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  1. L-Engineer

    Aha – popping candy! Those Americanisms are slipping in without you even noticing. I had to look it up on Google to be sure. Now I know that it’s just fizzy lollies you’re talking about. But, solid or powdered variety (or both), remains the question.

    1. L-Engineer

      OK. I’ll change my tune if you send me something popping!

      1. Hannah

        Oops, too late! L-Izzle got in first. Better luck next time 😛

  2. Hannah

    We have Pop Rocks in Australia, don’t we? Popping candy isn’t really “fizzy”; definitely nothing like sherbert. It doesn’t foam in the way sherbert-type fizzy lollies do, it crackles. And I really think, if you’re going to pick up on Americanisms, you might have done so when I called a post “Candy Misses”, not when I simply referred to something by its actual name. 😛

    P.S. Aluminum.

  3. L-Izzle

    Hmm.. the other day I bought a bunch of poprock-infused chocolate santas at the petrol station (impulse buying? me? no!). i actually enjoyed them very much. they were cadbury milk chocolate, so the very sweet, very smooth chocolate contrasted nicely with the sharpness of the POP CRACKLE POP POP CRACKLE, i thought.
    so i’m quite interested in this ‘high-end’ version, but i definitely understand how it could be a bit overwhelming if not balanced properly.

    banana one sounds good.. i’m like you – i’m fickle when it comes to banana. sometimes i love it, other times i’m entirely indifferent. or even a little grossed out. but oddly i tend to not mind artificial banana flavours (i remember being the only one among my strawberry and chocolate loving friends who’s ALWAYS order a banana milkshake).

    at the moment, however, as i sit at work very bored and a little bit peckish (as usual), i could reaaaallly go a banana and bacon sandwich. with a shitload of butter, please.

  4. whisperinggums

    Banana hater here too … except, and this is a bit odd, I can handle a banana a date sandwich. The dates and bread overwhelm the banana enough that you don’t really taste the banana but it is subtly there. That said, it’s been many many years since I ate a banana and date sandwich so I may feel differently. These days the smell of banana often puts be off before I get near to tasting it. Shame really…

  5. Hannah

    Okay, so we combine date-banana-bacon-peanut-butter-bread-butter and a hot plate and we’d have something Elvis would be proud of. Who’s game?

    That reminds me, L-Izzle, that Cadbury did in fact come out with little blocks of dairy milk + popping rocks a few years back – they were on sale at the ANU newsagency place. I remember because I was tossing up between that and the version with clinkers, and ended up going the clinkers route. And ’twas like chewing on pure sugar.

    L-Izzle: BRAIN WAVE OF BRILLIANCE. When I did my happy dance at Food Emporium, I actually picked up two Firecrackers because I was so sure I’d love it. Now, we have $25 left of your spending moolah, no? I am going to be posting a few things home soon, so how about I pop that one in the package, and you could pick it up from my place, as you now know the way?

  6. L-Izzle

    I’m totally cool with that! Definitely up for a trip to HannahLand.. I’ll hang with your parents and fill the daughter-shaped void in their lives 🙂
    (I suspect I will be slightly ill-fitting, though)

    Fingers crossed it doesn’t make me puke popping, crackling vomit. Though that would be an interesting party trick.

  7. Hannah

    It shall be done 🙂 Also, they probably couldn’t tell the difference, unless you arrive wearing your pimp-persona again.

    And I think the reason it crossed the interesting line into nausea territory for me is that I tried to eat my usual hefty quantity. So I recommend smaller doses!

  8. L-Izzle

    ……….smaller doses? That sounds like a challenge.

  9. Hannah

    Ain’t it the truth.

  10. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Wow, that’s a lot of stuff going on in that first bar. It sounds a bit…overwhelming! 😮

  11. Helen (grabyourfork)

    Ahhh I love Pop Rocks! It sounds like an inspired concept, using Pop Rocks to create chilli fireworks. Shame it didn’t work for you, but I remain intrigued. I’m not a big fan of banana flavouring but interesting that you enjoyed the banana chocolate despite your general banana misgivings.

  12. croquecamille

    Hey, cool blog! I’m a pretty big chocolate geek myself, so I always love to find other people who are as obsessive about it as I am. The pop rock chocolate sounds gimmicky at best, but I’m intrigued by the banana. For me, banana has to be subtle – too much and I can’t stand it. Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. Hannah

    Oh fiddlesticks, now I wish I’d bought a dozen bars so that I could send one to each person who seems more predisposed to enjoy it!

    Lorraine: I think that was precisely the problem! And while over-the-topness can be good sometimes, I think the competing flavours/sensations were just a tad too strong all up. Though, as I mentioned above, it would probably have stayed in the “interesting” category if I hadn’t tried to eat so much in one go….

    Helen: That is such a brilliant way of phrasing it! “Pop rocks to create chilli fireworks” – you should contact Chuao and try to sell them your marketing skills 😀 And believe you me – I just munched away at the second half of the banana bar, and I’m still interested by the fact that I liked it! (P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog!)

    CroqueCamille: Thank you so much! My blog is nowhere near as delectable as yours, but I fear losing my back-home readers if I talk about nothing but chocolate 😛 Still, seeing as I’m trying at least two new types a day, there are a lot of chocolate reviews on the horizon!

    If you ever come across Valor’s chocolate, you should pick it up – the banana is a constant presence, but I really don’t think it’s too strong or sickly. I’d so love to hear someone else’s opinion!

  14. Chanel

    I love your chocolate blog!

  15. Hannah

    Thanks Chanel! I love how writing it gives me an excuse to spend way too much money on chocolate! 😀

  16. Helen (Grab Your Fork)

    lol – food marketing sounds like an ideal job to me 🙂

  17. Hannah

    And then you could hire me. There we are, graduate job anxieties solved 😛