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  1. L-Engineer

    The sign says the creme caramels are goose liver pate.

  2. whisperinggums

    Are you casting aspersions on the 70s? Fie on you. And anyhow, I never saw anything like those glazed meaty things in MY 70s. The rest of your post is great though! 😉

  3. Kath Lockett

    I love the captions and obsevations you make that relate to your photos. Brilliant stuff.

    But I’ll let you eat all the sauerkraut….

  4. Emily

    I can’t believe they weren’t deliciously caramel!

    Aaah 70s cookery – love it. I remember reading an old cookbook at my Grandma’s house, and it had all these recipes for meat set in aspic. My favourite anecdote from the book was something along the lines – “and because it contains knuckles, you know its good for the family”…

    Aspic + knuckle?! Yuk

  5. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Hehe I think overseas interpretations of Australia are funny. I remember being in Finland and they were talking about convicts lol. Aww I thought they were creme caramel slices too! 😛

  6. Lauren

    Those meats remind me of Fancy Feast(R).

  7. Simply Life

    Thanks for sharing a glimpse of the city with us!

  8. croquecamille

    Leave it to the Germans to make meat look like pastry. You should have bought some – I bet the shock between expecting sweet and getting pâté would wake your taste buds right up!

    Love the Rathaus. Looks like they’ve cleaned it up since I was last in Munich.

  9. Hannah

    L-Engineer: Ladies and gentlemen… the German speaker 😀

    Whisperinggums: You poor, aspic deprived child. And hey, no, I’m all for the 70s. Anything that isn’t the frizzy-perm 80s gets my vote!

    Kath: Thank you! Sometimes it’s fun to get the commentary out of my head and down on [virtual] paper…

    Emily: I love the matter-of-factness of that sentence! For some reason I can’t help thinking of something like “And because your house is heated with asbestos, you know your family will be safe all winter” 😀

    Lorraine: I’m glad I’m not the only one who got tricked! I’ve actually started boasting about my convict heritage in recent years…

    Lauren: Well, you stumped me there. To the almighty Google! (Cat food, is it?)

    Simply Life: To think, I stumbled outside with no smell or taste, almost no hearing, and an almighty headache, just to bring you news of the European world 😀

    Camille: After pinching probably more samples of smoked salmon than was decorous, I felt the need to vacate the store pretty quicksmart. So choosing not to buy any meat paste was a pretty straightforward decision! In what way do you mean cleaned up? Was there a lot of scaffolding when you were there? I hear there’s often lots of scaffolding on these old castle-type buildings…

  10. Food lover

    German sweets look so good! Would love to try some!

  11. Hannah

    Food lover: Oh, I do hope you’re referring to the strawberry cake of the previous post 😛 Although you’re more than welcome to think of aspic and pate as a sweet treat – each to their own! 😀

  12. Lauren

    Cat food indeed. Marketing includes fluffy blue-eyed white-furred Persian cats on silk cushions dining on the finest gourmet cat cuisine.

  13. Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

    LOVE that victory pose. Very camp!

    I too use books for plates. But then I also like to fold over corners and write all over cookbooks. Maybe I’m just not a very good person?

  14. croquecamille

    I mean literally. I remember it being much darker in color, which probably means that at some point in the intervening years, it was covered with scaffolding.

  15. Hannah

    Lauren: I tried cat food once, with my brother. We thought it smelt good. Sometime, we weren’t the cleverest of children.

    Laura: I don’t think he realises how close he is to losing his masculine modesty.

    Camille: I’ve never really thought of ancient buildings being cleaned, but you’re right, they must be! What with all the birds, and storms, and general debris…

  16. penny aka jeroxie

    This is making me miss Munich so much. I remember my first one litre beer after over 20 hours of flying and transit!

  17. Hannah

    Penny: Gosh, I wish that had been my post-flight experience! Instead, I got to spend a night with my head tilted back at crazy angles desperately hoping my brain wouldn’t melt from ear pressure. But if my photos bring up happy memories for you, then it was worth it 😀