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  1. whisperinggums

    I think I need to ride more buses. Life in my car is way too boring.

  2. jessiet1

    The mind (mine anyhow) boggles!

  3. E.TeacherLord

    Brilliant! I’m tempted to pretend this story happened to me from now on.

    P.S. I might nibble someone on a bus if I was hungry.

  4. Hannah

    I believe it. If I recall, you once tried to bite your poor sister’s nose off.

  5. Jonathan

    This is so weird — I took a photo of a squirrel in Central Park that looks EXACTLY like the one in your post!

  6. Hannah

    I have about a squillion other squirrel photos that may pop up sporadically on the blog – let’s see if we come up with any other seeming duplicates!

    Unless you mean that you’re some sort of squirrel-savant and think the squirrel itself is identical to your New York one?

  7. Amber Shea (Almost Vegan)

    Haha, stories like this are one of the most rewarding parts of traveling.

  8. Hannah

    Amber: I think you’re so right! Perhaps (?) even more than delicious or bizarre foods, the people one comes across while travelling make the experience so fun and… erm… enlightening!