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  1. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Aww love that last pic. We were there with you looking up at the Eiffel tower with the coffee ice cream! 😀

  2. L-Izzle

    the toothmarky picture? makes me want to gnaw on my computer screen. yuuuuuum.

    ps. tonight i had dinner with other-hannah. afterwards, as i walked with her back to her car, i said we should take a smiley/wavey “HI HANNAH WE MISS YOU!!!!” photo/video. however, the-hannah-that-is-not-you is a tremendous party pooper, and refused, thus crushing my brilliant plan. instead, she suggested i just take a photo of myself to send to you. BECAUSE THAT DOESN’T SOUND CREEPY OR ANYTHING. not to mention self-indulgent…. “hi hannah i thought you might miss my darling smiling face, here is a picture! okay bye!”

    anyway. i didn’t take a photo of myself for your viewing pleasure. but..ya know… if you really want one, i’ll hook you up 😉

  3. Simply Life

    oh that toffee flavor is making me drool!

  4. croquecamille

    Another toffee-chocolate-salt winner! Yay!

  5. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Incredibly munchable, indeed.

    I am neither in the sun at the Eiffel Tower NOR eating salty dog chocolate. Stupid geographic location and stupid lack of chocolate. Boo. Just as well we’re meant to have nice weather here tomorrow, I have a tower-like structure out the front of my building (erm… power pole) and I have inferior chocolate in the house. I will have to make do.

  6. Hannah

    Lorraine: I wish you really had been!!

    L-Izzle: Oh, I wish you had! Darn that party-pooper! 😛 I do miss your smiling face!

    Simply Life: Do you want a napkin? 😉

    Camille: Yay indeed! America does do that combination well!

    Conor: But, my guess is you also don’t have a toe that every second day makes you start seriously looking into changing your flights to come home early for surgery… On a more positive note, I expect to see an inferior chocolate + power pole photo on your blog asap!

  7. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Oh Hannah you poor thing, you’re right that I have 10 kinda strange looking but healthy toes. Sending you get-well-soon-Mr-Toe wishes!

  8. Hannah

    Conor: Thank you! I never thought my emotional state could be so closely tied to my toes… And I’m sure yours are beautiful specimens of toeliness.

  9. Amber Shea (Almost Vegan)

    Ohh, you just made me bring my hand to my heart and sigh longingly and dramatically with that last bit.

  10. Hannah

    Amber: I do love turning people into 18th-century upper class ladies 🙂