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  1. Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

    There’s something a bit surreal about that daytime fireworks display. That coffee granita looks gorgeous – it’s something I’ve always wanted to recreate too…

  2. L-Izzle

    Just like to share in your pain — I didn’t receive a single Easter gift this year either. However, today I am dragging my mother shopping for discounted chocolatey goodies, because I am stingy and a genius 🙂

    And man, I love it when you GASP IN AWE at something, only to realise that…wait a minute….that was actually pretty lame.

  3. theresa

    Jesus did make his peeps wait, for three days! I’m glad you didn’t make us wait that long, though, because this post made me lol — better to do so at home on a public holiday than in a shared office where I have to explain 🙂

  4. Tammy McLeod

    Coffee granita looks amazing! I’d wait for that. Thanks for sharing your day.

  5. Hannah

    Laura: Surreal… and anticlimactic. But then again, I don’t often get to *smell* fireworks displays quite this strongly. And oh fiddlesticks, you’re going to beat me to the coffee-granita-punch, aren’t you? Fiddlesticks again! 😛

    L-Izzle: I’ve already read about your Easter-sale haul on Facebook, so you absolutely don’t get to join me at my no-Easter-chocolate pity party. Though, if you look up there at the Twitter part, there was a bit of guzzling of gianduja this afternoon, which makes up for it a bit…

    And about your second comment… is that why we both didn’t go to graduation? 😀

    Theresa: I did think about that, but didn’t people know in advance that it was going to take three days? Or am I completely wrong in my Bible knowledge? And pleased to be of service 🙂 though really, I’d much rather you laughed in public, in front of a book editer, and GOT ME FAMOUS.

    Tammy: You’re welcome! Having people to share my days still makes me feel incredibly grateful. The blackberry granita was amazing too 🙂

  6. Simply Life

    what a fun easter!

  7. Hannah

    Simply Life: It would’ve been better with some chocolate and a pony 😉

  8. Johanna GGG

    It doesn’t take much distraction for a blog backlog to build up for me but I agree that sometimes you have to ignore it and blog about now – though I am disappointed not to see the dirty oxen bottoms 🙂

  9. Hannah

    Johanna: I could email the photo to you as a thank you for your advice, if you’d like? 😀

  10. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    So, apparently there’s a hold up with the pony. Something about them being on backorder while the warehouse got all the donkeys shipped out for Easter ceremonies (which is crap if you ask me… donkeys are way more Ash Wednesday and Christmas animals, but you try telling that to the warehouse clerk)

  11. Hannah

    Conor: What asses! 😛 Glad to know you’ve got my back on this pony thing though. You obviously care more about my happiness than my parents do.

  12. Johanna GGG

    yes please send the photo my way – though forgive me if I am slow at emails at the moment – that is just my life!!!