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  1. Carrying On

    Aaargh this post has put me in a rather frustrated frame of mind because I know that in the last 2 weeks I overheard something that I knew I had to tell you about (it was right up there with the soccer ball / apple comment) and I simply can’t remember it! I didn’t have my book with me so I couldn’t write it down and now its gone 🙁 A classic of recent times however was when I walked in to a grog shop on Christmas Eve and there was a queue to the back of the store and the shop person asked: “is there anybody waiting?” Clearly yes.

  2. Hannah

    That does seem rather bizarre, but as someone who’s worked in retail over the Christmas period, I can’t help feeling he’d/she’d just been treated so poorly that the cognitive processes weren’t up to scratch.

    That, or s/he was drunk.