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  1. L-Izzle

    I’m so glad this ended up redeeming itself. I really love these chocolates, in theory. And would love the opportunity to hand over my cash and be able to love them in practice, too.


    hahaha but for realllll, this sounds really great. I’m happy to see this ‘edition’ living up to its potential!

  2. Simply Life

    That is great you were able to try another kind – what a fun story!

  3. Louise

    I’m rather in awe of the power and reach of your blog Hannah, it’s quite astounding. I’m totally with you with the iSnack 2.0 debacle. Ridiculous turn of events. Nutty 2.0 does sadly bring that connotation for we Aussies. Glad the chocolate is a winner though. And you’ve got plenty to go on with…

  4. croquecamille

    ANd the birthday fun just keeps on coming! Blog freebies are the best! (I’ve only gotten one, a book, but it’s nice to think that someone thinks you have enough influence to merit giving you stuff for free.)

  5. Hannah

    What a beautifully molded bar! It’s rare to see such attention to detail.

    And I agree- There’s no point in doing reviews if you won’t write them honestly, but it really sucks having to write a bad review. I’ve made it a policy that I will only share things that I love, in the spirit of “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” 🙂 Asked directly and personally though, I’ll sure give it to you straight!

  6. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    What a relief! Imagine if it tasted the same or worse. And LOL at 2.0 the isnack was the first thing I thought about when I read it.

  7. GirlonRaw

    LOL re the iSnack comment on my blog 🙂 As for Tiger Toast (never heard it called that before but I have certainly enjoyed it pre vegan days! YUM!) I will have to try it with vegan cheese – although most of them aren’t that good! 🙂

  8. Hannah

    L-Izzle: Sadly I don’t think that’ll work for you, at least not unless you move to the U.S.! But you get mammoth amounts of free cheese from Silo, so you shouldn’t feel hard done by 😀

    Simply Life: Sadly I don’t get free samples sent my way multiple times a week, as you seem to! 😉

    Louise: I was rather delighted to get the emails – makes me very sad not to be living in the US, as bloggers over there tend to get squillions of samples sent their way!

    Camille: Oooh, a book would be fun! Would take a bit more time to get through and review than chocolate, though 😀 My mum recently received some free books for her site, and I don’t envy her if she chooses to read them… Dan Brown ain’t my cup of tea!

    Hannah: Hmm, that sounds like a pretty good policy, I might keep that in mind. TCHO definitely does well with the embossing, and these are vegan, hurrah!

    Lorraine: First the Puli dog and now the iSnack – we must be two peas in a pod 😀

    GirlonRaw: The only fake cheeses I’ve liked in my (limited) experience are Sunergia’s tofu-based fetas and blue. Mostly because they just taste like very salty marinated tofu. Yum!

  9. Agnes

    Wahoo! What a package. I was so relieved to read that Nutty 2.0 redeemed itself, although wasn’t 2.0 so last year? Surely we’re on at 2.3 or 2.4 by now! 😉

  10. Hannah

    Agnes: In the words of Michael Scott… That’s what she said. And if TCHO does want to bring out a 2.3 and 2.4 and so on until 15.7, for example, I’d be more than happy to review them all! 😀

  11. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Free stuff! Aah, you lucky thing! I’ve still yet to have anyone contact ME with an offer =/ What, pray tell, resides in those two bags of nuggety things?

  12. Hannah

    Amber: On the upside, you can actually find these things in your country 😀 The nuggety things are chocolate-covered nibs and chocolate-covered mango. I’m pretty excited, though am saving them for when I’ve moved out and my budget can’t stretch to fancy chocolate 😀

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