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  1. L-Izzle


    sad story time: today is tuesday the 29th and the post office opens at 9am. i got there at 9:06, handed them my little card thingy and…. “…uhh…its not here.
    “then where is it?”
    “um. i dont know. but i’m sure it’ll be here by this afternoon if you come back!”

    jyuagghajjsuidhi8hbgahhhh!! i want my delicious goodiesssssss 🙁

  2. whisperinggums

    L-Izzle … that is SO infuriating.

    Great post, Hannah. I hear there is a great chocolate and confection shop in Savannah owned by two fellas. Did you come across such a shop???

  3. Hannah

    “Worst fears realised darling seth and reuben too send gumboots.”

    L-Izzle: I am possibly as irked as you are. That is entirely inexcusable – don’t they know delicious snacks are involved?! By the by, I shall be sending the rest to you tomorrow! Am having difficulties with the miniscule size of my suitcase, so went on a snack-search for you today to make this lot worthwhile 🙂

    Whisperinggums: Would that be River Street Sweets or Savannah’s Candy Kitchen? Both were on River Street and made/sold pecan pralines, fudge, the chocolate covered toffee apples that I photographed in one of my “glimpses” posts, as well as retro candies and other items. Or did I miss out on an amazing chocolate source? How could that be? Has my radar gone awry?

  4. whisperinggums

    I shall ask my source and let you know whether your radar failed you…

  5. L-Izzle

    The plot thickens……

    At 3:30 I decided it was well and truly “afternoon” and so returned to the post office, where the lady informed me that the “Pearce Man” was still out and probably still had my package. But she assured me that he was either a) trying to deliver it to my house again, or b) on his way back to the post office, to be collected at around 4:30.

    She was a very nice lady (Thank you Nice Lady at Mawson Post Office! Just in case you’re a reader of Hannah’s blog and happen to see this) and took my number and said she’d call me as soon as it gets in.

    I get in my car and theres a sudden BEEPBEEP! BEEPBEEP! of a text message…and it’s from my mum — “Your parcel has arrived.”

    Oh joy! Oh joyous, wondrous, joyful joy!! I drive home a little faster than I probably should, run to my room, and look at a lovely large box. I’m about to tear it open when I notice that it’s not addressed by hand, which strikes me as weird (because why would Hannah go to the trouble of typing and printing a professional-looking sticky label?).

    And…hang on a minute….my name is not “Michael”.

    JKSNHUYGAHHJHH!! stupid mum. getting my hopes up for some stupid crap my dad ordered on the internet.


  6. Hannah

    Oh L-Izzle, I’m so happy to have got this message at the same time I got your other one saying it has arrived. Hurrah!