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  1. Lauren

    I love a well-designed wrapper, and they certainly succeed in that regard. I am intrigued by the guava; my palate is pretty unrefined, so I don’t know if I could fully appreciate the cacao nibs!

    Haha, I was a fan of Agatha Christie. I read very stuffy literature as a child.

  2. Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

    Ooh, chocolate covered guava. You’re right though about guava, the flavour is gorgeous but all those seeds are a pain. I too appreciate the Agatha Christie reference 😀

  3. CarryingOn

    Poirot out indeed. Captain Hastings is the man. I do believe I need to get some of this in an attempt to woo him. Watermelon aside. Yes. This is my new plan. mwahahahaha

  4. Thanh

    Hey Hannah,

    Congrats, you’re one of the winners on my food blog Dandi tea towels and Masterchef DVDs giveaway. However, you didn’t email me a contact email or write one in the comments.

    Can you drop me an email please with your name and postal address so I can send you the prizes.

    I Eat Therefore I Am

  5. Toby

    They look delish!
    Where on earth are you now? London?
    You need to check this ( out when you are back in Australia.

  6. Hannah

    Lauren: Anne of Green Gables isn’t stuffy 🙂 But my favourite books were the Little House on the Prairie series and Girl of the Limberlost, so I probably can’t talk! These would be a good entry into cacao nibs for you – very little intenseness, maximum sweetness!

    Laura: Oh, I do so enjoy shared literature fun! I’m even more glad to have my guava experience validated, though – I’ve spent several years thinking I must have done something horribly wrong when eating them

    CarryingOn: Your Captain Hastings-wooing abilities are, I’m sure, spectacular… but they do say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach 😉

    Toby: Just transitioned from London to Liverpool for a few days, then will be off to Oxford! Any foodie or funny-station-name advice for either of these cities? 🙂 And those lemon chocolates do look like a necessary purchase – although I’m tempted to boycott the company for leaving the ACT, and the ACT alone, out of its mailing options…

  7. BitterSweet

    Chocolate covered cacao nibs are such a treat, I’d take any sort I could get! There are hardly any options around here at all.

  8. Hannah

    I must say, nibs in any form are rather thin on the ground in Canberra… I’ll probably do a fair bit of stocking up on the way home 😛 Other people bring home knick-knacks, I bring home chocolate.

  9. Mandee

    Chocolate covered guava and banana, yum!

  10. Hannah

    Mandee: I was actually tossing up between the guava and banana – but in the end, my ambivalence towards banana skewed me towards the guava. Also, it was all pretty and pink-like on the packaging! 😛

  11. L-Izzle

    By the way Hannah, in case I’ve never told you — I genuinely *DO* want to read your thesis! So hook a sister up!

  12. Hannah

    L-Izzle: It’s really very long… but if you do want to, you can certainly borrow the lovely dark green, book-bound version I have at home once I get back. 🙂 (With carte-blanche to return it without finishing it, at any point! :))