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  1. croquecamille

    Coffee Toffee!

  2. Hannah

    Camille: Why didn’t I think of that for the title?! 😀

  3. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Haha how long are you going to keep us waiting!? 😛

  4. Hannah

    If I get access to the Internet tomorrow, I should be able to fill you in then 😛

  5. Louise

    Finally! I post where I really don’t want to eat the chocolate. I really, really, really don’t like coffee. In fact you could probably say that I hate it. Have never drunk even a sip. Can’t stand the smell. And can detect nanogram quantities hidden in otherwise delicious foods. So I have absolutely no interest in Coffee Toffee. I did start following that Askinoise chocolate on facebook and have learnt that they have a store in Singapore (I expect to be there in June), so will have to check that out.

    Can’t wait to hear the big Florida news. Will send you some stuff for Paris. Am sadly unable to help with the other destinations.

  6. Hannah

    Louise: I’m like that with citrus peel – can pick out even a trace in any kind of fruitcake-esque so-called “treat” and bleurgh! I guess you haven’t been excited by my growing Starbucks habit, then, either? 😛

    Would entirely love Paris advice! And shall expect multiple blogs about Askinosie in Singapore.

  7. Louise

    Have you been to a starbucks I didn’t even notice? When do you hit the City of Lights?

  8. Hannah

    Louise: Oh, I must be a very subtle Starbucks fan then 😛 In Australia, I’m a dedicated Long Blacks girl, but for some reason America just makes me want super-syrupy coffees that don’t taste like coffee!

    City of Lights = March, most likely. Still a little while away, but I’ve bought my “Western Europe” phrasebook, so I’m set 😀

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