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  1. Amy

    that sounds awesome, i wanna go!

  2. Hannah

    Nothing’s stopping you! 😛 Just trade in your new apartment for another flying visit to the US. Good plan, good plan.

  3. ActuarialSpy

    These were fun times indeed! thanks for the mention and the good times and all the secondhand chocolate. i am clearly the lioness and you the zebra. im just saying.

  4. Hannah

    Except I wouldn’t stick my tongue out like that, even if someone was attacking me. Also, I’m intrigued you switched genders… unless you’re trying very hard to keep up internet anonymity?

    And I’m sure I’ll have even more chocolate to bequeath you when I find myself back in Australia 😀

  5. Hannah

    P.S. For any other readers out there, I’d like to point out that by “secondhand” ActuarialSpy means “generously gifted”, not “secondhand” in the way that baby birds’ dinners are secondhand from their mothers.

  6. E.TeacherLord

    Spy museum? Only one word comes to mind, and that is: radical!

    So, I’m one sleep away from going bush in the wilds of Tasmania for a week, where I will be without the wonders of civilisation (including, yes, modern plumbing.)

    I trust you’ll keep the internet entertaining in my absence.

  7. Lithe lianas

    ‘Consecutivity’ – mmm, not a bad word; in fact I think I like it better than Macquarie’s ‘consecutiveness’. Historically, neologisms like this is how language changes – if they catch on and Shakespeare’s did!

  8. Hannah

    E.TeacherLord: It was, I must admit, even more fun than the Ninja Museum in Kanazawa (plus the Spy Museum talked about Ninjas anyway. And said Casanova was a spy. I guess he plumbed many women’s… secrets.)

    A week in the wilds? You’re a far braver person than I. I think I’d only be able to camp for that long if I got to use one of Harry Potter’s tents.

  9. Hannah

    Lithe Lianas: I’m sure it well help having a dictionary editor on my side! 🙂

  10. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Consecutivity so sounds like it should be a word. Oh and hehe at that Vervet monkey. It’s liker he’s peeking out and saying “oh hai!” 😛

  11. Hannah

    Lorraine: If I do end up doing a PhD once I get home, I’m going to make it my aim to sneak “consecutivity” into it.

    Also, what do you say we try and make the Vervet Monkey-style “hello” the official form of blogger greeting? 😀 I’m game if you are 😛

  12. L.Methysta

    Ah ha… So finally, we get a blog about this “spy friend”, huh? 😉
    OoooOoooh. Heehee, jk. ;-D

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