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  1. whisperinggums

    Brave girl … walking into bitter wind is not fun. Hope you had a nice warm shower or bath on your return.

  2. L-Engineer

    Nearly froze to the point of incapacitation, when I left the car at work and tried walking the 20 minutes home in Reston, Va, after the traffic became grid-locked in snow. Learnt my lesson…….

  3. Lithe lianas

    I sympathise – I can remember walking into the wind on a cold March day in Washington and wondering if my cheekbones would ever thaw out. They did but the memory lingers on. Go south young woman, go south.

  4. Hannah

    If only I’d been able to warn you all off such activities earlier. I’d love to head south again, but I’m in fact only going further north in the next month or so…