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  1. Lauren

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were devouring kimchi in the JUNGLE!

  2. Shannon


    I’m a huge fan of your blog. I’m just curious though, why do you always write so much about chocolate and food, rather than that hot guy? You know, L.MiteMaster. I think I speak for all of the other beautiful ladies when I say that he is probably the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. He probably looks even better with his shirt off. Did you guys possibly go swimming? If so, puh-lease post the pics. Just sayin 😉

  3. s-j

    Kimchi is my food-boyfriend. I heart it a lot.

  4. Hannah

    Lauren: I fought off a lion with my bare hands for that banchan – didn’t you see?

    Shannon: The site is called wayfaringchocolate, not wayfaringhotmen4uxoxo. However, I’ll make this promise: when L.MiteMaster comes to Australia, as he has sworn to do, I will endeavour to catch a snap of him in his budgie smugglers and post it for you and any other… *ahem* ladies to appreciate. Deal?

    S-J: Seaweed salad might be mine. Wanna go on a foodie-couple-double-date and giggle while we drink strawberry milkshakes? (For the record, I can’t stand strawberry milkshakes.) 😛

  5. Louise

    Black Sesame Gruel. Who almost says it all. And on sale for the fantastic price of 16 bucks, down from 20. It’s intriguing though isn’t it? Oh dear, and now I want to try that too….

  6. Hannah

    Louise: Well, I love black sesame ice cream (and black sesame pocky), and maybe the gruel is like, um, unfrozen ice cream? Except you’re right, $16 is a fair amount for gruel. No wonder Oliver wasn’t allowed any more when he asked! 😛

  7. Lavelle Stenback

    I normally don’t post in Blogs but your web log forced me to, awesome work.. wonderful …