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  1. Carrying On

    2 posts in one day for me to read! Could my working day have been improved any more? I don’t think so. I feel that I have no choice but to go home and listen to Chopin and eat chocolate, and yet eat seems almost to crude a word after this…

  2. L-Izzle

    I have nothing to say except I agree wholeheartedly with everything about this post. The end.

  3. Gelareh

    I am nuts about dark chocolate.. it is the best cure for when I have a bad headache…

  4. Hannah

    Carrying On: I live to serve you. Although that may have been caused, to a degree, by the time difference… And if my little chocolate posts can encourage Chopin-listening, that’s a pretty high compliment in my book 🙂

    L-Izzle: My favourite kind of story.

    Gelarah: Dark chocolate can cure anything, can’t it? 🙂

  5. thechocolatecrusade

    I fell in love with E. Guittard when I tried the Nocturne bar two or three years ago . . . that was a magical moment. It was one of the chocolates that really spurred me on to chocolate as its own world. Definitely agree with the thick and soft melt you pointed out.

  6. Deanna

    By the way, the comment from thechocolatecrusade above is mine — I didn’t realize I was still signed into that account . . .

  7. Hannah

    Deanna: I love moments like that – when you suddenly realise, or are reminded of, how interesting and diverse the world of chocolate can be. I think tasting Askinosie’s single origins was one of my earliest such moments, as was the first time I tried El Rey’s Icoa chocolate and realised that not all white chocolate tastes like sugary milk!

    Also, I get rather ridiculously excited when my tasting notes align with others’… I still feel rather new to this tasting/reviewing game, so thank you!

  8. sugar plum fairy

    Oh HAnnah,(love that name sweetie),u have a beautiful blog with fantastic pics and i am falling in love with crepes w/o evening having a single one….
    Would love to try ’em with chicken and yeah nutella for sure……:-))))
    and will be making ’em soon too….


  9. croquecamille

    I haven’t tried these (although the Lindt is available in any grocery store here…) but I do remember being fairly impressed with the lack of bitter chalkiness so common to ultra-high-percentage bars in Theo’s 90 or 91% bar. Have you tried that one yet?

  10. Hannah

    Sugar Plum Fairy: Thank you! I do hope you don’t mean chicken and nutella together… unless you were going for a mole-style crepe? 😛

    Croque Camille: Great minds think alike 😀 I actually had the Theo’s 91% Venezuela bar a few days before the Lindt, and its review is waiting in the yet-to-be-written wings… Are you able to find Theo easily in Paris?

  11. croquecamille

    No, artisan chocolate (especially American ones) are very thin on the ground over here. It’s more about the delicious cakes, mousses, tarts, and ganaches made with the chocolate than the chocolate itself.

  12. Hannah

    Croque Camille: Oh, I wish I’d known that – I’d have loved to have sent you some Askinosie/Theo/Patric/etc! I’m going to keep an eye out during my last stop in Florida, just in case…

  13. croquecamille

    Patric is my favorite!!!!! And Devries. And Rogue. {hint}

  14. Hannah

    Croque Camille: Hint happily taken – I’ll do my best!! Any favourite percentages? Or are you at all interested in any (and any particular) wacky Vosges bars, Endangered Species, TCHO, or flavoured Lake Champlain? I might be heading somewhere that sells those ones this afternoon or tomorrow 🙂

  15. Ashleigh

    I hear you about the Lindt 90%.

    We found a Lindt 99% in Europe a year back – now there is something that will blow your socks off! Its reviewed on Chocablog.

    We still have most of it left, it’s really a bit of a novelty and way too strong to eat more than a tiny piece once in a while.

  16. Li

    Lindt 90% chocolate IS available in Australia!!! Possibly only from the Lindt Cafe in Sydney though, but available nonetheless. If I had known you wanted it so bad I would have picked up a bar while I was there last week. Lucky I am back to Sydney in early March, so I shall procure you some if you would like 🙂

    BTW, love your posts!

    (…also, HAPPY NEW YEAR?! :P)

  17. Hannah

    Ashleigh: Always a relief to think I’m not entirely misguided in my opinions! Funny you mentioned the 99% – I’m hoping to pick that one up tomorrow, although as it’s my last day in this particular city I may end up running out of time!

    Li: Thanks, and Happy New Year to you too! 😀 Hope you got somewhat of a break from work! I may just take you up on that offer, as I likely won’t be back until April myself… in fact, sounds like the timing could work out perfectly 😛

  18. Li

    In fact, I might have lied and actually also saw the 99% Lindt chocolate at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney… You want that instead? Or both? 😛

  19. Hannah

    Yes yes! Please, the 99%! The silly snow stopped me getting to either of the gourmet stores I was hoping to stock up at today 🙁 Perhaps, when it’s closer to April, we can have chats about what I should bring you back as a trade 🙂

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