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  1. Simply Life

    i love the photos!

  2. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    What, no sexy photos in the sex district? Ok well fair enough, that dessert is pretty sexy. VERY clever move to eat multiple desserts, you need all the toe strength you can get. Well, unless of course the overindulgence gives you gout. Crap.

  3. Lauren

    Loves les photos. And more writing! I’d read a 65-page thesis for each day of your travels.

    Good call not trying to smuggle home a painting. I only managed to get my huge Chinese painting* home because the folks on ANA were too polite to tell me I couldn’t strap it into the seat next to me.

    *So, SO ripped off, and to top it off, I realized how horribly tacky the painting just before I was set to return home. I very nearly threw my $80 of acrylic into a bush outside the airport.

  4. whisperinggums

    Well domehead, that beret has certainly done some travelling. It’s almost like those photos people take of soft toys wherever they go – EXCEPT that inside the beret is YOU and it’s perfecty sensible to have YOURSELF in photos of your travels.

    BTW love the chronological post – and, after all, it’s good to mix things up a bit.

  5. L-Izzle

    Blasphemous though it may be, my friend (who was recently in Paris) tells me the Macca’s macarons are actually not too bad. In the same sense that McDonald’s burgers are not so bad when you judge them in context – ie. “this is a fast food item, not a delicious little morsel from a fine dining establishment”.

    Also, I too enjoy the chronological posts. But, then again, I enjoy any posts. So um…do whatever the hell you want and I’ll be happy as a clam.

  6. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Ooh it’s sort of a bonus when the supermarket version is tastier. I for one adore the Tesco frozen bannoffee tart and have never had better! 😛 Love the hat too BTW 😉

  7. BitterSweet

    Oh, I’m crazy about chestnut desserts! It’s such a shame that there aren’t more in the states; I feel like everyone forgets about chestnuts around here as soon as Christmas is over.

  8. Hannah

    Simply Life: Thanks!

    Conor: The night I ate both chestnut fondant cakes, I also ate a box of 12 macarons, an entire circle of cheese, and a box of cookies. Actually, I’ve done that (or its ilk) every night, so I hope it does = toe strength. I’m going to resolutely *not* google gout now…

    Lauren: Oh!!! Thank you! I really worry when I do too many dense writing posts! And maybe you could paint over the Chinese painting, and make it all post-modern-clashing-cultures-worth-a-million-bucks?

    Whisperinggums: I’d never have imagined being called domehead could make me feel all warm and fuzzy. And thank you for the interpretation of my ubiquitous beanie… I’m still planning to burn all my travel clothes when I get home.

    L-Izzle: Will it make you even clam-happier to know that I’m eating a baguette right now, JUST FOR YOU?

    Lorraine: Thank you! And you’ve made me feel better about the macaron confession I’ll be making at some point 😛

    Bittersweet: We don’t even get chestnut desserts at Christmas (or in winter, more like) in Australia, so you’re one-up on me! I’m absolutely determined to try and replicate this, or at least make a chestnut dessert of some description, when I get home.

  9. croquecamille

    Heh. Love the Sacre Coeur photos – you look so cute in glasses! Glad to learn the Monoprix dessert was worth eating. I mean, just in case there’s ever a pastry emergency…

  10. L-Izzle

    Ahhhh! Clam-Happiest!!!!!!!

  11. Hannah

    Camille: Teehee, thank you! On these travels, I’ve only been pulling out the contacts for special people 🙂 And somehow I can’t help thinking your idea of a pastry emergency would be forgetting to put the fifth layer of feuilletine in a chocolate-caramel-coffee-pistachio-vanilla cake of heaven in your own kitchen… not buying something from Monoprix 😀

    L-Izzle: And I spread it with gooey goats cheese, too.

  12. Emily

    Oh wow, Monoprix’ Coeur Fondant Châtaigne looks unbelievably delicious. There really isn’t enough chestnut action happening in Australia in my opinion.

    I bought some chestnut meal a while ago to make a cake with but subsequently found that most recipes require canned chestnuts, rather than chestnut meal. The only cake I could find that uses meal is a somewhat savoury rosemary and olive oil cake from Italy (Castagnaccio), which was not nearly sweet and delicious enough for me to bother to make!

    Happy travels!

  13. Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

    Aw, nothing like a good cry in a foreign place 🙂

    That chesnut thing looks amaaaazing. I am sure that is the exact translation!

  14. Kath Lockett

    I LOVE your hat, so cute!

    And I’ve also had a cry in a cathedral – St Paul’s evensong, 1991. I was cold, homesick, awed and ever-so-slightly thrilled to be there.

  15. frogsandmen

    i am so glad to see you enjoying paris! there are some less touristy parts of montmartre but they’re hard to find…..i like the area near chateau rouge and marcadet….or go toward the mairie of the 18e. great food too of course!

    a bientot
    the paris food blague

  16. Hannah

    Laura: It wasn’t the last time, either! But you’re right, sometimes it helps. And didn’t you realise I speak fluent French? 😉

    Kath: Thank you! It keeps my brain warm. Oh, now I really regret missing out on Evensong at the Liverpool Cathedral. I visited earlier in the day and meant to go back for Evensong, but time slipped away from me… I’m glad I’m not alone in my emotional response, though!

    Frogsandmen: Thanks for stopping by! I have absolutely loved Paris, and if I weren’t leaving tonight I would head back to Montmartre and the 18e and explore the areas you mentioned! (I was also really disappointed that L’Etoile d’Or was closed both times I tried to visit…)

  17. Hannah

    Emily: Thank you! And isn’t the lack of chestnut awareness in Australia devastating? Perhaps we should start a chestnut dessert business 😛 And I’ll happily take the chestnut meal off your hands, if it’s going begging… 😀

  18. Sadako

    Great photos! Love your blog.

  19. Hannah

    Sadako: Thank you! 🙂

  20. croquecamille

    Ha! Well, there was the time the ganache got too thick for my pear tart – it was only a near-disaster, though. 😀

  21. Hannah

    Camille: Ganache is like gorgeous men with nice smiles – even when they’re thick, they still look (and taste) good. 😛

  22. Amber Shea (Almost Vegan)

    Oh my, that’s cake?! Yum!

  23. Hannah

    Amber: It was (both cake and yum)! I’m so sad the hostel didn’t have a kitchen – while it was wonderful cold, I imagine it would have been utterly heavenly all warm and gooey!

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