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  1. whisperinggums

    Oh dearie me. I love the “Typographical error. Correct prize [sic!] on … “. Great photos, but particularly like the Columbus Circle Christmas Display.

  2. Hannah

    Coming up next week: “Typographical Error on In-Store Flyer”.

    Those Christmas lights changed colour, too. Very pretty.

  3. Ash

    Ooh, pretty Christmas decorations for a pretty winter Christmas! Where are you spending Christmas Day, Hannah?

  4. Hannah

    Please be like me and take photos of random, domestic and not at all exotic birds everywhere you go. Nothing brings me more joy than bird photos.

  5. Hannah

    Washington DC – back to the freezing! And Hannah, can taking multiple photos of squirrels, i.e. what are typically known as rats with tails, count?

  6. jessiet1

    Does that store specialise in typographical errors. They should get first ‘prize’ if they do. But then Americans love the ‘ize’ suffixes don’t they.

  7. Hannah

    Mostly, they specialiZed in groceries and toothbrushes. But then again, diversifying is profitable, right?