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  1. Fiona

    Your timing was impeccable!

  2. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    LOL somehow Uncle Toby’s Apricot Muesli Bar Macaron doesn’t have a nice ring to it does it! Perhaps the next idea for a macaron line would be “The Spice Girls Macaon”, “Green Day Macaron” or “Dawson’s Creek Macaron” all with a nostalgia provoking flavour from something popular during that era. Pierre Herme, are you out there listening? Pierre?

  3. L-Izzle

    Sigh. I wish I had A Dirty Little Macaron Secret that I could reveal over the course of three very engaging blog posts.

    As it is, my “secret” goes something like this…
    Part 1: I like macarons.
    Part 2: A Lot.
    Part 3: I would eat them every day for the rest of my life if the opportunity presented itself.

    None of these facts will surprise anybody, nor will they make for terribly interesting reading.’re truthful? And from the heart. AND THAT’S WHAT MATTERS!

    …..and this is why I gave up having a blog when I was a teenager. Because once my high school angst subsided into mild, 20-something-year-old occasional annoyance, I realised there really wasn’t much else left for me to say.

    hahah, oh well – leave the audience in your very capable hands/click-clackity-typing fingertips! 🙂

  4. whisperinggums

    You are not endearing me to these macaron-y thing-ys dear one!

  5. Simply Life

    wow, every flavor looks delicious and tempting!

  6. Lauren

    One of the reasons I so enjoy your blog: Elegant descriptions of food, juxtaposed with “This is perhaps the macaron that most reminds me of Pac-Man.”

  7. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    I want freezer aisles like this. Filled with pretty food, I assume being delicately picked out by thin, glamorous women – instead I am accosted by rough-as-guts bogans asking me if I’ve seen the frozen onions as I try to decide which brand of frozen peas is better value.

  8. Kath Lockett

    Note to self – DO NOT READ Hannah’s dirty little macaron secrets when you are severely medicated (neck pain), full of self pity and utterly starving!

    …must ….look ….away ….

  9. Hannah

    Fiona: It kinda was… being stuck overseas with my toe as it is would’ve been awful!

    Lorraine: The Spice Girls would be easy: Chinese 5-spice flavoured, as would Green Day: Pandan. But Dawson’s Creek? What flavour represents “Initially fun but descends into horribly whiny melodramatic tripe?” Oh, I just answered my own question! TRIPE.

    L-Izzle: I’m sure your blog was mighty entertaining angst, at the very least 😛 I wish I could give you macarons for the rest of your life. To be honest, I don’t think I like them enough to live off them… but the batch of no-bake peanut butter balls I made and finished in two days? Oh yes.

    Whisperinggums: I wasn’t really that endeared myself, but they were fun!

    Simply Life: They were certainly tempting! Prettiness is hard to resist…

    Lauren: 😀 😀 😀 = me.

    Conor: Ah McCain, you’ve done it again? Bogans are more fun than thin glamorous ladies anyway… much more scope for post-meeting laughter.

    Kath: Oh, you poor thing! I think I’ll have to reverse your comment to apply to me with your blog on Saturday week, as that’s the day of my next lot of toe surgery. I really hope you feel better soon – is it the medication that means you can’t eat? 🙁

  10. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    LOL please don’t suggest tripe macarons to Herme. He might run out of flavours one day and make it!

  11. Hannah

    Lorraine: Okay, I promise to leave tripe macarons out of my next three-hour BFF phone conversation with Pierre 😀