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  1. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    The berry one does sound like all kinds of wrong and artificial fruit flavour is awful-especially cough medicine flavour! I find that choc mint though is a fairly hard to screw up flavour. What do you think?

  2. Anh

    Not sure if I will like this. I find dinner mint a bit off in flavours actually. (Ok, I love mint anything, but not with chocolate. I think it’s like combining chewing gum with chocolate :D)

  3. L-Izzle

    I hate – HAAAAATE! – when otherwise potentially perfectly good chocolate/whatever gets ruined by wanky marketing. Most of the time, I really like berry/chocolate combos, and if it was just sold for what it is – rather than some kind of miracle cure for what ails ye – I would probably genuinely enjoy it. The talk of antioxidants and toxins and blablahblahbullshit just absolutely KILLS it for me.

    (same with cereals — why can’t my muesli just have berries in it? Is that so wrong!?!? Why must they be MAGICAL SUPERFOOD BERRIES??!)


  4. Kath Lockett

    I always laugh when I see berries (or berry flavourings) described as ‘wild’. Yeah right.

    Other food manufacturers do it too – ‘forest fruits’ (um, yeah, maybe in medieval Europe), ‘garden fresh’ (it’s salad, what else could it be) or ‘wild’ anything.

  5. theresa

    I, too, was an always-hopeful-but-always-let-down fruit roll up craver. I’ve had some amazingly fantastic chocolate covered dried blueberries, so I can see how the first bar may have been delicious, but you are right, artificial flavours don’t really have a place in this world!

  6. Lauren

    “like so many fake fruit lollies”

    Haha, it’s almost poetic.

  7. croquecamille

    You know what happens when I suggest to my boss that we make a chocolate and mint cake or ganache? I get pooh-poohed with a dismissive wave, saying “oh, no, mint’s too strong. People won’t buy that.” Like I’m some kind of crazy person. Hmmmph.

    The purple and red on that berry chocolate makes my eyes hurt, but I love the brown and green on the mint. Funny how just a simple color change makes the package look so completely different.

  8. Hannah

    Lorraine: I think you’re right. I don’t tend to search out chocolate + mint combinations but it’s usually pleasant when I do come across it!

    Anh: Haha! I see where you’re coming from. And, in fact, I don’t much like mint fondant-filled chocolates, as I find them too strong. In fact, I threw out a York Peppermint Patty in the US after one bite…

    L-Izzle: Exactly. We don’t need no acai or goji malarkey, do we? Particularly if their inclusion doubles the price of the product… If I want vitamins, I’ll eat brussel sprouts. (And I do. Regularly.)

    Kath: Funny you mention medieval Europe… I just arrived in Bruges! I’ll keep an eye out for wild, fresh, blessed-by-unicorns berry chocolates 😉

    Theresa: It’s surprising we both didn’t end up as homeless junkies, isn’t it? 😀 There’s a Noosa company that does lots of chocolate covered dried berries, I think… is that what you’ve had?

    Lauren: Travelling alone / Can at times make me feel sad / Comments light my days.

    Camille: I could understand that response if you suggested, say, white chocolate ganache flavoured with dachshund, but chocolate and mint? One day, you’ll take over your place of work and change the world 🙂
    And yes, packaging and colour schemes can make such a difference!

  9. Emily

    Ah fruit roll-ups, I too always wanted them as a child and I was denied as well!!! I think my parents were right though, they are basically just sugar.

    I reminisced about fruit-roll ups here (

  10. Hannah

    You, me and Theresa should start a fruit-roll-up-denied support group 😀 With secret handshakes, and a sense of knowing that our parents really did the right thing…