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  1. whisperinggums

    This sounds like a chocolate for me! Dark chocolate and roasted almonds (even with salt) sound hard to beat. We had a lovely dark 72% last night but deary me, what was it? Does Grand Cru ring a bell? (Now, what I’m really enjoying right now is a Ninth Island Chardonnay!)

  2. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Cucumber water? I’m so intrigued by that. Is it to drink or to spray on the face? I’ve bought one that’s like a very weak eau de toilette or cologne for new mums but not one to drink.

    And I do happen to love thoughtful packaging, poems are a nice touch as is chocolate butter caramel popcorn.

  3. Hannah

    Whisperinggums: Grand Cru is a term for when the chocolate all comes from the same geographical region, so a bit of a marketing term but generally does imply great chocolate. Valrhona’s Grand Cru line, for example, includes the Jivara I reviewed earlier, as well as the brilliant Guanaja which I hope to review soon, when I get around to it!

    Though I wouldn’t be surprised if a company co-opted the term “Grand Cru” for its name to jump on the prestige bandwagon! I do feel I’ve seen that name splashed gaudily somewhere…

    Lorraine: It was to drink – water that had been steeped with cucumber, orange, and lime slices, but it just tasted like cool refreshing delicious cucumber. Perhaps an idea for your blog? 😉 (If you want to go the very very simple route, that is…)

    And despite my caption comment, I do think the busy-ness of the packaging works! One of the poems was an excerpt from a Donne poem, which I quite enjoyed 🙂

  4. diana

    I love the combination of sea salt and dark chocolate!!! Have you tried Original Beans from Ecuador?

  5. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Hannah, it sounds like a lovely detox idea actually! 😀

  6. Hannah

    Diana: Isn’t the combination utter brilliance? 🙂 But no, I haven’t tried Original Beans – and I fear losing my chocolate cred by admitting I’ve never come across the company before. Do they make a sea salt bar?

    Lorraine: Oooh, you should do it! I’m sure it would be a super quick post to create, too. However, I do think you should make it a Hannah-style detox, whereupon each day is ended with dark chocolate 😀

  7. Louise

    Hannah, do you like caramel? If so you need to abandon travels in the US and immediately hotfoot it over to France, and gorge on some salted butter caramels. These cause Homer level amounts of drool. Seriously good. I’m loving reading about all these chocolates I’ve never heard of, would be interested in some of the almond and sea salt stuff. Looks fab.

    1. whisperinggums

      Ah, so you like chocolate and champagne but nothing sensible like olives and, do I recollect, coffee too? Shame on you!! LOL

  8. Hannah

    Louise, you had me at “salted butter”. Caramels I can take or leave, but add any form of salt? Heaven! Luckily, I shall be heading over to Europe in February, and France is most certainly on the agenda. Do you have a particular dealer 😛 in France you’d recommend?

    Thank you so much for your comments, too! I’m always ecstatic to hear that someone enjoys the chocolate reviews! And if you like salted caramel, there should be a review coming up (eventually…) that will be right up your alley 🙂

  9. L.Methysta

    Yay! More mention of time with me! LOL! 😀
    That’s right that spa was FABULOUS. Must do it again at some point in my life. 🙂 And yes, I agree, the cucumber water was REALLY good. 😀
    Oh, and you know what, your chocolate reviews are great too. 😉 You’ve already saved me money because I was thinking of getting that Chua… Chocolatier thing or whatever it’s called, with the popping rocks, you know? But then I was like, no, I don’t think I’d like that. Then I read the post that was two before this one (or was it the one after this one? Darn it, anyway :-P) about it and was like, I knew it! So, I’ll just get the Maya Chili one and be done with it. Thank you for your chocolate reviews! 😀

  10. Hannah

    L.Methysta: I’m sure some people would like the Firecracker bar, but my recommendations are definitely for the Spicy Maya and, if you like nutmeg, the Chinita Nibs bar. Apparently the company’s just put out a dark chocolate with panko bar, so I’m going to be keeping my eyes open for that one!

  11. L.Methysta

    Oooh! Yes, I’ll be looking out for that one as well! 😀

  12. elroy octofer

    Amazing chocolate—My wife gave me a bar for christmas and I blew it off as another cardboard wannabe. Finally got into it one night and WOW!!!! Only problem is, I cant find it anywhere now locally.

  13. Hannah

    Elroy: I wish I could help you with that, but I found my bars in Savannah, Georgia, and have no idea where you could find some! Maybe you could order some online? They’re definitely tasty enough to justify it 😛

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  16. Holly

    I found this trying to find where to buy more of these chocolate bars. The dark chocolate almond and sea salt is by far the most delicious piece of candy that has entered my mouth. I highly recommend to anyone…TRY THIS BAR!!

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