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  1. Simply Life

    is that really a carmel apple? Ha, I thought it was a muffin! I WANT IT! 🙂

  2. Stacy (StacyGrowsHealthy)

    Kettle Chips – sour cream and chive. BEST chips ever!

  3. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Ooh ooh ooh so you have applied for a PhD????? Woot woot!

    I hope you stop waking at 3am soon. I’ve been waking at 4am for some reason. It makes me grunt frustratedly. Luckily it doesn’t make me wiggle-whine like I’m holding in pee (wtf?).

  4. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    $13.75 for a frickin apple?! Oh, my dear, you really must come to the Midwest. That thing would be all of $5-6, tops, around these parts.

    The passage from that book might give me nightmares.

  5. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I love the B&J Strawberry cheesecake-I love how they have the biscuit crumbage in it! And I’ve had one of those monster apples (not from that brand) and they’re not bad. Does that mean that you are resistant to tehe David Jones fruit dipped in chocolate? The strawberries and figs are my downfall!

  6. Johanna

    good luck with the phd app – at least you sound like you have a fantastic supervisor and good luck with the move – sounds like lots of change

    and I did read a few of those novels in my teens but never as booby as that – these look terrible – they would be far better used for roof insulation than polluting the minds of American girls

  7. Lauren

    Was that the Paris Hilton book? Yeesh!

    You do know, you must share your thesis topic. And I STILL have to read your undergraduate thesis …

  8. eleni

    I can find Kettle chips here in Greece… not with cheddar/beer though… plain tastes… salt or pepper. The caramel apple was a little big or not??

  9. Hannah

    Simply Life: Oooh, a white chocolate and peanut butter muffins… now *that* I could go for!

    Stacy: I remember loving the Jalapeno flavour – we don’t get jalapeno flavoured snacks in Australia! I wish the Death Valley Chipotle flavour had been available when I was in the US…

    Conor: I was feeling very woot woot as I thought I had everything sorted in my head, but now another possible topic has been thrown at me and I’m terribly confused. I might just have to wiggle-whine, albeit without the pee component (I was hoping someone would notice that sentence :D)

    Amber: Sweet dreams til sunbeams find you, sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you… 😀 I can think of a better reason than cheap caramel apple to visit the Midwest, by the by! 😉

    Lorraine: The graham swirl was the part I did like – but I’m just not a fan of fake strawberry flavour. Yep, chocolate-dipped fruit is not at all enticing to me. At least there’s one chocolate-treat out there that doesn’t affect my bank account 😛

    Johanna: Absolutely. Replace asbestos with this kind of poison and the world would be a far, far better place 😀 I mean, I did read the odd Sweet Valley book, but I remember the naughtiest part of those books was bra-snapping, not 15 year olds trying to seduce each other. Ugh. P.S. Thanks for the well wishes – I’m feeling a bit mixed up about the PhD thing again!

    Lauren: No, not Paris Hilton… I didn’t even realise she’d written a book. Horror. A week ago I would have very excitedly shared my topic, but it’s all up in the air again, and I might end up doing something I’ve never considered before. Confusion! My undergraduate thesis? Hmm, if you really want I could probably send it as a PDF?!

    Eleni: The caramel apple was huge! In Australia we don’t have Cheddar Beer either, though we do have some interesting flavours. My favourite would probably be the chili one 🙂

  10. hungryandfrozen

    Dune Baxter, in nothing but board shorts and body oil? HAHAHA!

    Good luck with the move – the waiting is the worst!

  11. Agnes

    That book made me laugh! There are so many great quotes in it: “Massie wiggle-whined like she was holding in a pee”. Hahaha.

    Hey! Woah!! I just looked at the photo of the caramel apple again. Is that seriously just a large toffee apple with stuff on it? FOR $13.75??? For an apple with stuff on it?!? For that price, it better jump in my mouth and make me chew.

  12. Hannah

    Hungryandfrozen: That’s how I like my men. Be still my beating heart 😉 Four more sleeps until I’m fully installed in Smurf Kitchen!

    Agnes: I now feel that book’s existence has been somewhat validated by the smirking enjoyment it’s given us here. Though I don’t know if that’s a good thing…

    To be fair, the apple was the size of a baby’s head. Which leads us to the existential question – what price is a baby’s head worth?

  13. croquecamille

    Ah, Kettle Chips. I remember when they only came in plain flavor. (I think the flavors are a definite improvement.) Oh, how I miss Baja Fresh/cheap, quick Mexican food. If/when Chipotle ever opens in Paris, you will be able to find me there bimonthly, at least. That book is awesome in its terribleness. Do Claire and Cam end up together? Does whatsername manage to find a bathroom. What is that rubber snake symbolic of, anyway? So many unanswered questions!

  14. Agnes

    Well before we can determine the price of a baby’s head, we need to clarify whether the baby’s body is attached or not. :p

  15. Hannah

    Camille: That’s something Australia and France has in common then – a complete dearth of quality Mexican food! Would you believe I never ate a Chipotle though, despite there being one in Charlottesville? No one told me it was actually a good option. I thought it was like Taco Bell.

    P.S. Please don’t make me track that book down and tell you the ending. I think I’d end up beating my head against the wall.

    Agnes: Hmm… what do you think, does the attached body raise or lower the price? 😉

  16. Agnes

    Well that also depends on whether the baby already belongs to you or not. 😉 For me, it would lower the price! Hahaha.

    On second thoughts – let’s buy the $13.75 apple! Total bargain! It’s all relative, isn’t it?

  17. Hannah

    Agnes: BFF high five! At this point in my life, I agree. Until someone creates a self-cleaning nappy, I’ll stick with the head.

    You know what would be a better idea, though? Buying an apple and dipping it in white chocolate and peanut butter ourselves. INGENIOUS.

  18. Agnes

    Ahh, that’s why you’re the St Ends – you’re the ideas person! We could start a business selling apples with stuff on it and baby heads!

  19. Hannah

    Agnes: Mmm, toffeed peanut butter baby heads…

  20. Jess

    Oh lord, you have no idea how much I love posts like this with crazy awesome or crazy horrific foods from overseas. I went to a conference in March in Toronto, then extended my trip to New York and Montreal (well I had to go to Montreal for a workshop), and my photo album is basically 80% photos of foods that either delighted or appalled me. The most appalling was the photo I took of an ad for the KFC Double-Down in New York. It looked terrifying enough in the ad that I would never want to see a REAL one…

  21. Hannah

    Jess: I firmly believe that exploring grocery stores and the like overseas is not only highly entertaining, but one of the best ways to get an insight into other cultures. Isn’t the Double Down horrifically hilarious? Such the epitome of terrible American foodstuffs 😀 (And yes, I realise that that sentence would make grammar sticklers cry.)

    Any chance you’ll be sharing such photos on your blog? I’d be there with bells on 😀

  22. Jess

    All my very food-centric travel photos from my most recent trip are uploaded here if you want to take a look:

    The good, the bad and the ugly! I thought I got a photo of the clam juice I saw in Toronto (it was perfectly transparent like water and freaked me out just by looking so innocuous) but apparently I didn’t upload it… that was one of my favourites. As in, least favourites. I went over to Toronto with some colleagues from my lab for a conference and one of them gave me a cup of clamato juice (yep, clam + tomato) on the plane without telling me what it was. Disturbing. Then a couple of us went on an expedition to find clam juice in Toronto and found it just in the local convenience store down the road from out hotel. We didn’t buy it though because we’d never have anything to do with it except stare at it in horror.

    However, just last week, one of my PhD supervisors challenged me to make my own special version of clamato juice, and I did… and because I succeeded at the challenge, he had to drink the clamato juice. Oh man that was amusing, although possibly traumatising for him. I’ll post my various bizarre juices soon – I’ve made a few using some weird filtration processes, but I need at least one more interesting example before it’s worthy of a blog post!

  23. Hannah

    Jess: Clamato juice? Clamato?! Oh dear holy cloud on a stick, that is bizarre. Do people actually drink that as a beverage? That’s like bottling the liquid the oozes from oysters when you shuck them and selling it alongside lemonade. Ooky. (And now I’m off the gleefully peruse your photos.)

  24. croquecamille

    Clamato is an essential ingredient in the Bloody Caesar cocktail. It is also used as a shortcut when making cioppino (shhh….)

    Clam juice should probably only be used for cooking things like clam chowder or as a rplacement for fish stock (again, shhhh….)

  25. Hannah

    Camille: Okay. I’m going to accept its existence now. You got me with cioppino 🙂