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  1. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Mmmm I must try this. I must! I’m searching out a distributor here 😀 The idea of using goat’s milk in it is so interesting!

  2. L-Izzle


    thats all i have to say about all of the above. la la la la.

  3. Hannah

    Lorraine: I’m absolutely positive you should be able to find it! It was sold in at least three stores in Canberra (for the aformentioned exorbitant price, mind you), so I really could not imagine it not also being in Sydney! Definitely try this one and the white versions – the goat’s milk flavour is even more intriguing in the white chocolate! Mmmm….

    L-Izzle: Get thee to As Nature Intended, stat!

  4. croquecamille

    Sounds fantastic! Too bad France is a terrible place to find artisan American chocolate. 🙁

  5. Johanna GGG

    sounds amazing – though after decorating a cake with white chocolate ganache recently I wonder what a ganache would be like with their chocolate and if it would spread – or is that blasphemy with such sublime chocolate?

    I love the pic of the packet – that is worth paying a lot for – I love some of these swanky chocolate packets – do you collect them once you have eaten the chocolate?

  6. Hannah

    Croquecamille: But you do have Bernachon chocolate, and much, much better cheese. (As an aside, I just saw an American television ad that said “a country is only as good as its cheese”, and not only was it talking about packaged slices, but seriously? Isn’t America the home of Cheez Whiz? :P)

    Johanna: I don’t think that would be blasphemy at all – but could I please sneak an invite if you ever create such a divine masterpiece? 😛

    I did actually keep quite a few of these packages, which proved useful as I focused a section of my thesis on the ethical claims/indications of Askinosie’s packaging – ie the picture/name of the farmer to create the “connection”, the references on the back to biodegradable materials, etc… I wish I could keep all the fancy and unique packaging of the chocolates I’m finding at the moment, but I just can’t take good enough care of them in my tiny suitcase!

  7. L-Izzle

    Ugh, you’re right. I do. I really, really do.
    (i’ve put a ban on myself though…no chocolate until my schoc stuff arrives! I’m saving myself. And also don’t want to waste any more money. I did cave the other night, though, and bought a kit kat…..desperate times, desperate measures and all that. I AM GOING, so chocolate-deprived)

    btw i keep the packaging of my chocolate bars too (this will probably not come as a surprise to you), and use them as bookmarks 🙂 the curious chocolatier’s are particularly effective.

  8. Hannah

    L-Izzle: Oh, I adore The Curious Chocolatier’s designs. Could well be my favourite!

    Speaking of (not) holding off – after about two weeks wherein I had no access to new and interesting chocolates, I bought five today (after putting three more back on the shelf) and am off to Whole Foods tomorrow where I foresee unladylike amounts of chocolate purchasing. (Or very ladylike amounts? Hmm…) Happy times!

  9. L-Izzle

    Very lady-PMS-ing-like amounts? :p

  10. Hannah

    Women are allowed to love chocolate at any time of the month, surely? I know for sure I don’t limit my chocolate consumption to a paltry once-a-month habit!

  11. L-Izzle

    Oh, nor do I. But it is a wonderfully stereotypical excuse (not that one should need it).

    Besides, PRE-menstrual. PRE. Technically, all but the event in question falls into this “PRE” category. Thus meaning I can justify 3/4 weeks of a month with this excuse. The other one week is just plain old menstrual chocolate consumption.

    (I originally wrote “menstrual-chocolate” consumption. That did not sound so nice)

  12. Hannah

    This is going places I’m not at all comfortable with. I draw the line at goat’s milk chocolate.

  13. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    OK good! Well this is going to be a fun challenge. When people ask me what I’m doing I’ll answer “Searching for chocolate” and they’ll nod in understanding and clear a path through. I’m positive they will 😛

  14. croquecamille
  15. croquecamille

    Sorry, what I meant to write was “D’oh!”

  16. Hannah

    Lorraine: I absolutely would, if someone ever said that to me! And I’m sure the friends of yours who pop up constantly on your blog will understand, too 🙂

    Croquecamille: You know what? I think your silence spoke measures. 😛

  17. Louise

    OMG I sure need to try some of this as well. Must organise trip to Canberra very soon….. Where was this stuff available again. Sorry have forgotten the places you mentioned.

    Intriguing with the goats milk powder. For my birthday last year, my DH had some chocolates shipped over from my favourite chocolatier in Paris, Jean Paul Hevin

    they were astounding. I didn’t think I’d like them, but they were truly amazing, and went ever so well with some bubbly before a big banquet meal out. Sometimes you have to trust the clever people. And it wasn’t just a hint of cheese flavour it was quite intense- as all their flavours are.

  18. Hannah

    Louise: As Nature Intended, which has stores in both Belconnen and Civic (though I think the Civic one may have changed names, but hopefully is pretty much the same thing).

    Those truffles look amazing. I’m generally not a truffle person, but I believe I would try those if I came across them. There’s a company here that does a blue cheese truffle that I’ve been keeping an eye out for, but to no avail. I guess I’ll just have to add Jean Paul Hevin to the salted butter caramel Louise-recommended list! 😀