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  1. L-Izzle

    Oh Hannah, I love you. Because you put such a lot of effort and thought into consuming chocolate. I would love to pretend to be a connoisseur, but the sad truth is that my chocolate eating is a little something like this: “NOM NOM NOMOMOM OMMMM NOMMM DELICIOUS SUGAR! DELICIOUS COCOA! DELICIOUS MILK! DELICIOUS CAFFEINE! OM NOMMM NOMMM”
    …after which i collapse into a sugar coma and take a nap to assist my digestive acids in doin’ their thang.

    Semi-unrelated: i have been eating SO MUCH chocolate lately. Like, scarily large quantities at a time, and with frightening frequency. I think maybe I subconsciously realise Australian makers/retailers are probably struggling with you overseas, so I’m takin’ one for the team. God bless my selflessness 🙂

    Oh and in response to your facebook comment (i’m at work, where they very cruelly blocked facebook, but i read bits and pieces on my mobile when i’m bored…bwahaha. but responding to comments using my tiny little mobile keypad is not much fun) – yes, the shout-out was much-appreciated! It warmed my heart and filled my soul with delight and joyous rapture.

    Man. I am BORED.

  2. Corey

    I love the fact that you can approach a chocolate bar like I might approach a dram of 16yo, Non-chill filtered Glenlivet Nàdurra. You are the undisputed queen, no, the benchmark of excellence for chocolate connoisseur!

  3. L-Engineer

    You’re making my mouth water so…. I wish I were there to help you through it all. If you send some 2008 chocolate home, I promise to cellar it for years. NOT!

  4. Hannah

    *blushes* Oh, the cockles of my heart have been warmed indeed!

    L-Izzle: What the world would do without such thoughtful, considerate, selfless people, I just do not know. (Capitalism might fail? Marx be validated?) And in case you for a minute think I’m all serious-like with the reviewing, my tasting notes are entirely full of capitals, exclamation marks, incorrect grammar and spelling because I’m typing too fast, and absolutely lots of “om nom nom yum good delicious more nom nom”.

    And no matter how much chocolate you’re eating, I promise you I’m eating more. At least two blocks a day. Which leads into…

    L.Engineer: I too have been missing having people to share/off-load my stash with! Sure, there are some that are so good you wouldn’t get a look-in anyway, but there are plenty where I’ve had to *force* myself to finish the block so I can justify buying more, when really I’d be happy to let someone else have a go. Oh, the trials, the woes of being me.

    Corey: I want to hug you. Except, as a queen, I’d probably only be able to let you kiss my hand. Also, (after a bit of google researching…) I shall know to come to you if I ever need advice on single malt whiskeys. 🙂

  5. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    Interesting! I hadn’t really heard much about vintage chocolate. Bizarrely I don’t seem to have problems storing chocolates (I often forget I ahve some as I tend to have a lot in the cupboard) but they turn powdery and quite horrible so I wonder if it’s really practical? 🙂

  6. Hannah

    Lorraine, I think I can safely say that in most cases it is never practical nor any good to store chocolate for long! 😛 Though turning powdery – that would usually be a sign of blooming, which could be the cause when we factor in the amazing cooking and baking you get up to in that magical kitchen of yours!

    Or else you store yours for a really, really long time, and have thereby proven wrong the entire concept behind vintage chocolate… For my part, it’s rather hard to forget about the chocolate one owns when living out of a suitcase barely bigger than a carry-on bag!!

    P.S. It’s an honour to have you stop by my blog, thank you! 🙂

  7. croquecamille

    Apparently I have enough time on my hands today to go back through old posts of blogs I read now, but didn’t then. And I just had to comment on this one. First of all, what would you say if I told you the chocolate bar in my Facebook profile is Gran Couva? Because it is. 🙂 And secondly, I’ve been thinking a lot about vintage chocolates lately, mostly in reference to the Precious. So the other time I had Porcelana, it was from Pierre Hermé, who I’m pretty sure uses Valrhona. Who only make the Porcelana in particular vintage years (could explain why you are only finding 2008s – they don’t make the vintage chocolates every year, only in exceptional ones, like Champagne). And I have to say, the Amadei one doesn’t hold a candle to the (presumably) vintage Valrhona one.

    That said, the other chocolate you sent me (which was a surprise, thank you so much!) is phenomenal. Anyway, this here would appear to be one of the paragraphs of that email I owe you.

  8. Hannah

    Camille: *laughs* This is hilarious, I’ve just been going through your archives too! I’m up to October 2008 – it’ll take me awhile as I don’t have as much internet access these days 🙂 I’m also too scared to read these reviews of mine, in case my earlier words are cringe-worthy…

    I thought the Porcelana you had was Amadei – had no idea it was Pierre Herme! Darn, now I’m all sad that the one I bought myself was the Porcelana and not the other one I sent you. Double darn. And nice whittling-down of your hypothetical email 😉