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  1. Hannah

    Ok Ok, I thought I would get on your little commenting bandwagon (as requested) and express my glee that in the last day you have linked to Go Fug Yourself AND Christopher Walken. I quite seriously don’t need all that much more in the way of entertainment. And if you didnt see them already in the GFY page for HBC you should totally go into the archives and check out her awesome space shoes. Do it. Doooo it!

  2. Hannah

    I am here to serve 🙂 Also, very happy you love that website too. I think I actually shrieked the day one of the writers referenced Sweet Valley High. I want to be them (the writers, not the Sweet Valley High girls).

  3. whisperinggums

    Are you talking to yourself Hannah? LOL!

  4. Hannah

    I’m not that clever, sadly!