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  1. croquecamille

    I love New York, too, even though I’ve only spent about 3 hours there in my life. I did manage to fit in a lovely walk to a park in the sun, mocking the rice-pudding-only shop before seeing three friends walk out, a tasty sandwich and a cold beer.

    But the burning question is, did you BUY any of said chocolate-covered edamame? And is there anything TJ’s doesn’t cover in chocolate?

  2. Vaala

    Hahaha! This is a great story! It reminds me of regularly waiting in line at the post office/bank (why does it have to be a post office and a bank with a single line we all have to stand in? I’d never want to join this bank) where people are allowed to bring in their dogs (and screaming children). It can get quite noisy and customers can get quite heated. Always entertaining!

  3. whisperinggums

    Well, you may not have been allowed in the door had you arrived with two toddlers in tow. I do love the flutterbys.

  4. tasteofbeirut


    Your writing is exquisite! Almost as good as my favorite bar of Lindt chocolate with chili! I was smiling the whole time!
    I spent two (or three) months in New York City, in Soho, and decided at the time that it was the most interesting place to be in all of America and probably the world! That city is buzzing big time! And the people are crazy too which makes it even more interesting! (like that mother of two)

  5. Trisha

    It’s been way too long since I’ve ventured New York’s way (and chocolate does taste so much better there, somehow). And who can forget a trip during which one is momentarily stranded with a strange stranger’s children and all their accoutrements? Ah, the joys of travel.

  6. theresa

    Woah, that is trusting. I don’t have kids (I don’t even like many kids) but I can’t imagine a person just leaving hers with a stranger. And in NY! You’re lucky she came back for them and didn’t do a runner on ya.

    Can we please see said amazing shoes and skirts?

  7. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Oh that mum, the poor thing. She seems a bit harried or without a clue? I don’t think I’d leave my kids with a stranger but then again, she seems like she having quite a day. Thank goodness she left them with you (and not someone untrustworthy).

  8. GirlonRaw

    Oh my goodness. I cannot believe that lady did that to you and left her children with you, a stranger (not that you would be anyone to worry about). That is the kind of craziness that happens to me all the time!

  9. Hannah

    Camille: That’s a pretty good effort for three hours! Sadly I didn’t purchase the chocolate-covered edamame – they were a bit bloomed, so I opted for the chocolate sunflower seeds 🙂 And I don’t think Trader Joe’s covers its jerky in chocolate (yet).

    Vaala: I’ve seen those combined post office/banks too – such silliness! And I think you’ve got the right approach, i.e. laugh at, don’t get stressed by, the chaos!

    Whisperinggums: Nice to know I’d be supported were life to throw me a curveball 😉

    TasteofBeirut: Thank you so much. 🙂 Made my day. Also, I love that Lindt Chilli Chocolate bar too (we always have stocks of it in the cupboard at home). I’m envious of you having lived in New York, though I think I’d go broke in about a fortnight if I did!

    Trisha: I feel that way already, and I was there less than a week ago 😛 Yes, I doubt I’ll forget my brief moment of motherhood anytime soon…

    Theresa: It did seem doubly surprising, happening in New York! Oooh, would you really like to see them? (Though the 6 dresses are more interesting than the skirts…) I’d love to know what you think of the shoes! 😀

    Lorraine: Actually, I think people would have been more sympathetic if she HAD looked harried. Instead, she was rather aloof and wearing a cleavage-bearing minidress, which I think contributed to the older people’s disapproval!

    GirlonRaw: We must emit some sort of non-threatening aura! At least it makes for hilarious memories 😀

  10. Louise

    I love the sidewalk quote and the flutterbys Hannah. I’ve only been to New York once, but I really didn’t like it. Everyone seemed to take great joy into slamming into your shoulder as you just tried to walk past them, and some random mad person screamed at me in the ferry terminal because I was having a soft drink. It was a long time ago, but I’m in no hurry to rush back, although the chocolate buying does sound fun.

    1. whisperinggums

      That’s a shame Louise. We loved New York – it’s city personified.

  11. Simply Life

    ha, what a fun adventure! 🙂

  12. Hannah

    Louise: It’s amazing how little moments like that, good or bad, can have such a big impact on one’s sense of an entire place! I’m finding it hard to remember the Uffizi Gallery with pleasure, for example, because of an unpleasant tour guide there who snapped at me. But I think that you, as a food-lover, might be rewarded by giving New York another chance one day! 🙂

    Simply Life: It was an interesting day, particularly with the next events!

  13. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Just think – if you’d run off with the children you could have done a long haul flight with kids too! For extra fun!

  14. Hannah

    Conor: Gosh, I always miss out on the best experiences! 😉

  15. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    You’ve been to NYC three times in four years?! And I’m just a few-hours’ flight away and have still yet to go…

    Delicious looking “Macro” meals!

  16. Hannah

    Amber: I guess we’ll just have to add New York to our itinerary before we head off to Europe then! But you have access to lots of the yummy grocery goods that NY has in your home town, so I don’t think it’s too big a deal 😛

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  19. Nuts about food

    Ha!Ha! Are you sure the lady in the shoe store wasn’t paid to say that so you would buy the shoes? Just a suggestion from a New Yorker. Joking aside, I cannot believe a mother just left you with her kids and walked off!

    1. Hannah

      I considered that myself, but I’m fairly confident she wasn’t a plant 😉