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  1. Lauren

    Everyone in Paris wears black coats! Embarrassing for a 17 year-old Lauren who had packed only bright teal wool and an eggplant trench coat.

  2. Fiona

    Heh, aren’t there several Aussie gals in the Moulin Rouge?

  3. Amy @ cookbookmaniac

    Hahaha, I had the same feeling as you when I saw the Eiffel Tower shot!

  4. Louise

    I think that rather extraordinary translation of the banana millefeuille is trying to say banoffee pie. Is that playground very near Notre Dame? We shall be in need of playgrounds this time round “get in there and climb on things and stop driving me mad”. Not surprisingly, I didn’t notice any last time. Do people still not walk on the grass in parks? We found that very odd. All this beautiful manicured grass and a tiny little fence to keep you off it. And everyone kept off it, not like here with Australians lounging about all over the place.

  5. Mandee

    I love palmiers, shame they weren’t really good!

  6. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    LOL my eyes went straight to the crispy banana and milk jam! If I were that dog I’d get off there because dogs seem to be very well loved in France! 😛

  7. Hannah

    Lauren: Just think, maybe someone took a far-away photo of you from the top of the Notre Dame and showcased your forward-thinking fashion choices on a slideshow?

    Fiona: I think I remember catching part of a television program about Moulin Rouge Aussies, years back. So it’s the naked ladies themselves who get homesick?

    Amy: Arachnophobes unite! 🙂

    Louise: Plausible, but I think the French would have read “tarte aux bananes…” in that case, not millefeuille? The playground is directly behind the Notre Dame, pretty much adjoining it. I hit it first, as I walked from the Ile Saint-Louis direction. With the grass thing, I think it depends on the park. You could sit on it at the Buttes Chaumont park, but not at the Jardin du Luxembourg, from memory.

    Mandee: I’m sure that real made-with-butter palmiers in France are delicious! Thanks for stopping by!

    Lorraine: And in Italy! Gee whiz I love the dogs everywhere, and have been trying to take sneaky photos of them (though largely failing). In fact, I’m of a mind to create a dog photo post!

  8. croquecamille

    They actually rotate which lawns you can sit/walk on and which you can’t, in order to keep them looking their best. Except in some cases, like the Tuileries, where I don’t think you’re ever allowed on the grass. This leads to an affliction I call “Tuilerie toes” in which your toenails end up with all manner of grit underneath and your feet are white from the dusty sand on the pathways.

  9. Hannah

    Camille: Well, that’s rather clever of the French, isn’t it? Though really, anything similar would be a pointless endeavour in Australia. We’ve been in this drought for so long that our “grass” is more like “stubbly brown prickly stuff”.

    Also, I’d like to think “Tuileries Toes” involves everyone in the park spontaneously bursting into synchronised pirouettes. Make this happen for me?

  10. Agnes

    Lemon tart revisited? To me it sounds like a lemon tart that’s errm…. come back up! I’m glad you didn’t order that one!

  11. Hannah

    Agnes: Oh heavens, I could have lived without that mental image! 😛

  12. Amber Shea (Almost Vegan)

    Call me crazy, but a crispy banana in milk jam sounds kind of delicious.

    Haha, my dad used to watch Poirot when I was a kid, haven’t thought about him in forever!

  13. Hannah

    Amber: It kinda does, doesn’t it? I’m thinking deep-fried and gooey banana drizzled with a salted caramel sauce…