocolate chip cookie taste can only be a good thing no? 🙂 I usually prefer my dark around the 75% mark but this sounds like well worth trying!

  5. Hannah

    Hungryscholar: You could say that every day and each time it’d make me happier than the last 😀 And I’m not saying the following in a pimp-my-own-blog way, but if you choose chocolate in the drop-down category you should find lots of dark chocolate reviews. (High quality, high cacao dark chocolate is my first love 🙂 Plus, lots of what I’ve reviewed here was bought in your country!)

    Camille: That’s the kind of inspiration I aspire to be 😉 What did you think of the Abinao? Do your thoughts align with mine at all?

    Kath: Maybe one day we’ll find this one in Australia… and what can I say, I’m all about blending high and low culture 😀

    Lorraine: Yes, it’s a shame I didn’t have access to this chocolate when I was writing my ethical consumption thesis! 😀

  6. Simply Life

    yuuum, just the thought of that aroma makes me want it!

  7. croquecamille

    They do, actually. Deeply chocolatey but not punch-you-in-the-tastebuds tannic. Distinctly non-sweet, but in a good way.

  8. thehungryscholar

    Oh, and hey. I just wanted to give you my e-mail for our future chocolate adventures:

  9. Erica

    That sounds and looks like a great chocolate!!!! Great post.

  10. Johanna

    85% is too much for me but I love the smell of fresh earth after rain and I also love the blue of the label almost matches the smurf kitchen – coincidence? I think not!

  11. Hannah

    Simply Life: I can’t ask for more than that! 😀

    Camille: Wow, I’m actually really relieved about that 🙂 I still feel like I’m going to be caught out as a chocolate fraud one of these days!

    HungryScholar: Expect an email from me in the near future, once I’m fully ensconced in Smurf Kitchen and can be assured of my address. 🙂 Excitement!

    Erica: Thank you! It was super yummy.

    Johanna: *gasp* You’re right! This chocolate was fated to be a favourite, and to be blogged in between Smurf Kitchen posts! 😀 Isn’t it the most glorious smell? Or, perhaps, second best… I really love the smell just *before* rain too, when it seems like the air is pushing away everything old and dusty 🙂