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  1. whisperinggums

    Good for you Hannah. That looks yummy, even to another non-squidgy strawberry fan. Your photo and description have won me over!

  2. L-Izzle

    Don’t even get me started on what I’m gonna do to your strudel. Rawrrrrr.

  3. Lauren

    I’ve been permitting myself one gluten item and one dairy item per day. Today, it was mozzarella balls. Saturday, it was [sashimi and] cheesecake. Saturday was a very yummy day indeed.

    I feel ya on the gelatinous strawberries and generically sweet cake, and agree: Sometimes, you just have to do it. The aesthetics (red and white, mm!) and texture (fluffy, mm!) alone are worth it.

  4. Fiona

    hope your body copes with it! 🙂

  5. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    God, I’m only recovering from working 6 days straight over the weekend, with very little sleep during our latest heatwave, let alone being sick (thank god!) and the thought of 4-5 hours sightseeing makes me want to cry. You need cake, for sure. Cake AND cheesecake at the same time (how big was that plastic fork?).

    Oh and you forgot “Give us a Kirsch(torte)” 😉

  6. Vaala

    Yay for being able to eat cake and taste again! This post made me laugh (actually, all your posts do…it’s awesome)!

  7. Helen (Grab Your Fork)

    Hurrah for the return of tastebuds and olfactory senses! I hate being sick – you know it’s bad when you don’t even feel like eating. The cake looks delicious. Much envy!

  8. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Good to hear that everything’s returning to normal 🙂 Just in time for cakes-now are the fates looking out for you or what? 😉

  9. croquecamille

    Actually, cheesecake IS a traditional Bavarian treat (well, some kinds are), so go ahead, soak up the authenticity!

  10. Hannah

    Whisperinggums: If only it had come with raspberries, we both would have been more keen!

    L-Izzle: Will it involve basting me with butter and letting me bake in your radiance?

    Lauren: Do you know if it’s dairy or lactose that you have an issue with? If it’s the latter, some cheeses like mozzarella would be fine! Cheesecake… well, some things are just. plain. worth. it.

    Fiona: I figure I’m already under the weather, so what’s a little stomach-ache? 😛

    Conor: *laughs* I’m trying to think of some response to do with schlag, but I’m coming up blank. And thank you – I feel better about my touristyness now 🙂

    Vaala: Aw, thank you! You really just made my morning!

    Helen: Gaining your envy is a pretty spectacular compliment – but in all honesty, you should probably save it for a better cake 😛

    Lorraine: I think they are! To have my sense of taste return in time for Belgium, France, and Italy is really all I could ask for!

    Camille: With your benediction, I think I might! Although I have a rather enormous amount of stockpiled chocolate in my suitcase now, so perhaps I should start on that instead…

  11. Amber Shea (Almost Vegan)

    KUCHEN! Yum! Are you going to Austria at all? You must have apfelstrudel if you visit there (though you can get good afpelstrudel in Germany and/or Switzerland too). And speaking of, Sacher torte in Austria really is a must :]

  12. Hannah

    Amber: No, devastatingly I’m not! I’ve had so many people tell me to go to Salzburg… next time! Hmm, do you have any kuchen advice for Belgium, perchance?

  13. Amber Shea (Almost Vegan)

    I went to Salzburg, and it was quaint and lovely and charming, but I think Vienna’s the place to go. Art, history, music, food, architecture, Freud…it’s got it all :] It was one of the most pleasant surprises of my trip.
    Alas, I only stopped for ten minutes in Belgium, just long enough to buy a box of chocolates at a service station! 😛

  14. Hannah

    Amber: Well, now there are two Austrian must-sees for the future! I guess this time round, you’ve got Austria covered and I’ll do Belgium 😀

  15. theresa

    Glad to read that you’re feeling a bit better!!

  16. Hannah

    Theresa: Thank you! Today was a bit worse on account of some of the medication finishing, but I can still taste peanut butter and had some new chocolate, so all is well 🙂

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