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  1. Louise

    Tragic pink cars are one thing, but what the hell is that with the aerosol pancake batter? And exactly what sort of demographic are they going for? It’s ORGANIC. I like to imagine that the hippy clad, birkenstock wearing organic-eating types don’t want Aerosol anything, let alone aerosol pancake batter. And is the store “naturally good”?, there is nothing natural or good or naturally good about aerosol pancake batter. Ick. Nice dress BTW.

  2. Lauren

    Big thumbs up on the dress. And we’ve been calling that lovely thing “Mt. Barracks.”

  3. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Hehe pink sparkle car? Surely that’s the car Barbie drives! 😛 And that dress looks fab! 🙂

  4. Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

    The cars made my eyes widen a bit but aerosol pancake batter! Ha-whaaaa? America is an amazing place. Pretty dress by the way 😀 and LOL at Uscan. It’s funny how your eyes read things sometimes.

  5. Li

    Gorgeous dress!! I totally approve. Hope you bought it? 🙂

    (I also do stupid things like that, although I normally say it out loud to someone else, and they look at me like I am a moron. Sigh)

  6. Heather

    Oh my gosh that car is something else hahaa! I do stuff like that too- but I usually don’t figure it out until I say it out loud to someone 😉

  7. Cate O'Malley

    Love the dress! Ick on the spray batter.

  8. croquecamille

    I bet Barbie is definitely the sort of person who would buy Organic pancake batter spray. Also, I’m horrified. And late to meet a friend. Crap!

  9. Hannah

    (First off, I think I have a monopoly on L-named blog readers this week! :P)

    Louise: The wannabe-earth-mother-who’d-rather-get-a-manicure-than-prepare-meals-from-scratch-but-still-wants-to-gloat-about-her-chemical-free-lifestyle demographic? Whole Foods isn’t all bad, though!

    Lauren: One day, you shall conquer the summit and claim it in the name of the L.L.Bibimbappers.

    Lorraine: Thank you! And I’m pretty sure I saw Ken doing the walk of shame the next morning… 😛

    Laura: I almost felt I should own that car after putting a photo of myself in a dressing room on my blog 😀 America is a wondrous, wondrous place!

    Li: I did I did I did! It was one of those “slip it on YES” moments. I can pretend I’m all 60s in it…

    Heather: You, Li and I should start an “idiotic statements anonymous” support club. With secret handshakes. And chocolate afternoon tea breaks. 🙂

    Cate: Thank you! And I think we have consensus on the non-good of the batter. Won’t anyone stand up for the poor Blaster?

  10. Hannah

    Camille: I just read your comment out to my friend and we both laughed and laughed. I promise I shan’t mind if you’re busy blogging and are late when it comes our future rendezvous 😛

    And if Barbie comes with Pancake Spray, do you think Bratz dolls would come with edible knickers?

  11. croquecamille

    Whipped cream bikinis, all the way.

  12. Hannah

    With straps made of Twizzlers, I should hope.

  13. whisperinggums

    Uscan…love it. We know what family YOU came from don’t we?

  14. My delicious blog

    Hey there Hannah, thanks for visiting.

    I read your post about odd things you eat which I found interesting! I did a photography project on foods and anthropology late last year.

    I am also surprised that you could find those things! Come to think about it, I too eat some odd things I think other people don’t eat!

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