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  1. L-izzle

    I would trust these two particular hannahs with my LIFE!

  2. Ash

    The other Hannah’s chocolate review makes it to the blog! The combination of your two opinions both excites me and makes me jealous of your combined London/UK adventures. Hope you’re having a great time.

    I would totally buy this chocolate based on the Hannah x 2 recommendation, except for the peanut factor 🙁

  3. Theresa

    I love the sound of salty salty goodness, particularly if there is peanut butter involved. Nom!

  4. Lauren

    I saw this at Whole Foods just last weekend! I was -so- tempted to buy, but had already broken the bank with my pre-blizzard shopping. It was my first trip to Charlottesville’s Whole Foods, in fact, and I’m unsure whether I’ll be a regular. Not everything in life has to be organic — at those prices, anyway. I’ll stick to the garden-variety healthy at Harris Teeter.

    But that aside, I plan to buy this chocolate! Soon! But late enough for my palate to be cleared of this late night spoonful of expensive and organic Whole Foods honey-almond butter.

  5. Lauren

    Oh, and love the Reese’s alliteration, by the way. 😉

  6. Iron Chef Shellie

    I love this combination of flavours.. well I’ve tried peanut butter and nutella together on toast… but I have never added pink Himalayan salt to it 😉

  7. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Holy macaron *picks up jaw off floor* All I can say is COME TO MAMA! 😮

  8. Louise

    Hannah, as discussed I find the combination of chocolate and peanuts singularly inedible. I am intrigued by the chocolate brand though. Clearly French influenced styling, but I’m not surprised to see that it is actually American. I checked out their website- um, ergh, not so sure about some of it. Did you buy any of their more exotic and distinctive flavours? Bacon, mushroom or plaintain? I’m really not sure what to make of those. Have been still trawling inadequate shops here in the hope of finding something exotic. No hope. Ah well, Canberra next week- onward and upward.

  9. croquecamille

    I’m not above a little slumming with the Reese’s every now and then (my mother-in-law used bags of mini-Reese’s as packing material for our Christmas gifts!) but that looks WAY better. And I would certainly try a bacon or mushroom chocolate… even though the one other mushroom chocolate I’ve tried was pretty nasty.

  10. Hannah

    L-Izzle: Aww!

    Ash: We are having a lovely time – even if the other Hannah wishes you were here so that you could go to a war museum with her!

    Theresa: The taste of salty salty goodness is even better 😛

    Lauren: Oh, I so love flavoured nut butters! We’re sorely lacking in them in Aus. I highly recommend you add this chocolate to the Dark Mo’s on your Valentine’s Day list… and report back, stat! 😀

    P.S. Maybe I should have written my thesis in alliteration?

    Shellie: Well, as long as you didn’t add table salt like some sort of heathen, I think we can trust your taste appreciation of the combination 😛

    Lorraine: *hands back jaw* You’ll be needing that for your blog-funtimes! Wouldn’t do for me to get in the way of your own eating adventures!

    Louise: I’ve tried pretty much every Vosges bar! Mostly pre-blog, though have re-tried a few recently that may make it here eventually. I find them very hit and miss – some are great, some completely fail to taste of what they proclaim to. Can’t wait to read about your own chocolate discoveries on your blog post-Canberra!

    Camille: My friend sent me a huge bag of the dark mini Reese’s last year, and they were gone very, very quickly. Without sharing. The bacon bar works suprisingly well, though I’ve found that if you go in expecting lots of meaty flavour, it’s mostly just salty and smoky, but if you expect just salty, suddenly it’s crazy meat-like. And sadly the mushroom bar was a huge fail for me – did not taste of mushroom in the slightest, and I got about two smidgens of walnut in the entire bar!

  11. Ash

    Ooh, Imperial War Museum with all its lovely multiple sites. Now I really, really wanna be in London! 😛

  12. Agnes

    Who cares about being snazzy, smart, sophisticated, or savvy when there’s Reese’s peanut butter cups involved! Chocolate and peanut butter… be still my heart… wow.

  13. Hannah

    Agnes: You make a very good point 😀 It’s pretty much the most delicious combination ever, up there with salt and caramel!

  14. Faviola Keovongxay

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