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  1. Hannah

    Oh much love to Fiddler on the Roof. I haven’t seen that for years. Tho surely if there is a production of Assassins you’ve gotta get me thru the door as well? or any Sondheim for that matter. Oh my poor, broken ipod – denying me Sondheim at every opportunity.

    Anyway, good review, I rather wish I could go. I will just take comfort in the fact that I will probably see a kangaroo on my way to work. . .

  2. Hannah

    I assure you, if I ever come across a production of Assassins, you shall be the first to know.

  3. Samuel Clein

    I remember you! We spoke in the lobby. Thanks so much for your compliments! This show has been an incredible experience for all of us; and you’re absolutely right, there IS a lot of true cameraderie amongst the cast, musicians, and crew.

    I’m glad that you weren’t able to see my conductor’s score TOO closely, as then you would be distracted by some of the hilarious pencil-written comments I wrote during the rehearsal process in some sections that were particularly difficult to refine during the rehearsal process. =)

    You mentioned that you spent a large portion of your life playing musical instruments; have you stopped, or do you still play?

    You can come turn pages, AND bring delicious brownies, anytime!

    Best Regards,
    Samuel Clein

  4. whisperinggums

    Truly, you should be offering delicious Anzacs (or Tim Tams or Iced VoVos!!) not Brownies. Where’s your patriotism girl!

  5. Hannah

    Samuel, thank you so much for writing! You have no idea how happy hearing from you has made me. 🙂 I feel so glad that you’ve been able to see how well, nay, fantastically (that’s a word, surely?) the show came across, and I’m certain it wasn’t just me who thinks of it as the highlight of her week.

    However, you have made me extremely curious about (and sad to have missed seeing…) the conductor’s score. On the one hand, this reminds me of the ridiculous notes to myself I scribbled in the margins of my thesis this year; on the other, I don’t believe you. I’m sure you just gathered your musicians together a day before the first performance and said “Here’s the music. Let’s be awesome”. And lo! you were.

    I’ve played piano (is the correct term classically-trained?) since I was three, and completed AMEB Grade 8 a few years ago – I’m not sure how that translates in the American scheme of things, though. It’s the last grade before delving into the AMusA diploma, I believe. I also trained to Grade 6 in Clarinet, and spent around 7 years playing in a clarinet ensemble. Watching you all play together made me miss that feeling and experience a lot. Nowadays, I play more piano than clarinet, and tend towards playing musicals for fun (this year, those on highest rotation have been Avenue Q, Fiddler, Nightmare before Christmas, Evita, Les Mis… but I do want to build up my Sondheim collection).

    Oh golly, I do go on sometimes, don’t I? I’d really love to know a bit about your musical history, particularly how you became a conductor for musicals! I wouldn’t have the first clue of how to make music a part of my life in such a way. Absolutely don’t feel obligated to respond; you’ve certainly made me happy enough with this first response. But in case you do, I’ve added my email address to my “about” page, in case that seems a viable option!


  6. Hannah

    But one doesn’t BAKE Tim-Tams and Iced Vovos, and where’s the fun in that? And if I made Anzacs, we’d have to get into the whole cookie/biscuit/scone debate. I really think the universal appeal of brownies, and particularly the version that friends gobbled up within minutes at a recent housewarming, is the way to go here.

    My kingdom for an oven!

  7. Donald Westwood

    WOW! What a sensational review! Thank you. We met at the FIDDLER performance. I think I told you that I am hoping to visit Australia at some point. Two of my children’s shows have been performed on tour by grad students of Monash University. There may be more in the future. Do you think people in Australia might enjoy our FIDDLER? Thanks again for your wonderful comments. Donald Westwood, Producer, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF (USA).

  8. Hannah

    No thanks necessary! I truly enjoyed the show, immensely. I do remember chatting to you about your shows in Australia – I only wish Monash was a little bit closer to my home in Canberra.

    I certainly know many people who would love to see your production of Fiddler, and I’m sure there’d be immeasurabe others all over the country who’d jump at the chance. However, I do think you ought to promise to come to Canberra, if you decide to grace Australia with your presence! Poor old Canberra so often doesn’t get a look-in for theatre productions, despite being the nation’s capital…

  9. Ola Esteybar

    I wanted to thank you for this great post. I absolutely liked every little part of it. I have you bookmarked and will be coming back.

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