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  1. whisperinggums

    Thoroughbred of Sin – I’m guessing he’s from SB by EM?? Do I get the love or not?

  2. Fiona

    those shorts are hot

  3. Simply Life

    I’ve never heard of banoffee pie – what is it!?

  4. theresa

    Aw, feel better Han. If it’s any consolation (though I doubt it is), I feel your pain. I picked up a killer headcold somewhere between Townsville and Manchester, which travelled with me to Liverpool and then made the 24 hours of flying back to Townsville a fairly miserable experience. Drink lots of tea!

  5. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Oh you poor thing! I know how horrid it is to feel sick when travelling. Did that in Paris once. Oh it was not fun so you have my full sympathy! LOL at Splinter risk!

  6. Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    Oh god you poor thing. I’ve flown with a bad headcold, and I’ve flown with what turned out to be swine flu. I would not recommend doing either of these things.

    I think the only thing to do regarding your taste loss is to just keep testing it. Keep eating crazy things. You do need to keep your strength up, after all!

  7. Hannah

    Whisperinggums: Nice try, but no love for you!

    Fiona: Each to their own 😛

    Simply Life: Banana, cream, and caramel sauce, I believe! It’s very much an English thing though, so I might be getting it a bit wrong!

    Theresa: Thank you! Gosh, being sick for a whole trip would be awful! Was that for your conference recently? I’ll definitely be loading up on tea 🙂

    Lorraine: Thank you – I so hope I’m completely better by Paris. If I can’t taste real Parisian macarons, I shall cry for days… (Also, that photo was in an art gallery. Who sits on the floor in an art gallery?)

    Conor: Oh, I think it’s time for a “your poor thing!” Swine flu?! And I’m grateful for super-sour German rye bread right now – I can taste it 😀

  8. My Delicious Blog

    Hi Hannah, hope you are getting better soon!

    I always have chilli when I get a cold. It actually helps cure it.

    You can use normal silken tofu if you cannot find the egg tofu in tubes. It is a Japanese tofu which looks like this:

    One tube is approx. 200g (enough for 1 person).

  9. Hannah

    My Delicious Blog: Thank you! I’ve never, ever seen that tofu before – it looks like bamboo shoots! Shall have to check out Canberra’s Asian grocery stores when I return home 🙂

  10. croquecamille

    Sounds awful! I hope you feel better soon, and I’m sure your sense of taste will return. Just keep eating that hearty, delicious German food and it will hurry back!

    You are going to let me know when you get to Paris, right?

  11. Hannah

    Camille: Thank you. One of my ears just blocked up again, so I’m feeling a tad despondent – particularly as I can’t tell if the German food is delicious or not!

    And never fear – I’ll be pestering you like you’ve never been pestered before once I work out precisely when I’m getting to Paris 🙂

  12. BitterSweet

    Oh no, no taste? I can’t even imagine the horror… Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery, and man delicious things soon thereafter!

  13. S.FondueLawyer

    Haha… I’m not sure what I think of my pseudonym. Hope you feel better soon. Canberra, alas, has not changed at all in the 6 weeks I was away.
    If you’re still in Munich make sure you go see the Glockenspiel on the Rathaus in Marienplatz. Much fun 🙂

  14. Hannah

    BitterSweet: It’s rather rotten, I must say! I don’t mind missing out on German sausages, but the cakes! I’ve even had a few vegan cafes in Berlin recommended to me, and don’t know if I’ll be able to go to them 🙁

    S.FondueLawyer: I’m generally a lovely person, so you are more than welcome to change it to something of your own choosing. Remember, I’m working through a brain fog right now! The Glockenspiel has been done, though sadly is one of the few tourist sites I’ve been able to fit in between sneezes!

  15. Carrying On

    Can I just say, and I feel it has been under-appreciated, that the photo of the old guy with his grandson is wonderful. Really quite crazy. And that is why I cannot wait to be old. Then I too can leave the house without pants and no-one can complain.

  16. Hannah

    Carrying On: You know, you could probably get away with not wearing pants right now, too 🙂 But thank you! I also like how it looks a little like he’s prodding at his grandson with his walking stick.

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