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Halfway Through: LAX Airport

It’s rather cold here. I’m typing from Los Angeles airport at what is, to me, 2:40am, and I’m feeling rather wistful for the summer I’ve left behind. Also missing sleep, but that’s to be expected. However, I’m currently listening to a Canberran fellow (represent!) trying to chat up a girl from Alabama, so that’s mildly entertaining. Though she just mentioned barbecue and he asked if that was a type of beer, so somehow I think he’s not likely to be very successful (less represent now, I’ve decided).

Some thoughts that have wondered through my head over the past 19 hours (and there’s at least seven more until I get to New York, and a couple hours after that to get through the airport and to my hostel):

  • It’s probably not necessary to thank the people at security checkpoints. Particularly not the woman who rifled through my bag, stroked my laptop and prodded my shoes during a random security check. It’s likely that this reflexive thanking at inappropriate times is linked to the part of me that apologises to inanimate objects when I bump into them.
  • I think everyone should enter planes from the back. It’s cruel making us poor economy folk watch the seats get smaller and smaller as we make our way down the aisle from the front, ultimately reaching our little cramped seats where not even those brave souls suffering from the agonies of toe surgery have room to move or protect their feet.
  • Why on earth is even the maximum volume level on the entertainment system near impossible to hear? When every second person spends the duration of a movie with their hands pressing headsets firmly to ears, this might suggest that volume levels should be adjusted to compensate for the enormous jet engines doing their work outside the window.
  • Regardless, I managed to watch Whatever Works, The Time Traveller’s Wife, and bits and pieces of other shows and movies, which largely failed to hold my attention.
  • I just realised that I never learnt the name of the woman sitting next to me with whom I conversed a fair amount. In contrast, I do know the details of both of her traumatic birth experiences. It’s an odd world sometimes, isn’t it?

Anyone else have airport/flying related tidbits or ideas they’d like to share? At least my bag made it this time…