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  1. Three-Cookies

    Hilarious. That POWER-FU must be the food equivalent of kung fu:) And its kosher too.

  2. janet @ the taste space

    stress of sublet-hunting and looming job-hunting… sounds like you are really warming into Toronto! You picked a great place to settle for a bit, that’s for sure! 🙂

  3. Chef Amber Shea

    Ooh, those doughnuts! Good stuff.
    That caramel seasoning is obscene. I can’t even.

  4. Susan

    Hey there! Well I have never seen that caramel flavoring and i have to admit I laughed a little about the whole putting it on veggies and pasta….kinda weird… Buuuut, as far as veggies it may go well on sweet potatoes, and I’ve actually seen recipes for dessert like pasta, so maybe that’s what it means? Haha …. Other than that I have no idea lol

  5. Sophie

    American snacks look crazy/amazing.

    Can you send over some LaLoo’s ice cream next time you’re in the States to Melbourne? That stuff looks delicious…mmm

  6. Em

    I am now craving choc-peppermint icecream…..

  7. Lou

    Ha – I’ve tried those watermelon seeds! They are crazy (kind of crazy good though? I like ’em!)

    I am so confused about that caramel seasoning. So confused.

  8. Jordan

    Sweet heavens, I might just dream of those doughnuts. Hopefully I will; otherwise I’ll have nightmares about being forced to eat that horrific caramel slurry on everything.

    (You’ve also inspired me to look around for some kombucha starter culture!)

  9. Ricki

    I’m sending good sublet/job vibes your way! I wish we had a sublet in our house. . . but I suppose the commute would be a little long. 😉 And those Americans sure do love their wacky snacks, eh? 🙂

  10. Miss Piggy

    Look, I LOVE junk food but even I find that sweet caramel season a bit too much. So much processed sugary garbage. Blergh.

  11. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Eggless vegetarian chicken salad by Power Fu has just made my day 😀 How did it taste, out of interest? It certainly wins on capacity to make me laugh.

    I am also very enamored with the idea of liquorice watermelon seeds, and a Lady You tea flavour, and pretty vegan donuts. All of it, really, except that caramel sauce of mystery.

    Good luck with the subletting and job hunting :S

  12. Camille

    I’m sorry, did you say “bored with ice cream”? I take that as a personal challenge. 🙂

    Also, “all the fonts” “lactard” too funny. Me sentences not.

  13. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hehe I can see that you’re ready to take on the world with some of these treats in your arsenal! I was a bit worried reading some of the labels with some of the food that I saw! But it didn’t stop me from buying up big! 🙂

  14. Ali

    Oh wow! Those are some crazy snacks!! Good luck with the job/room hunt…hope you find both soon!

  15. Hotly Spiced

    When I go to America I’m going to make sure I only eat things that look like food. Things like fruits and vegetables – real ones. Anything in a bucket or container or packet just makes me nervous xx

  16. veganlisa

    Yes, Hannah, we all have our own metaphorical Kocoum. You know you have found him when he eats your caramel-flavoured spaghetti with pleasure.

  17. Gabby @ the veggie nook

    Um yes that topping is super strange and I don’t understand it. Oh America, how mysterious you are…

  18. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    I was raised spitting watermelon seeds out to see who could spit the farthest. Now you’re telling me I should have eaten them?

    Funny post.

  19. Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    Oh sweet lordy, sweet caramel pasta? blah. Oh & I do not understand kombucha. You must educate me re how to enjoy it. & honey, you have more power-fu in your soul than all the power-fu in Americaland.
    Heidi xo

  20. Heather @ Sweetly Raw

    Yum yum! Always good eats on here. I’ve seen that goat ice cream before and wanted to try it…. now you’ve convinced me to get it next time I’m in the city 😀
    Not sure about that chickenless chicken salad though! lol. What on earth do they put in that?!

  21. Sarah B @ Bake + Bike

    American snacks, man. The strangest. Although I must say that ice-cream looks so so good!

    Agh I am (sort of) sublet hunting as well and it is a bit of a drain! Bon courage, lady!

  22. Catherine

    Caramel on pasta and vegetables? And they call it a civilised country (actually, they probably call it a civilized country)…

    You might get away with a sweet potato or pumpkin pie using caramel flavour, I suppose? I don’t want to encourage this sort of thinking by speculating, but I can’t quite help myself. As for pasta… no, nothing doing in that department. I mean, I have made sweet ravioli in my time, but I don’t think they would have been improved by fake caramel…



  23. leaf (the indolent cook)

    Okay, that caramel flavouring thing is pretty scary, but yes to the goat’s milk ice cream! Also, wait wait wait, did I miss something? Are you settling down indefinitely in Canada?

  24. Jasmine

    My brains can’t associate savoury pasta/veg dishes with sweet seasonings! I need some American imagination here. :p

  25. Tammy

    We are drinking the most amazing homemade pomegranate kombucha for Thanksgiving. Would share if you were nearer.

  26. Sig

    Here’s sending some power-fu your way (They don’t take not-chicken salad as payment here do they??).

    That choc-mint icecream looks delicious and yes I can imagine that you may have needed several palate cleansings that could ONLY have been done by that. I get it *wink*

    Not even going to try and make sense of caramel seasoning on veggies….not even.

  27. ChopinandMysaucepan

    Dear Hannah,

    I have tried the sweet caramel on popcorn and it’s pretty addictive but on pasta?? That could be a nasty piece of work. Just look at some of the people around you and it’s walking proof of how much sugar goes into the average American diet.

  28. Allysia

    Ba ha ha ha, awesome. Especially the multi-font chicken ‘fu. And I just wanted to say, I’m officially following your blog! After I’m done in Austin, Mike and I are moving to Toronto so it’ll be good to see posts from one of my most favorite cities! 🙂

  29. Christian Rene Friborg

    I love the vegan donuts and the Japanese licorice-flavoured watermelon seeds!! Huraahhh for these lovely snacks! 🙂

  30. Christian Rene Friborg

    Yeah!! That would be amazing! Maybe I can try making donuts then I could put some licorice-flavored watermelon! 😀

  31. Emma

    Hmm. Is there such a thing as sour caramel? I would totally give that stuff a go on pasta, although it would likely make me cry a little.

    1. Christian Rene Friborg

      I think there’s a caramel sour cream that you can pour to your pasta! 🙂

  32. Johanna GGG

    green ice cream = good
    caramel sauce on pasta is ok if you are making fusion dessert but not ok for dinner
    licorice watermelon seeds are doing my head in with trying to imagine – it was easier when I thought you meant it was licorice in watermelon seed shape