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My Birthday Present: A Smurf Kitchen

I have been keeping a secret about my life from you, dear readers. I do apologise. You see, for fear of jinxing anything and everything, I haven’t mentioned that a dear friend of mine and I have been searching for a place to rent together.

And when I say “searching”, I mean we looked on allhomes, found a place that looked good, went to the inspection with our applications at the ready, fell in love with the place (insofar as you can fall in love with an old apartment that is clearly fit only for two girls on student budgets), and began trying not to set our hearts on it.

From the moment I laid eyes upon the apartment’s bright-blue-feature-bench-top kitchen, I began referring to the place simply asSmurf Kitchen“. Subsequently, my Facebook status updates in recent days have been along the lines of “Referees have been called; don’t slip away from me now, Smurf Kitchen“, and “Breaking news: Smurf Kitchen has a matching blue toilet, and I never again want to live in a place where the kitchen and toilet aren’t in sync.”

I told myself not to get too excited, and in the meantime contented myself with moving out of my house-sit (yes, I’m all done). With my high hopes appropriately muzzled, I wasn’t prepared for the phone call (a mere two working days after we visited the apartment) telling us that our application had been approved.

Smurf Kitchen, you are mine, and mine, and mine.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s my birthday tomorrow? It’s my birthday tomorrow. Thanks, universe.

My brother and I being silly/super suave before my Grandpa's celebration dinner on the weekend. I'm putting this photo here because a) The blue of my dress is nowhere near as crazy-bright as Smurf Kitchen, b) I'm wearing shoes that AREN'T BIRKENSTOCKS for the first time in over 7 months, c) I felt happy like this when I found out about Smurf Kitchen, and d) that's a new dress from Paris, although you can't really see what it's like or the pretty rosettes on its front. Oh, and e) I didn't want to leave you photo-less.

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  1. Louise

    Congratulations on Smurk Kitchen Stewardship, new Parisian dresses and finishing the house-sitting experience. Great sibling dancing too….

  2. theresa

    Hurrah! Congratulations on your smurf kitchen, and happy birthday!

  3. Kath Lockett

    Yay! If anyone deserves a Smurf Kitchen, it’s you!

    My parents have a Lavender Loo. Thankfully not done by them but by the previous owners…. who also installed a lavender-coloured bath, hand basin, tiles, tinted shower screen, tap handles and towel rails.

    It’s so bad – and my parents’ taste isn’t far off it, to be frank – that Mum and Dad ‘celebrated’ it by buying purple towels, soap, liquid soap, bathmates and even – god knows where she found it – a purple clam shell!

  4. steph

    I am excited to hear about Smurf Kitchen! I hope the blue comes up well IN PHOTOS.

  5. Vaala ◪

    Ooo, that’s exciting! You must post photos as soon as you can. A smurf kitchen will making cooking awesome 🙂

  6. Hannah

    Louise: Thank you! The brother and I gots da style 😉

    Theresa: Thank you! I’m really quite terribly excited about Smurf Kitchen. 🙂

    Kath: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?! We have the Smurf Loo to match the Smurf Kitchen, and I must admit that if I find any crockery/bathroom-ware with smurfs on them… I won’t be responsible for what happens. And thanks 🙂

    Steph: Thank you!! It seems I’ll definitely have to take photos, unless my housemate’s crockery takes over everything and hides the blue from view!

    Vaala: I’ll be taking photos for sure, now that people have expressed interest in seeing Smurf Kitchen. I can’t wait to cook in it! Peanut butter delights await…

  7. Fiona

    Housewarming? 🙂

    Happy bday! 🙂

  8. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Haha you know I thought that the secret you were going to reveal was that you were smurf obsessed or something (well from reading the title that’s what I assumed, not from anything else that you’ve said 😛 ). Congratulations!

  9. Agnes

    YAY, happy birthday and happy smurf kitchen! And thank goodness you are out of the scary house sit cave!

  10. Hannah

    Fiona: Oooh, I hadn’t thought that far ahead! But that’s a smashing idea 🙂 (Not literally. Please keep my belongings intact.)

    Lorraine: Teehee! No, my obsessions remain safely in the realm of chocolate, pugs, and Broadway musicals 😀 And thanks!

    Agnes: It’s a pretty good feeling all around! Thank you!

  11. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    You know, I was kinda satisfied with my too-small kitchen until now. It’s not at all smurk-like. It’s more Gargemel, if anything. I’m glad one of us has a smurfy kitchen. Yay you! 🙂

  12. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    I’d been wondering what the deal was with “Smurf Kitchen”! Congrats on the new place!
    Lovely Parisian dress & leggings you have on there :] And this may be totally inappropriate, and of course I’d need to see more photos to verify my initial thought, but, so, your brother…is he single? ;P

  13. Hannah

    Conor: *snort* I now have this image of a kitchen with enormous bushy eyebrows over the sink in my head. Although in that case, it could also go by John Howard Kitchen…

    Amber: Thank you! I do feel I need to get a better photo of the dress to fully showcase its kinda 20s-ish feel. And my brother? Girlie, he may be single, but you ain’t! 😀 (But, um, could you please marry him and move here? Then my world will be super happy. Kthnxbai.)

  14. croquecamille

    Hooray! Can’t wait to see pictures! (Says the girl who has yet to post any photos of her new kitchen.) (Though it’s still not quite done yet – hopefully the finishing touches will be put on tonight.)

  15. Hannah

    Camille: There can be no response to that bar “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…” 😉 I’m assuming you’ve got a working fridge by now? Hope so!

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