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  1. Amy

    OMG I had totally forgotten about the mice in lockers, it was horrible. I think they had about 5 in the locker below mine at one stage!

  2. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Oh hooray you finally got to have green papaya salad!

    Thank God mice-girl didn’t go to school with me. When I was in Year 8, some people came and set fire to a bunch of lockers (from the inside, so they looked mostly ok from the outside). The smell of burnt books and pencil cases and jumpers was bad enough without adding burnt mouse to the mix.

  3. theresa

    In case I don’t get a chance to say it in the next few days, have a very safe and un-sucky trip home 🙂 Mice in lockers? Yeesh. At least with pug stealing you can rationalise by saying they will be treated better with you…

  4. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Hehe I have dreams of pinching pugs too-my plans only vexed by my extreme allergy to them! 😛 I do love green papaya salad and what a bonus that it’s healthy too!

  5. croquecamille

    What? No Bastille at Bastille? 😉

  6. E. Fashionista

    Peggy Entwhistle wonders: is it a skirt? is it pants? is it a LOINCLOTH????

  7. Hannah

    Amy: Good ol’ Deakin. Good times, good times.

    Conor: Okay, your high school beats my high school at being hard-core. I did sometimes see people being locked in the lockers at mine, so I’m very glad we didn’t end up with burnt-people smell.

    Theresa: Thank you! I’m going to need it, if the state of my foot after 12 hours on planes (and an entire day of travelling to boot) today is anything to go by! And I would treat my pugs like deities. They’d probably end up with heart attacks from all the treats and belly rubs I’d give them…

    Lorraine: It was probably the healthiest thing I’ve eaten in two months 😛 And I could well be allergic to pugs myself – animal allergies run in the family, so we’ve always had non-allergenic pets. Time will tell…

    Camille: Not unless I was standing on a particular bridge and complaining loudly about its absense… 😛

    E.Fashionista: Oh dear me, I didn’t even look at the loin cloth area. *shudder* If I squint, it looks like a loin cloth that’s drooping under the weight of foraged-for food… maybe seeds and nuts (teehee)?

  8. Kath Lockett

    I *love* the captions accompanying your photos, you witty little thing you!

    And, yes, the gold guy should have cake. Or a icecream cone.

  9. Hannah

    Kath: Aw, shucks *blushes*. That sounds about right, I’m sure the real quote from Marie Antoinette was “Let them eat cake… and Berthillon ice cream”.

  10. Simply Life

    Yum, everything looks delicious!

    Oh, and don’t get me wrong – our trip was FAR from free but without paying for airfare helped a lot! 🙂

  11. Hannah

    Simply Life: It was! And every little bit helps, right? 🙂

  12. Louise

    Hannah, am very excited about your having green papaya salad. I’ve never had it either. One day. Probably not in Paris this time round though, can’t imagine we’ll get anywhere likely to have it, not with the kid in tow. Whilst I admire your Krug reference (any Krug reference is to be admired- will we have Krug every day? Probably not. One day I want to try the Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque this trip…..) sadly Krug doesn’t rhyme with Pug. And while the gold flying monument could be bringing cake, I’d rather he was bringing in a perfectly chilled bottle of bubby and the right number of glasses.

  13. Hannah

    Louise: I never would have expected to try it for the first time in Paris! Canberra has a fair few Vietnamese restaurants, so I’ll have to start comparing and contrasting once I’m home 🙂 Also, I was really hoping no one was going to call me out on the Krug thing… I thought I’d gotten away with it 😛

  14. GirlonRaw

    Some great Parisian photos here. I do love Paris!

  15. Hannah

    GirlonRaw: Best city in Europe! 😀 (Although this was my first trip to Europe, so I probably shouldn’t make such generalisations yet!)

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