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  1. L-Izzle

    Oh holy lordy jesus crap. That first picture pretty much made me wet myself.

    Also, fill me in on this PhD excitement…..I am formulating a theory in my brain, but would like confirmation.

    And oh Amsterdam…glad to see you’re following through with your plans to “clean up your image”. Godspeed.

  2. Fiona

    🙂 Awesome. Don’t think quarantine will let me bring it back into the country

  3. Lauren

    I was never a spoonfuls-of-peanut butter-out-of-the-jar type of girl. Just never occurred to me, honestly. Always an apple or cracker or something to slather it on.

    Then I remembered you telling me about eating PB Loco out of the jar on a long car ride. And I thought, hmm, that sounds kind of nice …

    Well, an entire jar of peanut butter is on my bookshelf, and it has all been consumed over the past week by spoon. I have you to blame for it! And now Nutella will never be a welcome guest in my home, for fear of gaining -another- 2 pounds …

  4. whisperinggums

    Another day started with a laugh – I do like the idea of a dog in a bag. If Paris Hilton can do it ….

  5. Simply Life

    I was there years ago so it’s fun to see pictures again!

  6. croquecamille

    Funny to see how the style of sushi changes depending on where it’s served/made. In Paris, they often serve sushi with beef and cheese skewers, which I’m pretty sure are not traditionally Japanese…

  7. Hannah

    L-Izzle: Ooh, I can create incontinence with the power of my camera? Fantastic. And the PhD reference was to one of the breakdancer’s overwhelming enthusiasm for study – though I am leaning towards a PhD again, after tilting away for a little while…

    Fiona: Why would quarantine have a problem with chocolate spreads or cheese sushi? Oh, wait, maybe you’re talking about the magical plants… 😀

    Lauren: Oh my, your comment made me so happy. There is almost nothing better than eating peanut butter/delicious spreads straight from the jar with a spoon. What is also aweseome is eating entire boxes of amazing French cookies every afternoon…

    Whisperinggums: Please never mention Paris Hilton on my blog again. She seems to be fading into obscurity, and I like that 😛

    Simply Life: Oh how wonderful! Did you like Amsterdam? I had only one day there…

    Camille: Hmm, I don’t think I ever came across beef and cheese skewers in Japan. Chicken cartilege skewers, yes. But then again, the Japanese put corn and mayonnaise on pizza, so you can probably find anything there!

  8. Amber Shea (Almost Vegan)

    Aaahh, I loved Amsterdam!
    Oh, and that first pic gave me a little Nutella orgasm, I think…

  9. Hannah

    Amber: What surprised me is that quite a few of them didn’t have hazelnut in them, and were just chocolate spreads! I’ve found a few fancy kinds here in Florence, too, such as one by the chocolatier Amadei. But so expensive!

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