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First of all, big thanks to everyone who actually commented on and/or had a go at the most amazing wayfaringchocolate blog game yet. I truly thought that post was going to end up with a sad-looking empty comment section, and that I would subsequently have found myself slinking back to my travel-hidey-hole. Hurrah for interacting readers! Hugs to you all!

Now, without further ado (but with a little extra commentary)… the answers!

A.DrChocBacon, Me, and L.MiteMaster

While several people attributed a quote here or there successfully, and whisperinggums would have won had she gone with her second (and thereby disqualified) guess rather than her first, no one got every quote correct. (All my chocolate remains mine! Mine!)

Oh wait, I just said “without further ado”, and then I further adoed. Whoops! In actuality now, the answers:

A = 3

B = 1

C = 2

D = 4

Now, L.MiteMaster stubbornly asserts that his intention was to say “I wish I could smell out of my nose right now”. In essence, he maintains that this referred to his oncoming cold and not, as I thought at the time, to the possibility that the left side of the car smelt entirely different to the right side of the car, where we were respectively sitting.

The television was set to an hours-and-hours-long show about the Anti-Christ, and L.Methysta, if she cares to interject, could probably better tell us what on earth it was going on about.

A.DrChocBacon was completely justified in her spontaneous cannoli-love as she’s currently undertaking the crazy-busy life of the medical student, and deserves any sugar hit her 12-hour-days-plus-studying timetable allows.

As for me? I really have no words. Except to say that it is true, but on the up side, I think I’d be pretty good at picking up a starfish.

(See what I did there? Because I literally could? Oh, my wit. My wit.)

Koi, Teaism, Washington, DC.

Too smooth for me! (There I go again with the literal and the wit. Oh, somebody stop me.) Koi at Teaism, Georgetown, Washington, DC.

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  1. L.Methysta

    Haha! First post! 😀 Finally! I have caught up with everyone else! 😀
    Anyway, yes, no there is nothing to comment on about the show of the Anti-Christ, except that, yeah, it was long. 😛 LOL! And all it featured were a couple of bored scholars who have nothing better to do except analyze and over-analyze scripture to make themselves feel all big and important. Yes, I remember that being our conclusion I think, heehee. 😉

    Anyway, well, I have no idea what the rest of this is going on about. I need to read the post before this one. (Yes, I lied, I’m not that caught up just yet, but I’m getting there! :”>)