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  1. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Ooh la la, “mes amis” indeed, you are so well travelled! This makes me think – do you know anyone who always says “ciao” instead of bye, even though they have no Italian connections whatsoever? I do, and have always thought it a bit poncy, but maybe that’s just me.

    Um, I just had a thought that maybe you might say ciao. I hope not, but if so, I don’t think it’s poncy at all. It’s cosmopolitan, that’s what it is. Yes.

    Nice chocolate. I’m not a fan of metal or cardboard either.

  2. Lauren

    They sell this chocolate at our local Starbucks, and I was wondering whether to buy it. I haven’t yet because 1. chocolate + coffee are generally too much caffeine for me at once, and 2. I have an unsophisticated palate, and prefer my chocolate with bits and pieces of something or other. It sounds like it’s worth a try, though. At least if I’m in the mood for something “chocolate-y.”

    Incidentally, Local Starbucks is also offering a lot of gluten-free items now, including flax/corn tortilla chips, raw food-style granola bars, and that brand where everything is shaped like a bunny. Interesting! I am glad to have the variety of options — and so sorry you will be missing your frappucinos in Starbucks-free Canberra.

  3. Vaala

    Interesting that they feel the need to tell you that this bar is of a chocolatey flavour. Were they worried you might not realise it was chocolate?

    I must have missed the cast-iron and cardboard review…off to find that now. Despite all that though, I’m getting a craving for chocolate. Damn!

  4. whisperinggums

    What indeed!

  5. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Ack! Perhaps they should put “Does not taste like metal or cardboard” on the wrapper as a selling point! 😉 And I’m curious, how many chocolate stashes do you have? 😛

  6. Helen (Grab Your Fork)

    Ahh chocolatey chocolate? I think you’ve described it in a commendably Hannahey way! I’m not sure what a dream analyser would make of your Lady Gaga dream either although I agree, I wouldn’t put this past her either!

  7. Hannah

    Conor: Don’t worry; you’re safe. Your foot is still nowhere near your mouth 😛 Thankfully I haven’t come across any Ciao Ponces of late, but if I do, I’ll be sure to glare in their direction on your behalf.

    Lauren: I think I bought mine at Foods of All Nations, but did see them (and the rest of what you mention) at the Corner Starbucks. I was very tempted by the raw snacks, and actually brought home some of the (larger bags) of Sahale snacks, though procured them at Whole Foods. I do miss my frappuccinos, but with every day, the pain lessens… 😀

    Vaala: You can’t trust consumers. We consumers is of stupid-head thinky-not. But Vaala! A craving for chocolate never equals “damn”, only “what a glorious feeling!” 😛

    Whisperinggums: We still have about 15 to finish before I’m out of the house again tomorrow…

    Lorraine: There’s a small chance I kept bursting into giggles this morning while trying to sort out what to take to my house-sitting gig, because I kept finding different chocolate bars in different bags from my travels. Wrapped in a new dress? Check. With my contact lenses? Check. It’s like my own personal Easter Egg hunt, but with fancy chocolate.

    Helen: I usually try a bit harder with my descriptions than just “chocolatey”, but this time I decided to follow TCHO’s lead! 😀 Oh, Lady GaGa. She is a strange one.

  8. Simply Life

    I’ve never seen this kind of chocolate before – you just keep teaching me about this whole new world that exists! 🙂

  9. penny aka jeroxie

    I love the way you describe the chocolates here. I just realise my very limited knowledge on chocolate.

  10. Hannah

    Simply Life: Apparently you can find these at Starbucks, so it’s a world at your door!

    Penny: Thank you! And hey, knowlege doesn’t matter as long as the chocolate tastes good to you 🙂