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  1. L-Izzle

    Errrrrr you’re such a spasagna!

    1. whisperinggums

      Or, such a Laghetti perhaps?

      1. L-Izzle

        Hahahaha. Future bogan child’s name: Mercedes Laghetti Ch’Anelle Beyonce.

        Oh my, don’t encourage me…must remember: naming children does not equal an exercise in humour. Serious business. Potentially scarring, very serious business.

      2. L-Izzle

        PS. As I believe you are whisperinggums junior’s mother, I will call you tomorrow about the retrieval of chocolate! Over and out!

  2. s-j

    Grapple? Why? WHY?!

  3. Louise

    Did you try the grapple? Did you? Was it disgusting? Although I wouldn’t buy it because of the packaging alone, and can’t condone it.

    I have rarely been so confused as when initially confronted with an Italian-American menu in the 80s and their absolute misuse of the term marinara. I remember being gobsmacked that you would even think about combining marinara sauce with meatballs, let alone put that on a menu, and wondering who possibly would eat that????

    Oh and I love the thoughtful Bikers Welcome on the blood bank. Yes siree that’s where I want my blood products to be coming from.

    Do they really still have pennies in America? Such that they need to charge $6.29

    1. whisperinggums

      You know Louise I thought the same as you, originally, about Marinara. Twas very confusing BUT here, apparently, is the gen: It was MADE by fisherman!

  4. Hannah

    L-Izzle: Shhh! It’s a secret! 😛

    S-J: My thoughts exactly. *shudder*

    Louise: I have certainly eaten my fair share of crazy foods (and am in half a mind to post some of them…) but I refuse to eat adulterated fruit. Though I think we might have to cut the Americans some slack on the marinara front, as I think that even in Italy marinara can just mean a tomato sauce, not seafood as in Australia.

    Re: bikers, I didn’t think of that! Brilliant 😛 And yes, they most certainly have pennies. There’s a good West Wing episode that discusses the pointlessness and expense of the penny…

  5. croquecamille

    The grapple is horrible. And pointless. It’s pretty much a regular apple that’s been injected with whatever they use to flavor grape soda. Blech.

  6. Louise

    OMG croquecamille, I just googled the process. It’s revolting. I love the website speak, they try to make it sound like a day spa for apples- they have a “relaxing bathing process”. It looks revolting. Fuji and Gala are the best of the apples by a long shot anyway. Why wreck them with an artificial flavour? And what exactly is wrong with an apple that tastes like an apple?

  7. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    LOL a grapple and spaspagna? Did you try them? 😀

  8. Hannah

    Croque Camille and Louise: You two are far better researchers than I, although I must admit I can’t help wishing I didn’t know how Grapples were made. If the apples really are that “premium”, why mess with them?

    Up next, the Sausrot: carrots infused with sausage flavour…?

    Lorraine: I must admit I was tempted by the Grapple at first glance, but then I decided I’d rather put my too-expensive-fruit money towards raspberries. That way, I could keep a small part of the moral highground whilst also pretending I was back in the Aussie summer… And sadly I only spotted the spasagna on the menu after making my order. Silly enormous American menus!

  9. croquecamille

    Hannah and Louise – Exactly. Apples taste good on their own!

    How about some Tomacco? (Any Simpsons fans out there?)

  10. Hannah

    “Refreshingly addictive!” 😀

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